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Fight off in quick play or CTF rules taking advantage of one offensive perk and one defensive perk of your choice that will drastically change the way you play. Over 100 possible combinations that fit inumerous playstyles. Fun is guaranteed!

Offensive Perks

Perks that reward you for offensive plays.

  • Superior Fighter: Deal 20% more damage.

  • Open Wounds: Dealing damage reduces the target's healing for a few seconds.

  • Electric Mags: Double projectile speed and faster reloading.

  • Soul Draining: Heal over time for 30% of your damage.

  • Rigged Rounds: Dealing 50 damage or more creates an explosion around the enemy.

  • CQC Specialist: 25% more damage to enemies nearby, stronger knockbacks and melee.

  • Auxiliary Firepower: Carry a weaker portable Torb turret.

  • Light Turret: Carry a weaker portable Sym turret — slows target.

  • Pocket Nano: Get nanoboosted when using your ultimate.

  • Sharp Thorns: Reflect up to 30% of damage taken based on proximity to attacker.

  • Hunter Instinct: Heroes you damage are revealed to your team. Hold interact to see through an enemy's point of view.

  • Heat of Battle: Faster ult generation based on number of enemies nearby.

  • Chain Reaction: Refill ammo and reduce current cooldowns by 30% on elimination.

  • Soul Consumption: Increase your health by 25 for each kill — caps on 200, resets on death.

  • Imminent Danger: Your ultimate is on a 60 second cooldown.

Defensive Perks

Perks that reward you for defensive plays.

  • Tough Skin: +100 bonus health.

  • Armored: +75 bonus armor.

  • Shielded: +75 bonus shields.

  • Healing Hands: Deal 35% more healing.

  • Biotic Convergence: Receive 20% of your team's healing.

  • Last One Standing: When an ally dies within range, heal and gain temporary health.

  • Minimize Trauma: Any instance of damage taken is capped at 40.

  • Lightweight: 15% better mobility and double jump — hold jump to float.

  • Reengage: 25% better mobility, faster cooldowns and regeneration while out of combat.

  • Resourceful Packs: Health packs replenish all abilities and regenerate you over time.

  • Morale Boost: Nearby allies have 15% faster cooldowns — doesn't stack.

  • Power of Friendship: Take up to 60% less damage when close to allies.

  • Zoning Fortress: Receive up to 80% less damage when not moving and reduced CC — wears off after a while.

  • Round Two: Once per respawn, get a second life with nerfed stats that wear off after a long interval.

  • Pinwheel: Passive healing that scales with your movement speed.

Tradeoff Perks

Tradeoff perks give both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Glass Cannon: Halved health, but all stats are increased and cooldowns are faster.

  • Heavy Gunner: 65% more damage, faster projectiles, infinite ammo and more move speed, but can't use abilities.

  • Overheated: Your attacks burn, but you take part of the damage.


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Players | 1 - 10
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.1


Open perk menu in spawn
Hold to apply random perks
Open perk menu in spawn
Hold to apply random perks
Open perk menu in spawn
Hold to apply random perks
Open perk menu in spawn
Hold to apply random perks
Open perk menu in spawn
Hold to apply random perks



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