Poke-watch - version: 0.6.0

Overwatch pokemon but with a PvE playstyle. Level up your pokemon and catch em all!

known bugs:

  • bots spawn in players spawn and slowly die

This is a maintained version originally created by Caaethil


  • added all maps (sometimes bots spawn into player spawn will get fixed later)
future changes

  • all heros work as pokemon
  • fix bots spawning in hero spawn
  • make gym battles
  • team battles?
  • find and fix new bugs
  • fix health regen existing
  • pokemon use abilities to fight each other


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 5
Categories: PvE
Tags: pokemon pve rpg
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Orisa, and 34 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.6.0



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