Props to CapCaptain for letting me use his keyboard!

What do you get when you combine quiplash and overwatch?

Want to play quiplash but you spent your money on overwatch instead? Look no further!

  • Played as a slightly simpler version of quiplash, each round you answer two prompts.
  • During the voting phase, your answer- as well as an opponent's -will appear on screen.
  • All players will then get a chance to +1 the answer they like the best!
  • There are two normal round and one final round of Acro-Lash.
  • Get the most points to win!

Note: Game is an endless loop, there isn't an actual victory screen so play as long as you like!
Note 2: Game will break if players leave. Best played with a group of friends

Made during the Elo Hell Workshop Jam | February 2021 | Theme: +1


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Update Log (7)

Minor Improvements

  • Reworked text wrapping to allow for a maximum of 36 characters across 2 lines
  • Fixed some bugs with players leaving midgame and dummbot replacement
  • Added conditions for late joins to be able to use the keyboard

Minor Update

  • Added player scores to scoreboard (tab) after each round

Minor Update

  • Fixed a typo in one of the prompts
  • Fixed the 'Add dummbot on player leave' Rule

Should be easier to host a public lobby without crashing now

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