WARNING: Flashing Lights, Aim Speed Changes, Earrapes

Welcome to The OverScuffed™ Games, the most chaotic and ruthless bloodsport in the Custom Game Browser! Explore over 300 changes across all 40 Legends, 2 brand new Legends, play around with 5 impactful roles with unique passives, score Accolades and Kill Streaks, become the Kill Leader, play around with unique and fun Legend Types, and more! Get out there and fight for scuffed glory, Contender!


OverScuffed™️ 2 features everything you can possibly think of, with a lot more to come. There are some features across the entire mode to make things even more chaotic and fun for all!

All self-healing has been removed. In order to heal, you can find health packs across the map, or rely on your other 3 teammates to support you whenever you may require it!

Having more Kills than anyone else on your team gives you the Kill Leader status, which is used for nothing more than bragging about how many people you have slain.


All 40 Legends have 7 unique changes to their kits, with the exception of 2 brand new ones! They are also divided across 5 roles, with each role having a unique passive to help their team!


Tanks excel at keeping the frontline safe and advancing with their team.
[LAST STAND] Tank Passive: Receive less damage while at low health.

D.Va, Tech Tyrant
Passive: Titan's Quirks
  • Your Mech can perform a double jump.

  • Players can press Interact to rodeo your mech, with enemies dealing damage if uninterrupted for a bit.

Primary: Streak Shooters
  • Getting a kill increases your damage slightly.

Secondary: Offensive Matrix
  • Rapidly damage all players within the area of effect.

Ability 1: Mecha-Charge
  • Bumping an enemy attaches them to your mech.

Ability 2: Random Rockets
  • Rockets incur random status effects on enemies.

Interact: Force Eject
  • Hold Interact for a moment to demech at will.

Ultimate: Nuclear Ejection
  • Overload your mech's core, causing an explosion that stuns all players.

Maui, Samoan Suppressor
Passive: Perpetual Punishment
  • Hitting enemies has a chance to slightly replenish your magazine.

Primary: Disabling Decimator
  • Gunny has a chance to hack damaged enemies.

  • Deal more damage to enemies with any status effect.

Secondary: Tearing Terminator
  • Cha-Cha rips through enemies with more than half HP, and ignores armor reduction.

Ability 1: Fierce Marathon
  • Maui can pin enemies to him while using charge.

  • Stomping enemies launches them away from you.

Ability 2: Helium Overdrive
  • Make all nearby allies lighter than air, allowing them to them float if they jump.

Melee: Bruddah’s Affection
  • Give an enemy a bear hug, dealing absurd damage if not interrupted.

Ultimate: ’’Fire’’-works Show
  • Trap your enemies in a deadly cage match.

  • Gunny and Cha-Cha fire incendiary rounds capable of shutting down any opposition.

Orisa, Numbani's Guardian
Passive: Defender's Cavalry
  • Orisa can jump much higher because horse.

  • Your teammates can ride you into battle, or die trying.

Primary: Blazing Fusion Driver
  • Deal more damage to enemies who are burning.

Secondary: Disorienting Javelin
  • Hitting an enemy reduces their turn speed.

Ability 1: Metal Mayhem
  • Take a lot less damage while fortified, at the cost of mobility.

Ability 2: Perilous Propellor
  • Javelin Spinning forces you in the direction you're facing.

Jump: Kinetic Boost
  • Jumping grants you a temporary speed boost when you land.

Ultimate: Spacious Surge
  • Radius is doubled, but the added area only deals minimum damage.

Ramattra, Null Sector's Hope
Passive: Ultimate Nemesis
  • Gain a significant amount of Armor when in Nemesis Forme.

[OMNIC FORM] Primary: Artificial Annihilator
  • Stick deals more damage to robot Legends.

[OMNIC FORM] Secondary: Swift Builder
  • Move faster while holding out your barrier.

[NEMESIS FORM] Primary: Power Gauntlets
  • Every punch has completely random knockback.

[NEMESIS FORM] Secondary: Return Postage
  • Enemies who hit you are damaged for the amount they dealt.

Ability 2: Disco Field
  • Enemies caught inside are forced to get their groove on.

Ultimate: Null Sector's Wrath
  • Deal more damage and move faster.

  • Annihilating your enemies causes them to randomly change size.

Reinhardt, Crushing Crusader [DARK LEGEND]
Passive: Crusader's Stance
  • You receive less damage from the front and take 0 knockback.

Primary: Trembling Hammer
  • Hitting an enemy has a chance to knock them down.

Secondary: Trusty Shield
  • Only the mightiest warriors wield this shield in combat.

Ability 1: Ready, Set, Charge!
  • Reinhardt charges up his charge and zips across the map if not interrupted.

Ability 2: Dauntless Driver
  • Bat your foes away from you like it's the 18th hole.

Crouch: Headstompers
  • Drop to the ground and crush your enemies, damaging them and knocking them down.

[DARK] Ultimate: Hellshatter
  • Send your enemies through the ground, killing them instantly.

  • [DARK] ABILITY: Shatter's effects have a chance to not work on Light Heroes.

Ligma, Elder of the Cosmos
Passive: Podiatric Petrification
  • Rapidly damage anyone who looks at your feet.

Primary: Hypersphere
  • Launch one ball instead of two.

Secondary: Expanding Barrier
  • Summon a barrier that grows in size over time.

Ability 1: The Force
  • Grasping pulls players towards you while active.

Ability 2: ''Cleansing'' Boulder
  • Send an enemy out of existence for a brief moment.

Jump: Cosmic Descent
  • Greatly lower your gravity and float around the sky.

Ultimate: Chaos Theory
  • Lift all players up, and slam them back down for absurd damage.

Winston, Evolved Scientist
Passive: Sixth Sense
  • Press Interact to enter third person view, and press again to exit.

Primary: Shock Cannon
  • Damage is heavily increased while firing.

Secondary: Aerial Denial
  • Hitting an airborne enemy brings them back to the ground.

Ability 1: Back Pack
  • Carry a nearby teammate and soar through the sky.

Ability 2: Collapsing Dome
  • Deploy a dome that gradually shrinks in size.

Melee: Zap Tap
  • Electrocute an enemy, inflicting damage over time.

Ultimate: Teeny Tiny Turmoil
  • Shrink in size and move a lot faster for the duration.

  • Jump Pack's cooldown is instantly reset while active.

Hammond, Tricky Hampter
Passive: Vital Scaling
  • Your size changes constantly based on your health.

Primary: The Unloader
  • Damage dealt is increased against low health targets.

  • Every kill you obtain nets you a free blink.

Secondary: Tethered Turmoil
  • Grapple knocks enemies much farther back.

Ability 1: Roadkill
  • Move much faster and zip across the terrain.

  • If moving too fast, catch on fire and damage yourself until you slow down.

Ability 2: Spike Shield
  • Adaptive Shield constantly damages nearby opponents while active.

Crouch - Ground Pound
  • Launch enemies very high up, and knock them down and deal fall damage.

Ultimate: Mini Nukes
  • Triggering a mine damages all players within the vicinity.

Zarya, Wielder of Gravity
Passive: Particle Pressurer
  • The potency of your bubbles is dependent on your kills.

Primary: Flicker Beam
  • Beam turns on and off while firing.

Secondary: Yeet Cannon
  • Grenade knockback is significantly increased.

Ability 1: Power Bubble
  • Damage and Move Speed are increased while bubble is up.

Ability 2: Oversized Bubble
  • Deploy a bubble of comical proportions to shield your ally.

Melee: Bodybuilder's Biff
  • Melee can be spammed to dish out rapid damage.

Ultimate: Perspective-Enhancing Black Hole
  • Make your enemies see the world in a completely different point of view.


Offense Legends are the best at killing enemies, no matter their health.
[FLASHY FATALITY] Offense Passive: Kills grant a small speed boost for a short period.

Dave Deadeye, Wild Westerneer
Passive: Skyward Slinger
  • Damage Dealt is increased while in the air.

  • Dealing damage while airborne slows your fall briefly.

Primary: Righteous Ranger
  • Dave's Revolver has one bullet in the chamber with high damage.

  • Revolver damage is based on how distant the enemy is.

Secondary: Coach Slug
  • Fire a shot that knocks you and enemies back.

Ability 1: Magician's Roll
  • Go invisible and move faster for a short period after rolling.

Ability 2: Swap-Nade
  • Damaged enemies are swapped to a completely random hero.

Melee: Sleight of Hand
  • Deliver a quick blow that jams enemies' weapons.

Ultimate: High Noon Spectacular
  • Take your enemies down in an extremely dramatic fashion.

Doomfist, Talon's Troublemaker [DARK LEGEND]
Passive: Talkative Tyrant
  • Use a voice line to continuously spam it until you use a spray.

Primary: Multi-Shot
  • Low magazine with very slow recharge.

  • Press Reload to cycle between 4 deadly shots.

Secondary: Flexible Fist
  • Punching allows you to go in any direction you choose.

Ability 1: Seismic Smash
  • Slam has more mobility to traverse the terrain easily.

  • Damage is based on a charge mechanic (similar to OW1).

[DARK] Ability 2: Void Guard
  • Damage received during Block adds up while using it.

  • If held all the way, emit a shadowy pulse that deals damage based on the damage received.

  • [DARK] ABILITY: Light Legends only add half of their damage inflicted to the counter.

Melee: Ambidextrous Assault
  • Hitting an enemy with Left Fist resets Right Fist's cooldown.

Ultimate: Meteoric Massacre
  • Rise above the battlefield and come back down, dealing devastating damage to anyone near you.

  • Anyone near the outside of the circle is knocked down.

Genji, Ruthless Robot
Passive: Shimada's Enhancements
  • Genji has enhanced movement.

  • Climbing a wall resets your double jump.

Primary: Tiring Stars
  • Shurikens have a chance to make enemies sleep.

Secondary: Shuriken Overload
  • Launch 5 stars in a wide fan.

Ability 1: Sharp Slash
  • Dash through enemies and make them bleed, inflicting damage over time.

Ability 2: Harmful Reflection
  • All deflected projectiles deal more damage.

Melee: Cybernetic Butcherer
  • Melee deals more damage and makes enemies bleed.

Ultimate: NEO Nightmare
  • Channel your inner rage and transform into Genji NEO.

  • Gain a new set of abilities and deal much more damage.

Genji NEO, Enhanced Exterminator
Passive: Shimada's Enhancements NEO
  • Genji has extremely swift movement.

  • Kills reduce your damage taken briefly.

  • Climbing a wall resets your double jump.

Primary: Blade of a Thousand Dragons
  • Striking an enemy has a chance to make them bleed.

Secondary: Fiery Laceration
  • Fire off a deadly concentration of flame from your blade.

Ability 1: The Divide
  • Dash through enemies and split their health clean in half.

Ability 2: Invisi-Flect
  • Deflecting renders you unseeable to the eye while active.

Reaper, Death's Apprentice [DARK LEGEND]
Passive: Power of the Afterlife
  • When revived in combat, deal more damage for a brief period.

Primary: Death Dealers
  • Shotguns deal more damage to enemies.

Secondary: Soul Shot
  • Fire a high damage orb with great range.

Ability 1: Phantasmal Repositioning
  • Gain a supernatural form, and allow yourself to clip through walls as well.

Ability 2: Stalwart
  • Shadow Step grants a damage reduction briefly.

[DARK] Melee: Shadowy Snare
  • Entangle an enemy in shadow, reducing their damage and move speed.

  • [DARK] ABILITY: Light Legends suffer for a much shorter duration.

Ultimate: Helicopter Hijinx
  • Fly towards enemies and slaughter them all.

Roadhog, Scrapped Slaughterer
Passive: Hog-splosion
  • Roadhog explodes when he dies, dealing area damage.

Primary: Scrap-tacular Shotgun
  • Scrap Gun has 2 shots with insane damage.

Secondary: Stim
  • Sacrifice a chunk of your health and move faster temporarily.

Ability 1: Chain Toss
  • Throw your hook at a surface to pull yourself to it.

  • Hook no longer pulls players to you.

Ability 2: Luxurious Landmine
  • Deploy a trap with much greater AoE damage.

  • The person that triggers your trap is rooted in place.

Melee: Scrap Bounce
  • Launch a bouncy scrap ball that deals moderate damage.

Ultimate: Coach Machine Gun
  • Whole Hog has increased knockback and knocks you back as well.

Sojourn, Fierce Commander
Passive: Steady Soldier
  • Shot speed is increased while standing.

Primary: XL-R8 Rail Rifle
  • Railgun fires in bursts, and ramps up in fire rate with each burst.

Secondary: Vaporizer
  • Charge shots deal more damage to enemies.

Ability 1: Slide Kick
  • While sliding, deal damage to enemies in front of you and knock them back.

Ability 2: Slow Field
  • Fire an orb that slows enemies while inside.

Jump: Robotic Leap
  • Jumping while sliding launched Sojourn into the air.

Ultimate: Goin' Commando
  • Spam charge shots against your will.

Soldier: 76, Vigilant Rifleman
Passive: Worthy Precision
  • Headshot damage briefly amplifies your overall damage.

Primary: Commander's Carbine
  • Rifle has 2 fire modes that can be toggled by pressing Interact.

  • Precision Mode - Slower fire rate with no recoil.

  • Rapid Fire Mode - Fast rate of fire with high recoil and reduced damage.

Secondary: Rift Rockets
  • Hitting an enemy will either teleport you to them, or them to you.

Ability 1: Tactical Sprint
  • Speed rapidly increases while sprint is active.

  • Press crouch while sprinting to perform a slide.

Ability 2: Deathly Field
  • Biotic Field damages enemies inside it.

Melee: Painful Pickpocket
  • Meleeing an enemy regenerates your entire clip.

Ultimate: Exploiting Visor
  • Gain ''aim assist'' and obliterate your enemies.

Tracer, High Speed Daredevil
Passive: Lone Warrior
  • Engaging in combat alone increases damage output.

Primary: Flashy Finishers
  • Damage dealt is increased against low health targets.

Secondary: Flexible Blip
  • Teleport in the direction you're facing.

Ability 1: Flash
  • Blinking through an enemy damages them.

Ability 2: Total Recall
  • Recalling sets blinks back to max, but you can't restore health.

  • Recalling also has a chance to rewind the game by a few seconds.

Melee: Seizing Whap
  • Make an enemy's turn speed uncontrollably fast.

  • While using Distorted Domination, melee instead deals high damage.

Ultimate: Distorted Domination
  • Slow down everyone, giving you complete control over the Timeline.

  • Damage is increased and you are given infinite ammo for the duration.


Defense Legends specialize in making extra space when the tank is unable.
[TOTAL REFRESH] Defense Passive: Healing from a health pack fully heals you.

Ashe, Modded Madness [FIRE LEGEND]
Passive: Modded Loader
  • Viper has more ammo in its magazine.

  • Reloading a few shots reloads the entire magazine.

Primary: Auto-Viper
  • Firing your gun causes it to spam itself.

  • Using an ability, meleeing, or reloading will cease the spam.

[FIRE] Secondary: Singe Rifle
  • Scoped shots set enemies on fire.

  • Scoping in reduces your damage moderately.

  • FIRE ABILITY: Ice Legends take more damage over time.

Ability 1: Outlaw's Partner
  • Fire a small shotgun with great damage and no knockback.

Ability 2: Tampered Dynamite
  • Dynamite deals more damage over time to enemies.

Interact: Threatening Innovation
  • Swap Auto-Viper to Anvil Mode.

  • Shots deal more damage, but fire slower and cost more ammo.

Ultimate: Loitering B.O.B.
  • Summon B.O.B. into the battlefield. He stays until his death and applies fire on the enemy team.

Bastion, Oppressive Omnic [FIRE LEGEND]
Passive: Heavy Treading
  • Staying on the ground reduces your ability to be knocked back.

  • Headshots deal amplified damage.

[FIRE] Secondary: Thermite Grenade
  • Launch a grenade that sets anyone within the radius ablaze.

  • [FIRE] ABILITY: Deal more damage over time to Ice Legends.

  • Assault Form takes less damage and knockback, but cannot move.

Ability 2: Zipline Gun
  • Deploy a zipline for your whole team to use.

Melee: Piercing Blow
  • Melee deals high damage and ignores the armor damage reduction.

  • Fire 3 deadly missiles that set enemies to one hit point.

Brigitte, Salvatory Squire
Passive: Lindholm's Stand
  • Brigitte takes less damage from all sources.

Primary: Repulsive Flail
  • Flail hits knock enemies away from you.

Secondary: Prized Shield
  • Bring out a shield that is great in size and kinda ehh in health.

Secondary + Primary: Concussive Bash
  • Shield Bash stuns enemies.

  • During On Strike!, stun duration is increased.

Ability 1: Mighty Whip
  • Whacking a foe launches them in a completely random direction.

  • Looking down while using Whip will launch you upward.

Ability 2: Overpack
  • Grant overhealth to an injured teammate.

Ultimate: On Strike!
  • Rallying forces your teammates to Rally with you.

Junker Queen, Outback's Empress [ICE LEGEND]
Passive: Junker Supremacy
  • Junker Queen deals more damage to traitors (Junkrat and Roadhog).

Primary: Sniping Scattergun
  • Shotgun deals more damage at farther range.

[ICE] Secondary: Cold Steel
  • Throw your knife farther and faster, and freeze enemies hit by it.

  • [ICE] ABILITY: Fire Legends suffer the effects for a shorter duration.

Ability 1: Warlord's Protest
  • Dash forward, knocking enemies back and igniting them, dealing damage over time.

Ability 2: Scarring Slash
  • Axe deals more damage over time to enemies above half health.

Melee: Ruler's Rumbler
  • Non-Knife melees bruise enemies even more.

Ultimate: Swap Force
  • Enemies hit by your wrath are swapped to a completely random hero.

Junkrat, Explosive Engineer
Passive: The Last Laugh
  • Bombs dropped on death instakill enemies.

  • Being set on fire heals you very greatly.

Primary: Mystery Launcher
  • Launch bombs with completely random damage and speed.

  • Every bomb must be loaded one by one carefully.

Secondary: Deceitful Detonation
  • Detonating mines ''accidentally'' detonates a mine in your pocket.

Ability 1: Concussion Mine
  • Deploy a mine that stuns enemies.

Ability 2: Shiny Snare
  • Trap breaks instantly and slows enemies for a brief period.

Melee: Varying Slap
  • Melee deals completely random damage.

Ultimate: RIFT-Tire
  • Teleport to the corpse of the victim of your tire.

  • Tire tends to be a bit unstable.

Mei, Frozen Fatalizer [ICE LEGEND]
Passive: Cryo-Enhancement
  • Mei walks faster on her frost.

  • If you are frozen, instantly thaw out.

[ICE] Primary: Polar Pistol
  • Mei's Pistol freezes enemies if hit enough times.

  • [ICE] ABILITY: Fire Legends take longer to freeze and suffer the effects for a shorter duration.

Secondary: Ice-capped Magnum
  • Fire fast and painful icicles at the cost of more ammo.

Ability 1: Forti-Freeze
  • Gain Frost Armor when entering cryo-freeze, and freeze nearby enemies when exiting.

Ability 2: Great Ice Wall
  • Place a giant ice wall to keep your enemies out.

Melee: Frosty Finale
  • Meilee shatters frozen enemies into a thousand shards.

Ultimate: Fatal Flurry
  • Throw a snowball that grows over time, and tramples and slows enemies.

Pharah, Aerial Avenger
Passive: Familial Bloodshed
  • Pharah receives more healing from Ana.

  • Being healed by Ana increases damage briefly.

Primary: Tri-Launcher
  • Pharah fires 3 rockets in a wide spread from her gun.

Secondary / Jump: Jet Rush
  • Dash momentum is amplified, and allows you to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Ability 1: Blast Jump
  • Jump has increased strength and damages enemies under you.

Ability 2: Concussive Drag
  • Drag an enemy to your eye position when hit.

  • Direct hits stun enemies for a short period.

Jump / Secondary: Super Jets
  • Jetpack has more fuel and increased control.

Ultimate: Aerial Annihilation
  • Call an airstrike to rain hell on your enemies.

Torbjörn, Workshop Warrior [ICE LEGEND]
Passive: Hurrying Holster
  • Holster your weapon to move faster.

Primary: Stun Gun
  • Hitting a headshot stuns the damaged enemy.

Alternate Primary: Lindholm Crippler
  • Break an enemy's legs, reducing their mobility.

Secondary: Siphon Shotgun
  • All damage dealt grants overhealth to you.

Ability 1: Strongclaw
  • Empower your claw, increasing its damage and range.

Ability 2: Power Up!
  • All nearby allies deal more damage and move faster.

  • Lindholm Crippler breaks enemies' skulls instead, killing them instantly.

[ICE] Ultimate: Freezer Burn
  • Enemies caught in your lava have a hard time treading through it.

  • [ICE] ABILITY: Fire Legends are frozen for a shorter duration.

Venture, Unholy Underminer
Passive: Resourceful Resilience
  • Healing from Health Packs grants you bonus health.

Primary: Faulty Excavator
  • Firing your weapon has a chance to empty its clip.

Secondary: Drill Bash
  • Dealing damage with the drill makes enemies bleed, dealing damage over time.

  • Hitting an enemy while underground will knock them in the direction it hit them.

Ability 1: Powerful Delve
  • Dive into the ground and traverse with lightning speed.

  • When coming out with high charge, knock yourself and nearby enemies upward.

Ability 2: Excavation Augmentation
  • Drill deals extra bleed damage, and burrow's cooldown is reduced for a short duration.

Melee: Bore-Powered Pitfall
  • Trap an enemy underground for a short duration, limiting their ability to play.

Ultimate: Quake Cannon
  • Fire off shockwaves which will knock enemies down if they come into contact with it.


Utility Legends support their team via various non-healing methods.
[SAVIOR'S SPRINT] Utility Passive: Move faster while not near your team.

Baptiste, Cunning Prankster
Passive: Ambush Artist
  • Using an Emote renders you invisible.

Primary: Precision Scout
  • Firing your gun only allows 1 shot to come out at a time.

Secondary: Unbiotic Launcher
  • Grenades deal damage to enemies, rather than healing allies.

Ability 1: Immortality Surge
  • Activate a pulse that makes all nearby allies immune to all sources of damage.

Ability 2: Ranger's Field
  • While inside the fields, fire faster and more accurate shots.

Crouch - Hyper Boots
  • Exo-Boots have been modified to launch you higher into the sky.

Ultimate: Modded Matrix
  • Deploy a Matrix that also enables burst fire for your gun while active.

Pilot D.Va, Tactical Troller
Passive: Panic Shield
  • Deploy a shield to protect you when low on health.

Primary: Light Blaster
  • Pistol has slower fire rate and deals more damage.

Secondary: Big Shot [not a spamton reference]
  • Fire a large projectile that deals high damage, with a slow fire rate.

Ability 1: Gamer's Gallop
  • Move faster for a brief period, allowing you to escape danger.

Ability 2: Sticky Shockwave
  • Unleash a pulse that roots nearby enemies in place briefly.

Ultimate: Titanfall
  • Call in a new mech with heavily amplified knockback.

Echo, Curious Copycat
Passive: Adaptive Assailant
  • Most of your health is replaced with regenerating shields.

Primary: Interro-Shot
  • Headshotting an enemy forces them to use a random voice line.

Secondary: Gravitic Grenades
  • Stickies increase enemies' gravity to the point where they can't leave the ground.

Ability 1: Swift Soar
  • Zip around the chaos with amplified speed.

Ability 2: Adaptive Beam
  • Beam damage grants you overhealth.

Jump: Superglide
  • Echo can glide great distances with ease.

Ultimate: Their Own Worst Enemy
  • Analyze an enemy and turn into a perfectly identical copy of them.

  • Ultimate Charge is accelerated while active.

Hanzo, Draconic Dominator [LIGHT LEGEND]
Passive: Shimada's Persistence
  • Hanzo climbs walls at a slower speed.

  • When knocked down, leap right back up.

Primary: Patience's Mark
  • Charging your bow for much longer turns arrows into Spectral Arrows.

  • Spectral Arrows deal more damage and move a lot faster than normal arrows.

[LIGHT] Ability 1: Dragon's Light
  • Fire an arrow that blinds enemies for a short period.

  • [LIGHT] ABILITY: Deal more damage to Dark Legends and reduce its cooldown on hit.

Ability 2: Disruptor Arrows
  • Fire multiple arrows that deal more damage to shield health.

Melee: Dragon's Mark
  • Mark an enemy, allowing them to be seen through walls.

Jump: Amphibious Maneuvers
  • Lunge cooldown is reset every time you land.

Ultimate: Dragonstorm
  • Unleash multiple dragons to devour your enemies.

Lúcio, Techno Tactician
Passive: Swift Superstar
  • Riding a wall increases your mobility until you land.

Primary: Melodious Marauder
  • [Speed Song] Accelerating Assaulter: Fire a rapid stream of bullets while holding the trigger.

  • [Heal Song] Staccato Shotto: Fire a wide spread that deals high damage to enemies.

Secondary: Veloci-beat
  • Deal more damage and knockback depending on your speed.

Ability 1: Verses of Violence
  • Heal Song deals damage to enemies within radius of Lúcio.

Ability 2: Versatile Crescendo
  • During Speed Song, move extremely fast.

  • During Heal Song, deal more song damage.

  • Boop cooldown is instantly reset and boops deal self-knockback.

Melee: Earsplitting One-Two
  • Hitting an enemy limits their hearing, in the worst way possible, briefly.

Ultimate: Soundshatter
  • Lúcio charges up a deadly soundwave and crushes enemies that he lands on.

Sombra, Anonymous Assailant
Passive: Off The Grid
  • Move a lot faster while invisible.

  • Sombra is completely immune to being Marked.

Primary: Kill Reporter
  • When getting a pistol kill, reveal all nearby enemies to you and your team.

Secondary: Neural Impairment
  • Hacking an enemy reverses their movement inputs.

  • If the enemy is a robot, also reveal information on the closest enemy.

  • Hack cannot be used while invisible, and Sombra moves slower while using hack.

Ability 1: Chaos Cube
  • Cube influences a random stat on the target by a random amount.

Ability 2: Hacker's Kit
  • When uncrouched, throw a device and teleport to it shortly.

  • When crouching, deploy a drone to spy on your enemies.

Melee: Ammo Buster
  • Hitting an enemy fully depletes their clip, with a few exceptions.

Ultimate: ERROR: 404
  • Shut down all HUDs, text chat, voice chat, and the Kill Feed for a long period.

Symmetra, Ulti-Witch
Passive: Ulti-Blessing
  • When you die, drop a gift that grants ult charge to the collector.

Primary: Barrier Basher
  • Beam deals insane damage to barriers while firing.

Secondary: Ulti-Vantage
  • Blasts deal more damage based on ult charge, and subtract ult charge from enemies.

Ability 1: Biological Projection
  • Summon a lifelike decoy to deceive your enemies.

  • Press Interact at any time to control the decoy.

  • If an enemy hits a decoy, they are temporarily Marked.

Ability 2: Tampered Teleporter
  • Anyone who enters your portal will exit with a brief speed boost.

Melee: Ulti-Charge
  • Deal more damage and gain more max HP for a short period.

Ultimate: Ulti-Wall
  • Place a massive barrier that sets all teammates to 100% ult charge.

Widowmaker, Omniscient Fatale
Passive: Intellectual Initiator
  • Killing a Marked enemy resets Venom Pulse's cooldown.

Primary: Kickfront Killer
  • Firing your gun pushes you forward.

Secondary: Widow's Fang
  • Sniper only fires one shot while scoped.

  • If a fully charged headshot is hit, the enemy will instantly die.

Ability 1: Venom Pulse
  • Mark all enemies in front of you, highlighting them for your team.

Ability 2: Shrink Mine
  • Enemies who trigger your mine shrink in size for a brief period.

Melee: Assassin's Signature Bonk
  • Meleeing an enemy stuns them for a short period.

Ultimate: Geome-Sight
  • Widowmaker can fire shots that go through terrain.


Support Legends pack a lot of healing and other ways to help their team.
[SELF-RESURRECTION] Support Passive: When dead, press Reload to revive yourself.

Ana, Flexible Finisher
Passive: Markswoman's Efficiency
  • Scope speed reduction is completely removed.

Primary: Boosted Blaster
  • Reloading when low on ammo overloads the next magazine.

Secondary: Sniper's Mark
  • Scoped shots pierce through all players.

Ability 1: T-Dart
  • Teabagging a slept enemy damages them.

Ability 2: Nade of the Law
  • Send an unsuspecting enemy to the Brazilian Government.

Melee: Anti-Fist
  • Affected enemies cannot heal for a brief period.

Ultimate: Euthanano
  • Put a teammate down and use their power to strenghten you.

Illari, Solar Sunderer [FIRE LEGEND]
Passive: Red Hot Reapening
  • Gain health from dealing fire damage to enemies.

Primary: Exploding Executor
  • Solar Rifle fires explosive rounds that damage enemies in an area around the impact.

Secondary: Rapid Regenerator
  • Beam deals more healing at the cost of low energy.

[FIRE] Ability 1: Solar Consequence
  • Dash forward, knocking enemies back and igniting them, dealing damage over time.

  • [FIRE] ABILITY: Deal more damage over time to Ice Heroes.

Melee: Solar Slash
  • Mark an enemy, allowing them to be seen through walls.

Jump: Halting Hover
  • Press Jump while midair to hover in place briefly.

Ultimate: Blinding Battalion
  • Fire an orb that blinds all enemies hit by it.

Kiriko, Kanezaka's Messenger [LIGHT Legend]
Passive: Kanezaka's Blessing
  • Press Interact while climbing to cling to a wall.

  • Kitsune protects you from death once per life.

Primary: Curing Talismans
  • Papers deal more healing to allies who have status ailments.

[LIGHT] Secondary: Sacred Kunai
  • Kunai deal more damage and move faster.

  • Bodyshots have a chance to deal headshot damage.

  • [LIGHT] ABILITY: Headshots freeze Dark Legends solid.

Ability 1: Taking Chances
  • Swift Stepping will either teleport you to an ally or enemy.

Ability 2: Energetic Purification
  • Suzu'd allies move faster and jump higher for a short period.

Jump: Swift Launch
  • Jumping has a chance of teleporting you to a random teammate.

Ultimate: Empowering Stance
  • Empower all allies while Kitsune Rush is active.

  • Empowered targets deal more damage and move faster.

Lifeweaver, Petal Powerhouse
Passive: Death Blooms Anew
  • When dead, release a pulse that heals all nearby allies.

Primary: Energized Blossom
  • Healing allies increases their move speed temporarily.

Secondary / Alternate Primary: Ivy Volley
  • Thorns have a chance of inflicting damage over time to enemies.

Ability 1 / Secondary: Fortified Flower
  • Uppies have greatly increased health.

Ability 2: Rifting Reach
  • Grabbing a teammate teleports them straight to you.

Jump / Ability 1: Biolight Blink
  • Become invisible while dashing and relocate a short distance.

Ultimate: Tree of Revival
  • Planting the Tree of Life revives all fallen allies.

  • Every healing pulse sets affected allies to full health.

Mercy, Serendipitous Savior [LIGHT LEGEND]
Passive: Combat Medic
  • Killing enemies briefly increases healing.

Primary: Cautious Caretaker
  • Staff pumps out more healing, but you move slower while doing so.

Alternate Primary: Medic's Tool
  • Shots deal more damage and move faster, but your pistol isn't automatic.

Secondary: Succ Staff
  • Grab an enemy and displace them to your will.

Ability 1: Angelic Boost
  • Fly in your facing direction without the need for a teammate.

Ability 2: Huge Rez
  • Bring all nearby allies back to life.

[LIGHT] Ultimate: Valkyrie Reborn
  • Gain a drastic increase in Healing and Speed to assist your team.

  • [LIGHT] ABILITY: Medic's Tool deals more damage to Dark Legends.

Moira, Genetic Manipulator
Passive: Harmful Regrowth
  • Piss capacity is infinite at the cost of your health.

Primary: Revitalizing Mist
  • Piss deals more healing to allies who are under half health.

Secondary: Crowd Controller
  • Grasp is able to suck multiple people at once.

Ability 1: No-Fade
  • Fading moves faster and allows you to clip through walls.

Ability 2 [Heal] - Orb of Defense
  • Healed targets are granted shields.

Ability 2 [Damage] - Orb of Displacement
  • Damaged enemies have their camera screwed up.

Ultimate: Beyblade Bonanza
  • Spin in circles while using your ultimate.

  • Deal damage over time to enemies instantly heal allies.

Zenyatta, Peaceful Pulverizer
Passive: Monk's Movements
  • Vertical mobility is moderately increased.

  • Zenyatta has the ability to kick a wall and propel himself in the opposite direction.

Primary: Zipping Orbs
  • Orbs are fast with low damage.

Secondary: Eventual Orbs
  • Orbs move very slow with high damage.

Ability 1: Orb of Weakening
  • Discord Orb reduces an enemy's damage dealt while attached.

Ability 2: Orb of the Turtle
  • Healing is amplified, and slows allies down greatly.

Melee: Kick of Destiny
  • Instantly take an enemy down, and fling their lifeless corpse.

Ultimate: Omnic Enlightenment
  • Unleash death upon the world of mortals.


Accolades are a fun way to add a bit of excitement to kills in OverScuffed™ 2!
There are 28 different Accolades you can achieve by multiple different means.

Every Accolade has a different meaning, so collect them all!

List of Accolades

Aerial Assault! Kill someone while high in the sky.
Backstabber! Kill someone by stabbing them in the back.
Bouncy Basher! Kill someone while jumping.
Confused Clobberer! Kill a player while Confused.
Cryo-Tacular! Kill a frozen enemy.
Dark Demolisher! Kill a Dark Hero.
Deadeye! Kill a player with a headshot.
Environmentastic! Kill a player by pushing them off the map.
Feisty Flamedancer! Kill a Fire Hero.
Fiery Finisher! Kill a player that is burning.
Friendly Fatalizer! Kill your teammate by any means.
From the Grave! Kill a player while you're dead.
Lethal Lullaby! Kill a sleeping player.
Light Lacerator! Kill a Light Hero.
Long Shot! Kill a player from very far away.
Marked Massacrer! Kill a player while you're Marked.
Melee Marauder! Kill a player with a melee attack.
Near Death Nightmare! Kill someone while you are near death yourself.
Nimble Neutralizer! Kill a player while moving very fast.
One Shot, One Kill! Kill a full HP enemy with a single blow.
Point Blank! Kill a player who is extremely close to you.
Quick Scope! Kill an enemy with a quickscope.
Robotic Rampage! Kill a robotic Hero.
Snowy Slaughterer! Kill an Ice Hero.
Team Tyrant! Kill the sole survivor on the enemy team.
Turtle Terror! Kill a player while moving very slow.
Ulti-Ender! Kill a player that is using their Ultimate.
Wall Warrior! Kill a player while you're on a wall.


Getting multiple kills without dying shall reward you with various bonuses!
There are two bonuses at the moment, with more being added soon!

10 Ultimate Refresh

Scuffed! Status

Scuffed! Status is the highest status that a Contender may achieve in the OverScuffed™️ Games. Upon proving that you are worthy of reaching it, a shiny Echo effect is applied to your character, and lasts until the next time you are to fall in battle; thus, you will have to climb back up to 20 Kills to retain it.


In OverScuffed™️ 2, there are various Legend types, which play out very similarly to Pokémon, in which one type is effective against the other, and the other isn't as good against the former.

The available types consist of: LIGHT, DARK, FIRE, and ICE!

LIGHT is effective against DARK!
FIRE is effective against ICE!

The abilities that have this feature are:

Hanzo's Dragon's Light, Mercy's Valkyrie Reborn, and Zenyatta's Kick of Destiny.

Doomfist's Void Guard, Reaper's Hell's Grasp, and Reinhardt's Hellshatter.

Ashe's Singe Rifle, Bastion's Thermite Grenade, and Illari's Solar Consequence.

Junker Queen's Cold Steel, Mei's Polar Pistol, and Torbjörn's Freezer Burn.

Each ability has its own outcome, which you can see in the corresponding Legend's abilities!


The Games have a few unique Status Effects which alter the Contenders in many ways!


  • Caused by: Neural Impairment and ERROR: 404
  • Effects: All of your movement inputs are reversed.


  • Caused by: Dragon's Mark, Biological Projection, and Venom Pulse.
  • Effects: You are highlighted to all enemies, and receive more damage.


  • Caused by: Sleight of Hand.
  • Effects: Primary and Secondary Fires are unavailable (some exceptions apply).


  • Caused by: Shadowy Snare.
  • Effects: You deal less damage and are slowed.


On Fire has been changed to make it a lot more scuffed and exciting!

Achieving On Fire! sets you on fire, dealing damage over time until you stop being on fire.

After being on fire long enough with no stops, achieve Flaming! Status, which increases the rate you take damage. Will you cool off and fight like normal, or take the extra challenge?


Certain Team Compositions grant bonuses to all players on that team! Mix and match different comps to find one that suits your needs!

Teams that grant bonuses consist of:

  • Strike Team: Reinhardt, Tracer, Torbjörn, and Mercy.

This Team grants more HP.

  • Retribution: Dave Deadeye, Reaper, Genji, and Moira.

This Team grants more damage dealt.

  • Storm Rising: Winton, Tracer, Genji, and Mercy.

This Team grants more movement speed.

  • Omnic Oppression: Ramattra, Bastion, Echo, and Zenyatta.

This Team grants less damage taken.

  • Total Mayhem: Junker Queen, Junkrat, Roadhog, and Hammond.

This Team grants more projectile speed.


I have many different social apps where you can see more of the mode!

Everything can be found on my Carrd page! :)


What was your reasoning behind the creation of the mode?

i was scrolling through custom games a few years back and i wanted to do something of my own and so i got into workshop. i stuck with a basic concept and made an overwatch that's a lot more enjoyable to me, and i hope for it to be enjoyable for many others

How long have you been working on it?

roughly 2 years now. the original date i started working on it i kinda forgot, but OverScuffed 1 was released to the public on March 20, 2022.

How often do you update the mode?

varies heavily. could be daily, could be weekly. hell, i could be holding it for weeks at a time to have a HUGE update for the new season

Every time I set the lobby to "Everyone", I lose connection and get sent back to the main menu. What now?

Try making a blank lobby public, then import the code [WW41V]. blizzie hates fun and so i can't make a big mode without some complications

When I join I get stuck and unable to select a Legend. What should I do?

now this. i don't know why but this has plagued OS2 since i made the transition from 1 to 2. a near flawless way is to have the host restart the game


I would like to thank many people for making this possible. Ever since the transition from OverScuffed™ 1 to OverScuffed™ 2, there have been so many unique and redefining changes, and it couldn't be possible without any of these people!

Tooki - Made the thumbnail for the mode.

Jar of Gibbons - Made the revamped stat changes, and the platform, Lifeweaver, and Zen orb detections.

PharingWell - Helped me with simple things here and there.

Mitsiee - The main person behind the function of the Sombra Drone.

r/overwatchcustomgames - Helped me a lot in the early days of OverScuffed™ 1.

The Workshop.Codes Discord - Helped me altogether with every simple and silly thing I asked.

Aster Spice - The fine fellow who made the ring, loot, and spectator codes in OverScuffed™️ Royale.

Players | 1 - 8
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Orisa, and 34 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 10.1


spawn room + Interact
view accolade UI
spawn room + Melee
view alternate abilites for some legends
Interact + Melee + Reload
hold for 3 seconds to take the easy way out
spawn room +
view accolade UI
spawn room +
view alternate abilites for some legends
+ +
hold for 3 seconds to take the easy way out
spawn room +
view accolade UI
spawn room +
view alternate abilites for some legends
+ +
hold for 3 seconds to take the easy way out
spawn room +
view accolade UI
spawn room +
view alternate abilites for some legends
+ +
hold for 3 seconds to take the easy way out
spawn room +
view accolade UI
spawn room +
view alternate abilites for some legends
+ +
hold for 3 seconds to take the easy way out



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