WARNING: Flashing Lights, Aim Speed Changes

Ever wanted to experience Overwatch in a much more chaotic and fun fashion? Welcome to OverScuffed™ 2, where your imagination is the best counterplay! Check out 250+ changes to your favorite Legends, including 2 new ones, experience the fun on any platform, attain the most kills and claim Kill Leader, achieve many available Accolades, and fight for scuffed glory!

To start, let's look at all the changes to the Legends.

Ana, Flexible Finisher

Ammunitive Scavenger
Scoping allows you to move a lot faster, and you regenerate ammo when using health packs.

The amount of healing you deal is dependent on your ult charge.

Snare Shot
Scope shots slow damaged enemies for a short time.

Ability 1
Teabagging slept enemies kills them.

Ability 2
Nade of the Law
Damaged enemies are sent to the Brazilian Government, where they either die or are sent back.

Ana's melee is the new nade, preventing healing for the damaged enemy for a brief period.

Kill your teammate and strengthen yourself, increasing damage dealt and reducing damage taken.

Ashe, Modded Madness

[FIRE Hero]

Modded Loader
Viper has more ammo and faster reloads.

Your gun fires automatically rather than individual button presses.

[FIRE] Singe Rifle
Scoped shots burn damaged enemies.
FIRE Ability: Deal more damage over time to Ice Heroes!

Ability 1
Yeet Gun
Coach Gun launches enemies much farther than usual.
Environmental Kills reset its cooldown.

Ability 2
Tampered Dynamite
Dynamite deals more damage over time.

Threatening Innovation
Swap your gun to Anvil Mode, increasing damage and ammo cost and reducing fire rate.

Loitering B.O.B.
B.O.B. stays forever, no matter what, unless he dies.

Baptiste, Heighted Harmacist

Ambush Artist
Using an Emote renders you invisible until you stop.

Medical Marksman
Gun is single fire and headshots increase healing briefly.

Biotic Launcher
Healing nades launch the healed ally in the direction of whence it came.

Ability 1
Degenerative Burst
Burst no longer heals but instead applies a damage over time to nearby enemies.

Ability 2
Immortality Surge
Apply immortality to all nearby allies for a brief period, no lamp required.

Hyper Boots
Exo Boots launch you a lot higher into the air.

Modded Matrix
Matrix sets your gun to burst fire while active.

Bastion, Oppressive Omnic

[FIRE Hero]

Puny Plight
Killing blows temporarily shrink you in size.

Configuration: Headhunter
Headshots deal even more damage.

[FIRE] Thermite Grenade
Damaged foes are set ablaze for a heavy damage over time.
FIRE Ability: Deal more damage over time to Ice Heroes!

Ability 1
Configuration: War Machine
Take less damage and knockback, but you're immobile.

Ability 2
Robotic Rage
Overload your circuits, increasing damage dealt.

Self-Repairing Punch
Meleeing an enemy regenerates a hefty amount of HP.

Configuration: Hyper Goner
Damaged enemies are set to one hit point no matter what.

Brigitte, Scuffed Squire

[ICE Hero]

Lindholm's Stand
Brigitte has more HP and takes less damage.

[ICE] Cryo Flail
Flail launches icicles and hitting enemies freezes them.
ICE Ability: Freezes Fire Heroes for a shorter duration.

Prized Shield
Shield has more HP and is a lot larger.

Secondary + Primary
Concussive Bash
Shield Bash stuns enemies. Duration increased if using ult.

Ability 1
Mighty Whip
Whip has high knockback in a random direction. Use while looking down to propel yourself upward.

Ability 2
Lindholm Elixir
Healing is increased heavily but makes the ally's camera mess up.

On Strike!
Rallying forces your teammates to rally with you.

Dave, Inconspicuous Instigator

Deal more damage while midair, and midair shots slow your fall.

Revolver is one in the chamber with very high damage, and killing someone reloads your bullet.

Coach Slug
Fanning the hammer knocks you and enemies back.

Ability 1
Magician's Roll
Disappear from the audience, and gain a brief increase in move speed.

Ability 2
Nade swaps damaged enemies to a completely random hero.

Sleight of Hand
Deliver a fast blow that jams enemies' weapons.

High Noon Spectacular
Slow down time, spawn more tumbleweeds, and take your foes down in a dramatic fashion.

D.Va, Tech Tyrant

Bunny Hop
Gain a bootlegged double jump, and deal more melee damage while in mech.

Streaking Shotguns
Killing enemies increase your damage and move speed. If dead, sets to 0% bonus.

Offensive Matrix
Kill all players within the area of your matrix.

Ability 1
Pin bumped enemies to your mech.

Ability 2
Random Rockets
Damaged enemies have a random status effect applied to them.

Force Eject
Hold the crouch button to destroy your mech at will.

Nuclear Ejection
The overloaded mech's explosion stuns all players on the map.

Pilot D.Va, Tactical Troller

Light Blaster
Pistol deals double damage to enemies with a slower fire rate.

Big Shot (not spamton)
Shoot a large projectile that deals heavy damage to enemies.

Ability 1
Gamer's Gallop
Briefly increase your speed to evade threats.

Ability 2
Sticky Shockwave
Root all nearby enemies for a short period.

Call down a new mech that launches surviving victims much farther than normal.

Doomfist, Talon's Turmoil

[DARK Hero]

Talkative Tyrant
Use a voice line to spam it over and over. Use a spray to abort spam.

Press Reload to cycle between hack, flame, freeze, and mark shots, each with unique abilties.

Flexible Fist
Doomfist can punch in any direction.

Ability 1
Lunar Leap
Leap much higher into the sky and deal a lot more damage.

Ability 2
[DARK] Void Guard
All blocked damage attained will add up, and unleash a shadowy explosion when block ends.
DARK Ability: Damage dealt by Light Heroes adds less to the pulse counter.

Ambidextrous Assault
Left fist resets right fist's cooldown.

Meteoric Massacre
Deal insane damage to anyone inside the circle, and reset all your cooldowns on hit.

Echo, Curious Copycat

Adaptive Assailant
90% of your HP is replaced with regenerating shields.

Headshots force enemies to use a random voice line.

Gravitic Bombs
Enemies hit by stickies are much more affected by gravity.

Ability 1
Move much faster while flying.

Ability 2
Adaptive Beam
Hitting enemies grants you shields.

Gliding moves you farther and faster than normal.

Their Own Worst Enemy
Echo analyzes the opponent and transforms into a perfectly identical copy of them.
Their exact abilities are yours to use, and ult charge gain is accelerated during.

Genji, Ruthless Robot

Shimada's Enhancements
Genji has enhanced movement. Climbing resets double jump. Kills reload your magazine.

Shurikens are fired in 2 round bursts instead of 3.

Shuriken Overload
Genji fires 5 projectiles in a fan.

Ability 1
Sharp Slash
Genji cuts damaged opponents, causing them to bleed and take damage over time.

Ability 2
Harmful Reflection
Deflected projectiles deal double damage. Duration is halved.

Cybernetic Butcherer
Melee damage is doubled and inflicts bleeding, causing damage over time.

NEO Nightmare
Deal more damage, gain armor, and transform into Genji NEO (below).

Genji NEO, Enhanced Exterminator

[FIRE Hero]

Shimada's Enhancements NEO
Traverse the terrain and climb walls at alarming speeds.
Killing enemies reduces your damage taken for a brief moment.

Blade of a Thousand Dragons
Damage is increased and has a chance to inflict bleeding, causing damage over time.

[FIRE] Fiery Laceration
Genji NEO fires a concentration of fire from his blade. Blade hits set foes ablaze.
FIRE Ability: Deal more damage over time to Ice Heroes!

Ability 1
The Divide
Genji delivers a fast strike that splits enemies' healthbars clean in half.

Ability 2
Disappear into the shadows while deflecting.

Hanzo, Dragon's Demise

[LIGHT Hero]

Shimada's Calling
Taking damage grants you extremely brief invulnerability.

Power Bow
Arrows' speed are increased, and headshots instantly take foes down. It's common sense, really.

Ability 1 (note: this may not be accurate depending on platform)
Spectral Arrows
Fire 5 arrows that inflict more damage to enemies with shield HP.

Ability 2 (note: this may not be accurate depending on platform)
[LIGHT] Dragon's Light
Shoot a heavenly arrow that blinds damaged enemies.
LIGHT Ability: Deal more damage to Dark Heroes and reduce its cooldown greatly on hit!

Dragon's Mark
Hitting an enemy marks them, revealing them for your entire team.

Amphibious Maneuvers
Lunge's cooldown is instantly reset when landing.

Unleash 5 sets of dragons that deal heavy damage and cover a wide area.

Illari, Solar Sunderer

Red Hot Reapening
Illari heals from all fire damage dealt to enemies.

Exploding Executor
Hitting a burning enemy sets off an explosion and clears the target’s burn

Rapid Regenerator
Solar Energy is reduced significantly but heals for much more.

Ability 1
Solar Consequence
Illari dashes forward, igniting nearby enemies and knocking them back.

Solar Slash
Slice in front of you, setting all damaged enemies on fire.

Halting Hover
Press jump in midair to stay in place briefly. Press again to abort early.

Blinding Battalion
Launch a large sphere that blinds all enemies hit by it.

Junker Queen, Rampaging Ruler

[ICE Hero]

Junker Supremacy
JQ deals more damage to traitors, and gains significantly more heals from wounds.

Sniping Scattergun
Shotgun deals more damage at farther range.

[ICE] Cold Steel
Throw a more accurate knife that freezes hit enemies. Also applies to melee hits.
ICE Ability: Freezes Fire Heroes for a shorter duration.

Ability 1
Warlord's Protest
Deal more damage and take less while shouting.

Ability 2
Scarring Slash
Unleash a deadly axe that deals increased damage over time to enemies above half health.

Ruler's Rumbler
Non-Knife melees deal double damage.

Swap Force
Show your enemies total carnage and transform hit enemies into a completely random hero.

Junkrat, Explosive Engineer

The Last Laugh
Your death bombs instantly eviscerate any opponent unlucky enough to come in contact with them.
Being set on fire heals you greatly.

Mystery Launcher
Every grenade Junkrat launches has completely random damage and trajectory.

Pocket Jump
Detonating mines sets off a bomb that launches you into the air and damages nearby enemies.

Ability 1
Concussion Mine
Mines stun damaged enemies.

Ability 2
Rusty Trap
Throw down a trap that instantly kills any unlucky opponent.

Varying Slap
Melee damage is completely random.

Killing an enemy teleports you to their corpse. Has a very low chance to restart the Timeline.

Kiriko, Kanezaka's Messenger

[LIGHT Hero]

Kanezaka's Blessing
Kitsune protects you from death once per life. Press Interact while climbing to cling to walls.

Lingering Ofuda
Ofudas linger on allies, granting a decent heal over time.

[LIGHT] Sacred Kunais
Throw 5 kunais that deal increased damage and move faster.
LIGHT Ability: Headshotting a Dark Hero freezes them solid!

Ability 1
Taking Chances
Swift Stepping will either teleport you to an ally or an enemy.

Ability 2
Therapeutical Throw
Suzu heals allies for a horrific amount.

Swift Launch
Jumping has a chance of teleporting you to a random ally.

Empowering Stance
Empower all allies, granting an increase to damage and mobility.

Lifeweaver, Petal Powerhouse

(Reference for the abilities: {Default Scheme/Weapon Swap Scheme})

Otherworldly Overseer
Press Interact to enter a third person view. Press again to return to first person.

Energized Blossom
Healed allies are given a temporary boost in speed.

Secondary (Default) / Alt Primary (Weapon Swap)
Ivy Volley
Lob deadly thorns that have a chance to poison enemies, inflicting damage over time.

Ability 1 (Default) / Secondary (Weapon Swap)
Fortified Flower
Deploy a Petal Platform that has significantly more HP.

Ability 2
Protective Grasp
Grab an ally and pull them to you, granting them shields along the way.

Jump (Default) / Ability 1 (Weapon Swap)
Inconspicuous Rejuvenation
Dashing heals you for more, and makes you invisible and invulnerable.

Tree of Revival
Upon planting, revives all allies and sets them to max HP, and repeats while up.

Lúcio, Rampant Rockstar

Swift Superstar
Upon touching a wall, gain a boost in mobility that lasts until you land.

Melodious Marauder
Lúcio's gun has 2 fire modes based on the song that is playing.
(Speed Song) Accelerating Assaulter: Gun fires a rapid stream of projectiles. 30 mag size.
(Heal Song) Staccato Shotto: Fire a wide spread that deals high damage. 6 mag size, takes 2 per shot.

Damage and knockback are based on how fast you're moving.

Ability 1
Verses of Violence
Heal Song slightly damages enemies within the area of effect.

Ability 2
Versatile Crescendo
Swift Superstar and Verses of Violence are amplified, and boop cooldown is removed.

Earsplitting One-Two
Meleeing an enemy earrapes them.

Empower Melodious Marauder and crush anyone that you land on, dealing massive damage.

Mei, Frozen Fatalizer

[ICE Hero]

Mei walks faster on her frost and is incapable of being frozen.

[ICE] Polar Pistol
Maintaining constant damage on enemies builds up to freezing them solid.
ICE Ability: Against Fire Heroes, takes longer to freeze, and freezes for a shorter duration.

Use all ammo in your magazine and launch a more powerful and swift icicle.

Ability 1
Gain frost armor and freeze enemies when exiting.

Ability 2
Great Ice Wall
Build a massive Ice Wall to keep your foes contained.

Frosty Finale
Meleeing a frozen enemy shatters them into a thousand pieces.

Fatal Flurry
Mei throws a snowball that gradually increases in size. Enemies hit by it move a lot slower briefly.

Mercy, Serendipitous Savior

[LIGHT Hero]

Combat Medic
Killing enemies grants a temporary boost in healing.

Staff of Gradual Blessing
Healing ramps up over time while beam is attached.

Alt Primary
Medic's Tool
Pistol deals moderately more damage and fires faster bullets.

Secondary (note: this may not be accurate depending on platform)
Reviving an ally sets your spawn point to their position (one time use).

Ability 1
Angelic Boost
Pressing Guardian Angel launches you in your facing direction, no teammate required.

Ability 2 (note: this may not be accurate depending on platform)
Gravity Staff
Grab an enemy and displace them. Releasing the button launches them.

[LIGHT] Valkyrie Reborn
Become the ultimate healer. Gain a drastic increase in healing and speed to assist your allies.
LIGHT Ability: Deal more damage to Dark Heroes and heal your allies for the damage dealt!

Moira, Genetic Manipulator

Healer's Insights
Moira can see how much healing is dealt.

Swift Cleansers
Healing is dependent on how fast you're moving, and cleanses teammates of status effects.

Crowd Controller
Grasp is capable of sucking multiple people simultaneously.

Ability 1
Speed is heavily increased, and allows you to clip through walls.

Ability 2 (Heal)
Orb of Defense
Heal orb grants allies shields to protect them.

Ability 2 (Damage)
Orb of Displacement
Damaged enemies have their cameras messed with.

Beyblade Bonanza
Spin in steady circles. Damage inflicts a heavy damage over time, and healing sets allies to max.

Orisa, Numbani's Guardian

Defender's Cavalry
Your teammates can ride you into battle.

Distanced Decimator
Damage dealt is based on the distance between you and the enemy.

Disorienting Javelin
Hit enemies' cameras turn slower than usual briefly.

Ability 1
Metal Mayhem
Damage taken and speed are reduced heavily, and you are more affected by gravity.

Ability 2
Offsetting Oscillation
Enemies' cameras are messed up while in your spin.

Kinetic Boost
Upon landing, move faster for a short period.

Spacious Surge
Terra Surge's radius is doubled, but the outer area only deals a small amount of damage.

Pharah, Aerial Avenger

Hover Jets
Jets have infinite fuel but you cannot gain any height from them.

Grounded Launcher
Rockets fired while on the ground move much faster.

Ability 1
Super Jump
Jump Jet launches you much higher than normal.

Ability 2
Concussive Drag
Blast drags enemies to your position. Direct hits stun enemies.

Skyward Smack
Meleeing an enemy launches them skyward.

Quickly descend to the ground at will.

Call an air strike to rain hell on the enemy team.

Ramattra, Null Sector's Second Coming

Ultimate Nemesis
Transforming into Nemesis grants you significantly more health.

Primary (Omnic Forme)
Siphon Stick
Dealing damage heals you for a portion of the damage.

Secondary (Omnic Forme)
Swift Builder
Holding out your barrier allows you to move faster.

Primary (Nemesis Forme)
Power Gauntlets
Every punch has random knockback.

Secondary (Nemesis Forme)
Return Postage
Damage dealt to you while blocking is sent back to the attacker.

Ability 2
Disco Field
Anyone caught inside the field is forced to boogie.

Null Sector's Wrath
Damage and speed are increased. Hitting enemies changes their size to a completely random scale.

Reaper, Death's Apprentice

[DARK Hero]

Reaper's Regeneration
Taking an enemy's life completely refills your health bar.

Death Dealers
Fire extremely painful spreads with limited magazine size.

Slug Shot
Fire a projectile that deals high damage with far range.

Ability 1
Deadly Fade
Disable collision, allowing you to traverse the environment however you please.

Ability 2
Assassin's Appearance
Upon teleporting, take less damage and move much faster for a short moment.

[DARK] Hell's Grasp
Send an enemy to the underworld in which they are killed instantly.
DARK Ability: Has a chance to fail against Light Heroes.

Helicopter Hijinx
Fly towards your opponents and massacre them all.

Reinhardt, Crushing Crusader

[DARK Hero]

Crusader's Stance
Reinhardt takes mush less damage from the front, can't be knocked back at all, and cannot be knocked down.

Trembling Hammer
The hammer has a chance of knocking enemies down and leaving them free for following attacks.

Crusader's Trusty Shield
Only the mightiest and most fearless warriors shall wield this shield in combat (it's a lot smaller).

Ability 1
Versatile Charge
Move noticeably faster and gain the ability to jump during charge.

Ability 2
Fiery Force
Unleash 3 fire strikes that deal high damage and set enemies ablaze.

Drop to the ground at an alarming speed, and crush your foes from above.

[DARK] Hellshatter
Slam your hammer harder than ever before, to the point it rips enemies under the terrain.
DARK Ability: Has a chance to fail against Light Heroes.

Roadhog, Scrapped Slaughterer

When Pigs Land
Roadhog takes fall damage if falling far enough.

Scrap-Tacular Shotgun
The first shot in a fully loaded magazine deals alarmingly more damage.

Scrap Shot
Fire a scrappy projectile that deals horrific damage.

Ability 1
Chain Toss
Hook no longer pulls people. Instead, it's a good ol' fashioned grappling hook.

Ability 2
Damage yourself for a painful amount, and move a lot faster temporarily.

Scrap Bounce
Launch a bouncy scrap ball that explodes when in contact with an enemy, dealing moderate damage.

Coach Machine Gun
Knockback is heavily increased, at the cost of kickback.

Sigma, Observatory Obliterator

Podiatric Petrification
Looking at Sigma's feet damages you.

Launch one sphere instead of two.

Expanding Barrier
Deploy a barrier that increases in size over time.

Ability 1
The Force
Grasp pulls players to you while active.

Ability 2
"Cleansing" Boulder
Erase damaged opponents from existence for a moment, where they will be brought back unharmed.

Cosmic Descent
Greatly slow your fall, allowing you to glide through the air with ease.

Chaos Theory
Lift all players skyward then slam them back down for absurd damage.

Sojourn, Fierce Commander

Double Time
Move faster briefly when being shot at.

Ramping Rifle
Damage over time ramps up while damaging enemies.

Charged Railgun shots deal a lot more damage to enemies.

Ability 1
Tactical Slide
Slide a lot faster and jump much higher.

Ability 2
Bouncy Shot
Affected enemies are forced to jump every time they're damaged.

Tactical Bash
Sliding melees deal increased damage.

Goin' Commando
Overload your magazine and fire faster shots while active.

Soldier: 76, Violent Vigilante

[DARK Hero]

Titan Takedown
Jack can rodeo D.Va's mech to deal massive damage.

Increasing Instigator
Rifle has 0 recoil and fires slower. Max ammo increases for every kill you obtain.

Rift Rockets
Rockets will either teleport you to the victim, or the victim to you.

Ability 1
Tactical Sprint
Speed is drastically increased, and can slide by crouching during.

Ability 2
[DARK] Void's Gift
Being healed clips you under the map and heals you for a large amount.
DARK Ability: Damage reduced against Light Heroes while active.

Commander's Pickpocket
Meleeing a foe replenishes your clip.

Exploiting Visor
Gain Aimbot. Literally.

Sombra, Anonymous Assailant

Insider Knowledge
Sombra can hack robots to gain information on the player closest to them.

Mag Snatcher
Firing at enemies has a chance of emptying their magazines.

Hacked Confusion
Hacking enemies confuses them, reversing their movement inputs.

Ability 1
Phantasmal Repositioning
Go completely invisible and move faster. Has a limit as to how long it can be used at a time.

Ability 2
Hacker's Eye 2.0
Deploy a completely functional drone to spy on your enemies.

Brute Force
Meleeing an adversary from behind hurts more and hacks them.

Error 404
Sombra unleashes a pulse that shuts down all HUD elements, empties clips, and hacks all players.

Symmetra, Ulti-Witch

Deal more damage and gain more HP when high on ult charge.

Beam takes ult charge away from opponents, rate depending on beam level.

Blasts grant much more ult charge.

Ability 1
Biological Projection
Deploy a decoy to deceive your enemies. Press Interact at any time to control it.

Ability 2
Tampered Teleporter
Place a teleporter that upon entering, makes allies move faster.

Steal ult charge from enemies.

Deploying the wall sets all allies' ults to 100%.

Torbjörn, War-Torn Workshopper

Hurrying Holster
Holster your weapon to move faster.

Stun Gun
Fire concussive rivets that stun enemies on headshot.

Alt Primary
Lindholm Crippler
Hitting enemies with your hammer cripples them, reducing movements.
During Power Up!, breaks their skulls instead, taking them down instantly.

Siphon Shotgun
Damaging enemies grants overhealth to protect you.

Ability 1
Empower your claw, drastically increasing damage and range.

Ability 2
Power Up!
Deal more damage and move faster. Lindholm Crippler is empowered (see above).

Freezer Burn
Enemies who tread through your lava are slowed down significantly.

Tracer, Space-Time Eviscerator

Boosted Loader
Reloading when low on ammo overloads your next magazine.

Flashy Finishers
Bullets deal more damage to enemies under half health. Killing Blows give blinks.

Flexible Blip
Tracer can blink in any direction.

Ability 1
Blinking through enemies damages them.

Ability 2
Total Recall
Recalling refills your health and blinks. Has a chance to rewind the Timeline.
Also has a very low chance of breaking the Timeline and soft restarting it.

Seizuring Whap
Melee'd enemies are basically given a seizure, with highly increased turn speed.

Distorted Domination
Slow down time for everyone else, giving you complete control over the Timeline.
Deal more damage and move at normal speed, and gain infinite ammo.
Melee has been replaced with Fractured Fist, which increases melee damage.

Widowmaker, All-Seeing Fatale

Intellectual Initiator
Killing a marked enemy resets Venom Pulse's cooldown.

Kickfront Rifle
Firing your gun launches your forward instead of backward.

Widow's Fang
Every time you damage an enemy, a random outcome occurs to them.

Ability 1
Venom Pulse
Mark all enemies in front of you, making them visible through walls and to teammates.

Ability 2
Shrink Mine
Enemies who trigger your mine start shrinking down to microscopic size.

Assassin's Signature Bonk
Melees stun enemies for a short period.

Only allows you to fire one shot per magazine, but the shots can go through walls.

Winton, Punishing Primate

Mobile Menace
Jump Pack's distance is increased and its cooldown is reset when killing enemies.

Shock Cannon
Fire electricity that deals absurd damage at the cost of a low magazine.

Fire a bolt of lightning that electrocutes enemies, inflicting damage over time.

Ability 1
Back Pack
Jumping near a teammate allows you to carry them on your back.

Ability 2
Collapsing Dome
Deploy a bubble that shrinks in size over time.

Swift Strike
Melee damage is based on your speed.

Repressed Rage
Let out your anger automatically at 100%. Become unkillable, and move very fast.

Wrecking Ball, Horrific Hampter

Vital Scaling
Your size rapidly changes depending on how much HP you have.

The Unloader
Damage increases by a lot when your magazing is low.

Tethered Turmoil
Grappling knocks enemies much farther than usual.

Ability 1
Move a lot faster and traverse with ease.
If moving too fast, catch on fire until you cool down.

Ability 2
Spike Shield
Adaptive Shield damages nearby enemies while active.

Ground Pound
Launch nearby enemies high into they sky, and damage them more when they land.

Mini Nukes
Launch more powerful mines that damage all enemies in a far radius when touched.

Zarya, Wielder of Gravity

Particle Punisher
The potency of your bubbles is dependent on your kills.

Flicker Beam
Laser turns on and off periodically while firing.

Yeet Cannon
Launch enemies significantly farther with your grenades.

Ability 1
Power Bubble
Deal more damage and move faster while bubble is active.

Ability 2
Oversized Bubble
Place a very large bubble on your ally.

Bodybuilder's Biff
Melee cooldown is removed, allowing you to spam it and dish out high damage.

Perspective-Enhancing Black Hole
Enemies caught inside have their camera changed to a weird view of the world.

Zenyatta, Meditative Marauder

[LIGHT Hero]

Monk's Movements
Jump much higher and fall slower.

Zipping Orbs
Fire orbs that move very fast but deal little damage.

Eventual Orbs
Fire orbs that move really slow but deal very high damage.

Ability 1 (note: this may not be accurate depending on platform)
Orb of Weakening
Launch an orb that decreases the target's damage and sends out a homing orb to damage said target.

Ability 2 (note: this may not be accurate depending on platform)
Orb of the Turtle
Healed allies move much slower until the effects wear off.

[LIGHT] Kick of Destiny
Instakill any foe and fling their lifeless corpse far.
LIGHT Ability: Cooldown is reduced if the victim is a Dark Hero!

Omnic Enlightenment
Unleash death upon the world of mortals, rapidly damaging ALL players near you.

Now we move onto something more fun: Accolades!

Accolades are a fun way to add a bit of excitement to kills in OverScuffed™ 2! There are 28 different Accolades you can achieve by multiple different means.

List of Accolades

Accolade Prerequisite
Aerial Assault! Kill someone while high in the sky.
Backstabber! Kill someone by stabbing them in the back.
Bouncy Basher! Kill someone while jumping.
Confused Clobberer! Kill a player while Confused.
Cryo-Tacular! Kill a frozen enemy.
Dark Demolisher! Kill a Dark Hero.
Deadeye! Kill a player with a headshot.
Environmentastic! Kill a player by pushing them off the map.
Feisty Flamedancer! Kill a Fire Hero.
Fiery Finisher! Kill a player that is burning.
From the Grave! Kill a player while you're dead.
Kill Stealer! Steal a kill from someone. Simple.
Lethal Lullaby! Kill a sleeping player.
Light Lacerator! Kill a Light Hero.
Long Shot! Kill a player from very far away.
Marked Massacrer! Kill a player while you're Marked.
Melee Marauder! Kill a player with a melee attack.
Near Death Nightmare! Kill someone while you are near death yourself.
Nimble Neutralizer! Kill a player while moving very fast.
One Shot, One Kill! Kill a full HP enemy with a single blow.
Point Blank! Kill a player who is extremely close to you.
Quick Scope! Kill an enemy with a quickscope.
Robotic Rampage! Kill a robotic Hero.
Snowy Slaughterer! Kill an Ice Hero.
Team Tyrant! Kill the sole survivor on the enemy team.
Turtle Terror! Kill a player while moving very slow.
Ulti-Ender! Kill a player that is using their Ultimate.
Wall Warrior! Kill a player while you're on a wall.

Every Accolade has a different meaning, so collect them all!

Want a bit more challenge? Welcome to Tasks!

Tasks are the cute and pixel achievements, but deeply modified to my scuffed liking! How many of them can you, the player in this twisted game, achieve?

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Now For Hero Types

In OverScuffed™️ 2, there are various hero types, which play out very similarly to Pokémon, in which one type is effective against the other, and the other isn't as good against the former.

The available types consist of: LIGHT, DARK, FIRE, and ICE!

LIGHT is effective against DARK!
FIRE is effective against ICE!

The abilities that have this feature are:

LIGHT --> Hanzo's Dragon's Light, Kiriko's Sacred Kunais, Mercy's Valkyrie Reborn, and Zen's Kick of Destiny.

DARK --> Doomfist's Void Guard, Reaper's Hell's Grasp, Reinhardt's Hellshatter, and Soldier: 76's Void's Gift.

FIRE --> Ashe's Singe Rifle, Bastion's Thermite Grenade, and Genji NEO's Fiery Laceration.

ICE --> Brigitte's Cryo-Flail, Junker Queen's Cold Steel, and Mei's Polar Pistol.

Each typed ability has its own outcome, which you can see below!

Hanzo - Deal more damage to Dark Heroes and reduce Dragon's Light's cooldown.
Kiriko - Sacred Kunai headshots freeze Dark Heroes.
Mercy - During Valkyrie Reborn, pistol deals more damage to Dark Heroes and heals nearby allies.
Zenyatta - Reduce Kick of Destiny's cooldown when killing a Dark Hero.

Doomfist - During Void Guard, Light Heroes add less to the pulse damage counter.
Reaper - Hell's Grasp has a chance to fail against Light Heroes.
Reinhardt - Hellshatter has a chance to fail against Light Heroes.
Soldier: 76 - Deal less damage to Light Heroes while Void's Gift is deployed.

Ashe - Singe Rifle deals more damage over time to Ice Heroes.
Bastion - Thermite Grenade deals more damage over time to Ice Heroes.
Genji NEO - Fiery Laceration deals more damage over time to Ice Heroes.

Brigitte - Cryo-Flail freezes Fire Heroes for a shorter duration.
Junker Queen - Cold Steel freezes Fire Heroes for a shorter duration.
Mei - Polar Pistol takes longer to freeze Fire Heroes, and freezes them for a shorter duration.

On Fire has been set on fire!

On Fire has been changed to make it a lot more scuffed and exciting!

• Achieving On Fire! sets you on fire, dealing 7.5 damage a second until you stop being on fire.

• After 30 seconds of being on fire with no stops, achieve Scuffed! status, granting a new effect and showing your true potential in the Timeline! If fire is lost while Scuffed!, a 5 second period is granted to retain the status, before having to go through getting the fire again.


I have many different social apps where you can see more of the mode!

Everything can be found on my Carrd page! :)

Frequently Asked Queries

How long did it take you to make this?

i have been working on the OverScuffed™ franchise for a year and a half and counting. it went from just another hero change gamemode to the revolutionary custom it is today. and every so often i continue to update it to keep the fellow scuffers happy. it's my passion project that i've cherished greatly

What was your reason behind the creation of this mode?

i saw all the modes and wanted to make something for myself. my friend showed me his non-workshop version and it motivated me to get into workshop and go above and beyond to create the revolutionary mode it is today

When I join I'm stuck in the ground. What do I do?

just press b/circle/esc lol. basically the button you exit hero select with
if not, you'll have to ask the host of the lobby to swap you to spectator and back

When I import, it says "invalid map". What now?

disable any map and reenable it
i'll usually update it after an update as well to avoid the error :)

What does the "Oops! All Governments!" setting do?

on top of brazilian, the setting adds 20+ new governments that randomly show in place of it


I would like to thank many people for making this possible. Ever since the transition from OverScuffed™ 1 to OverScuffed™ 2, there have been so many unique and redefining changes, and it couldn't be possible without any of these people!

Tooki - Made the thumbnail for the mode.

Jar of Gibbons - Made the revamped stat changes, and the platform, Lifeweaver, and Zen orb detections.

PharingWell - Helped me with simple things here and there.

Mitsiee - The main person behind the function of the Sombra Drone.

(before it went private) r/overwatchcustomgames - Helped me a lot in the early days of OverScuffed™ 1.

The Workshop.Codes Discord - Helped me altogether with every simple and silly thing I asked.

Players | 2 - 8
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version:


in spawn room + Interact
view accolade UI
in spawn room + Tracer/Genji + Melee
view alternate abilities (Genji NEO / Tracer ult melee)
in spawn room +
view accolade UI
in spawn room + Tracer/Genji +
view alternate abilities (Genji NEO / Tracer ult melee)
in spawn room +
view accolade UI
in spawn room + Tracer/Genji +
view alternate abilities (Genji NEO / Tracer ult melee)
in spawn room +
view accolade UI
in spawn room + Tracer/Genji +
view alternate abilities (Genji NEO / Tracer ult melee)
in spawn room +
view accolade UI
in spawn room + Tracer/Genji +
view alternate abilities (Genji NEO / Tracer ult melee)



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