♡ Welcome to Sweetswatch! ♡

♡ Let's hope you have the sweetest time here! ♡

♡ Current features ♡

  • A "Passive Mode" enabled by default
  • Easy hero swapping
  • A third person camera
  • Low cooldown for movement abilities
  • An easy menu to select your Pronouns and Colour for your nametag
  • A different killfeed
  • Fading through walls (Moira & Reaper)
  • Changing the size of your in-game model
  • A magic 8-ball to answer your questions
  • A Russian Roulette game to play with your friends
  • An ability to draw Tarot cards in both upright and reversed positions
  • Dice that sometimes cause you to explode
  • Independant Mercy flight with Guardian Angel
  • A recreated Swift Step to use as Kiriko to teleport around
  • A recreated Life Grip to use to drag your friends around
  • Workshop Settings to disable pesky features you don't like


♡ How to Menu in Sweetswatch ♡

  • Use Crouch + Ultimate to open the Menu.
  • Use Primary Fire to switch your Pronoun.
  • Use Secondary Fire to switch your Colour.
  • Use Jump to confirm your selection and update your nametag.

Piece of Cake! ♡

Click here if you prefer being on the same team!

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.0

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