Luz - Support Sombra by InfestedKaio#1548

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Sombra Reworked as a Support Hero.


Medic Stealth

Ability 1 to activate, same as standard stealth, but in addition to being invisible, Sombra also heals passively.

Healing Hack:

Replaces standard hack. Use secondary fire to activate. Works similar to original hack, used on allies, small burst heal on success, cancels on LOS break.

EMP Trap:

Replaces translocator. Use Ability 2 button to deploy, once both anchor points get deployed, a string will be attached to them indefinitely. Once an enemy breaks the string, the trap explodes and hacks all enemies in a small radius around the trigger point. Use interact button to retrieve and relocate. It only enters cooldown when trap is triggered, not retrieved. Trap can be triggered while travelling.

Ultimate Share:

Replaces EMP. Ultimate button to deploy a slow moving projectile. It works as it's name suggests, use on an ally to charge their ultimate to 100%. Single target.

Technical stuff:

  • Self healing while invisible is 16hp/s.
  • EMP Trap radius is 2.5m from trigger point. Can be triggered by enemy shields and walls. 8 seconds cooldown. Deals 5 Damage.
  • Healing Hack amount is 60hp, 1 second cooldown. Not hard locked as Mercy beam, more similar to Moira beam.
  • Ultimate Share's projectile travels at 12.5m/s. If target dies, it's wasted. Can still be saved if target is resurrected before arrival. It works on targets currently ulting, creating possibilities like double-blade.

Workshop technical stuff:

All relevant attributes values like healing amount, ult speed and EMP radiuses are in a global array and can be easily changed.

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