Randomizer 1v1 - Weapons, abilities and ults in crazy random combos!

Based on the popular TF2 custom gamemode "Randomizer", now brought to Overwatch!

A 1v1 duel, but all your abilities and ultimates are randomly assigned from random heroes! Pull someone in with a hook, then finish them off with a rocket punch! Jump jet into the air and land a sick headshot! Become the barrier meta incarnate by deploying both Orisa and Sigma's shield at the same time! The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

NOTE: On console, Hanzo's abilities are bugged. You may disable them in the Workshop Settings.

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Base Heroes
Ana Ashe Baptiste Bastion Brigitte
Doomfist Echo Genji Hanzo Junkrat
Lúcio McCree Mei Mercy Orisa
Pharah Reaper Reinhardt Roadhog Sigma
Soldier: 76 Sombra Symmetra Torbjörn Tracer
Widowmaker Winston Hammond Zarya Zenyatta

Secondary Fire
Ana (Biotic Rifle Scoped) Brigitte (Barrier Shield + Shield Bash) D.Va (Defense Matrix) Doomfist (Rocket Punch) Echo (Sticky Bomb)
Genji (Shuriken) Lúcio (Soundwave) McCree (Fan The Hammer) Mei (Endothermic Blaster) Moira (Biotic Grasp)
Orisa (Halt!) Reinhardt (Barrier Field) Roadhog (Scrap Gun) Sigma (Experimental Barrier) Soldier: 76 (Helix Rockets)
Sombra (Hack) Symmetra (Photon Projector) Torbjörn (Rivet Gun) Widowmaker (Widow's Kiss Scoped) Hammond (Grappling Claw)
Zarya (Particle Cannon) Zenyatta (Orb of Destruction)

Ability 1
Ana (Sleep Dart) Ashe (Coach Gun) Bastion (Configuration Sentry) Baptiste (Regenerative Burst) Brigitte (Whip Shot)
Doomfist (Rising Uppercut) Genji (Swift Strike) Hanzo (Sonic Arrow) McCree (Combat Roll) Mei (Cryo-Freeze)
Moira (Fade) Pharah (Jump Jet) Reaper (Wraith Form) Reinhardt (Charge) Roadhog (Chain Hook)
Sigma (Kinetic Grasp) Soldier: 76 (Sprint) Sombra (Stealth) Symmetra (Sentry Turret) Torbjörn (Deploy Turret)
Tracer (Blink) Widowmaker (Grappling Hook) Winston (Jump Pack)

Ability 2
Ashe (Dynamite) Baptiste (Immortality Field) D.Va (Micro Missiles) Doomfist (Seismic Slam) Echo (Focusing Beam)
Genji (Deflect) Hanzo (Storm Arrows) Junkrat (Steel Trap) McCree (Flashbang) Mei (Ice Wall)
Moira (Biotic Orb) Orisa (Protective Barrier) Pharah (Concussive Blast) Reaper (Shadow Step) Reinhardt (Fire Strike)
Roadhog (Take a Breather) Sigma (Accretion) Soldier: 76 (Biotic Field) Sombra (Translocator) Symmetra (Teleporter)
Widowmaker (Venom Mine) Winston (Barrier Projector)

Ana (Nano Boost) Ashe (B.O.B.) Baptiste (Amplification Matrix) Bastion (Configuration Tank) D.Va (Self-Destruct)
Doomfist (Meteor Strike) Genji (Dragonblade) Hanzo (Dragonstrike) Junkrat (Riptire) McCree (Deadeye)
Mei (Blizzard) Mercy (Valkyrie) Moira (Coalescence) Orisa (Supercharger) Pharah (Barrage)
Reaper (Death Blossom) Reinhardt (Earthshatter) Roadhog (Whole Hog) Sigma (Gravitic Flux) Soldier: 76 (Tactical Visor)
Sombra (EMP) Symmetra (Photon Barrier) Torbjörn (Molten Core) Tracer (Pulse Bomb) Widowmaker (Infra-Sight)
Winston (Primal Rage) Hammond (Minefield) Zarya (Graviton Surge) Zenyatta (Transcendence)
Players | 2 - 2
Categories: 1vs1
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.8.4



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