❗Chaos Mystery Heroes❗

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Chaos Mystery Heroes

Is Mystery Heroes too basic and sometimes frustrating? Now its time to make a change.
Prepare for even more CHAOS version of Mystery Heroes!
Instead of swapping heroes when you die and being stuck with a hero you didn't want...

NOW every player swaps heroes after a specified amount of time!
Adapt to new and unexpected events, farm ultimates and use them on a hero more suitable for the current situation!
Strategize and use your knowledge of next hero to your advantage! Use sombra to hide behind the enemy and swap to bastion and melt your enemies. Play wrecking ball and grapple onto the point and swap to torbjörn and smelt your enemies with your ultimate. There are countless of strategies to use.

This mode is playable with the gamemodes overwatch offers. Assault, Control, Escort, Hybrid, CTF, Deathmatch... Anything goes! Currently the first four gamemodes are enabled of the bat.

Caution You need at least 2 people to play this game mode! Players can join midgame and team handicap is updated accordingly on the next hero swap.

What this workshop contains:

Swap Timer: Once depleted, every player swaps heroes.

Health and Ultimate Inheritance: Player health and ultimate are calculated with percentage and passed onto the next hero! Farm ultimate power on another hero and use it on a hero, which ultimate is more suitable! Causion! Ultimates used on previous hero despawn on swap. Time it correctly!

Player Balance: With uneven teams, the team with less players gets a handicap! Bonus health and damage (damage multiplier can be modified).

Hero Information: The next hero the player swaps to is show on the top left corner of the screen.


  • Disable Heroes: You can now select which heroes you want to appear in the game. Selected heroes will not appear in the swap list and you cannot pick them at the start of the game.
    • Now you can get rid of mercy from ruining your 1v1 battles. >:D
  • Startup speed: This is to speed up the game a bit, player speed is multiplied and start time is divided.
  • Swap time: This affects the time when the all players swap heroes

    • Recommended time is 15 seconds for consistent swapping and time to use abilities.
      5 seconds for ultimate chaos but might cause a headache.
  • Respawn time: This affects the time players take to respawn.

    • Recommended time is 5 seconds for 2v2. Minimum value is 0 and max is 100 seconds.
  • Damage Limiter: Limits the player damage multiplier (having 5x damage doesn't sound nice with 1v5 :S)

    • This value ranges from 0.0-1.0.
      0 = no damage multiplication (normal damage), 1=damage multiplication relative to team size differences.
      Currently this is set to 0.5 so the team with less people isn't too op. Still you need everyones' focus on attacking :P
  • Health Limiter: Limits the player health multiplier (having 6x health doesn't sound nice with 1v6 XD)

    • [Insert "Damage Limiter" description here]
  • Extra Random Wait Time: Add extra wait time for each player before swapping heroes.

    • This is currently enabled right away (can be toggled off in settings) Default value is 0 to 2 seconds (in milliseconds). This is to avoid all players swapping at the same time.
  • Better Randomization: Next hero is picked from personal list that is refilled with all heroes once all of them has been used once.

    • This is to prevent getting same heroes every second time.

If you find any bugs or ideas, feel free to comment them here on this site! I'll tackle these on my free time.
Also leave a comment if you liked this creation!


Hero Disable Update v1.6

Added an option to disable heroes so you will never swap to them through hero swapping.
This way you can disable for example mercy if you want to have better 1v1 battles. You could also disable all tanks and healers and just have damage heroes to play with.

Better Randomization Update v1.5.3

Instead of using random function to determine next hero, now you will get the next hero from your randomized personal list. Every hero swap picks the next hero from the list and refills it once all heroes have been used once.

This prevents players from getting same characters every second hero swap. (Swapping to mercy every second time isn't nice when playing alone :P).

This option is toggleable.

Handicap Update v1.5.2

Added health limiter as an handicap option in the settings. Now you can limit how much handicap teams get with size differences, similarly to damage limiter.

Performance Update v1.5.1

Added an option to add random wait time before hero swapping for each player.
This is to avoid all players from swapping exactly at the same time, which caused character loading issues for some players. This solution should help reduce the loading issues but doesn't remove them completely.

No Same Hero Update v1.5

Players won't get the same hero twice in a row. This gave too much of an advantage if you stayed as the same hero and other swaps to a squishy healer. And you could get so lucky to get the same hero 3 times in a row .-.

Handicap Update v1.4

Added damage multiplier for the team with less players. It is similar to player health multiplying, but this can be limited in the settings.

Fix Update v1.3.1

Hero loading caused lag while there was more than 4v4 people playing. This player swap issue should probably be fixed now. Need to play again ;P
Also deathmatch had some issues with the balance update so quickly fixed that.

Better Info Update v1.3

Players are able to see which hero they will get when the swap time runs out! Use this to your advantage!

Balance Update v1.2

For uneven teams, the team with less player gets a handicap! This handicap is relative to the amount of players (3v2 = x1.5 handicap, 2v1 = x2). Currently the team with less players have extra health. Might require another Balance Update.

Speed Update v.1.1

Assembly times and game start has been sped up! Run defense team! This can be reverted back to x1 speed (or to x5 ;P).

Initial Update v1.0

Players are swapped after a defined period of time! Player health and ultimate is passed to the next hero with the same current percentage on the previous hero.


Made by Mirex
Date of release 3.11.2020, 5.26am

Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.6



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