Random Custom Kits! (DPS and Tank Class only) V1.4

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

in this game mode, you get a random, fully customized kit every game! in total, there are 198 combinations of kits that you can get! DM bugs, balance changes, or anything at all to Blockerman_101#0343 on discord, and please note the list below so I know what your talking about. Hope you enjoy!


Tank Class - one of the two classes in this game mode. they are slow brutes that have 1000 hp and pack a punch.

Tank Class Primary Fire (1/3) - shoot a slow rocket that deals 150 damage to everyone in aoe, 2 second reload time.

Tank Class Primary Fire (2/3) - fast rapid fire machine gun.

Tank Class Primary Fire (3/3) - shoot a scrap, if this hits an enemy, you grab them. if you have an enemy grabbed, press Primary Fire again to throw them to your location, dealing 190 damage to them and everyone around them.

Tank Class Secondary Fire (1/3) - Shoot a mei icicle. If this hits an enemy, many more mei icicles rain down onto the victim.

Tank Class Secondary Fire (2/3) - Shoot innacurate rockets that home in on the closest enemy to your reticle.

Tank Class Secondary Fire (3/3) - charge up a beam that goes to your cursor, dealing 200 dps to enemies.

Tank Class Ability 1 (1/2) - Transform into a fast moving wrecking ball for a few seconds.

Tank Class Ability 1 (2/2) - Dash forward quickly, damaging all enemies in your path. this ability does not activate if you would run into/through a wall.

Tank Class Ability 2 (1/3) - create 5 homing projectiles, these heal you for 50 each if they hit an enemy.

Tank Class Ability 2 (2/3) - Create a large ring around you. this heals yourself for 80 every second, and your teamates 48 every second.

Tank Class Ability 2 (3/3) - Charge up an attack that teleports all enemies in LOS, to you. while ANY enemy is in LOS, you lifesteal EACH of them.

DPS Class - the other class in this game mode, focused on moving and positioning with 120% move speed, and hard hitting quick attacks. This class also has ultimates, unlike the Tank Class.

DPS Class Primary Fire (1/3) - shoot a hitscan sniper bullet that deals damage based on a movement system, with a 3x headshot multiplier. when not moving, you charge the snipers damage up to 200% (from 65 -> 130). You have to not move for 2 seconds to charge it up to 200%. if at 200% charge, you maintain that charge while moving, for 3 seconds.

DPS Class Primary Fire (2/3) - Default Soldier 76 gun, however, when you hit an enemy, launch an additional semi-homing rocket towards them, which deals 15 splash (30 direct) damage, and impulses them.

DPS Class Primary Fire (3/3) - Heavy hitting, but very short range shotgun that spreads the projectiles outwards in a circle pattern from you.

DPS Class Secondary Fire (1/3) - Create 3 red orbs that circle around your cursor, getting faster and faster. the damage, speed, and radius of the explosion grows with the speed of the orbs. after 5 seconds, the orbs turn white to indicate the capped increase in stats. NOTE: the orbs deal 175 damage while red, and 450 if white.

DPS Class Secondary Fire (2/3) - Short ranged shotgun blast.

DPS Class Secondary Fire (3/3) - Summon a Firestrike that hovers in front of you, with a beam connected from the firestrike to your gun. do 5 bursts of damage over 5 seconds which damage a player in the beam for 160 damage, if there is any player in the beam.

DPS Class Ability 1 (1/3) - Create a small, slow projectile. after 3 seconds, this explodes and damages everyone in a 5 meter radius of it for 300, regardless if said projectile is still active or not.

DPS Class Ability 1 (2/3) - Create a mini rip tire, which can be detonated manually with Primary Fire or automatically when it gets close to an enemy. This damages everyone in a 4 meter radius of said riptire for 225 damage.

DPS Class Ability 1 (3/3) - Make a ring at the ground near your reticle. when you release Ability 1 Button, it makes an explosion there that deals 150 damage to everyone in the radius of it.

DPS Class Ability 2 (1/4) - summon a shield in front of you that follows your reticle.

DPS Class Ability 2 (2/4) - do 3 jumps, with each one getting higher and faster. NOTE: your gravity increases while you are in the air with these active.

DPS Class Ability 2 (3/4) - Turn into spiderman and grapple towards 5 different spots over time. if you look where there is nothing to grapple to (e.x. the sky), it cancels the ability.

DPS Class Ability 2 (4/4) - Slow down time "for everyone but yourself" (you have increased movespeed and jump height), for 5 seconds.

DPS Class Ultimate (1/2) - Gives you an orbital missile which you can target to any player

DPS Class Ultimate (2/2) - Makes you run really fast, slows down time "for everyone else." while this is active, you can run through people, including your teamates.

Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: Soldier: 76
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.5



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