InsaneWatch Custom Abilities 4v4

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A 4v4 gamemode with each hero having their own custom abilities! More hero updates soon! Current version V2.3 | T5GA3

Hero Abilites

  • Fierce Force: Charging Rocket Punch reduces damage by 50%
    Bulking Block: Power Block grants tempory armour

  • War Cry: Commanding Shout reduces damage by 15%
    BloodRush: Carnage grants a speed boost

  • Denied: Javeiln hacks and slows enemies
    Fortune Fortify: Forty reduces cooldowns by 2 seconds

  • Vaining Void: Vortex life leaches
    Annihilation Adrenaline: Using Ultimate heals you

  • Enrage: When armor breaks become enraged. Fire Strikes travel faster, stun, and life leach, hammer hits heal.

  • GForce: Float and gain a 20% damage boost while floating.
    Tidal Disruptor: launch a Tidal Disruptor attack that makes enemies float. Floating enemies receive 20% more damage and receive 40% less healing

  • Soul Seaker: Instead of primal rage launch a guided missile
    Charging Chain. Charged secondary fire chains to nearby enemies. Heal per chained enemy.

  • Gravitational Acceleration: long shots with secondary fire deal fire damage
    Gravatonic Force: Ultimate makes enemies receive 25% more damage

  • Burning Bullet: Hitting scoped shots on enemies that are on fire will make them explode.
    Magma Shrapnel: Coach Gun set enemies on fire

  • Enforced Gears: While armor is active gain a speed boost
    Omnic Bloodshed: Life leach in assualt mode.

  • Momentum Maintain: Using dash will result in a speed buff
    Phantom Phase: Turn invisible during reflect

  • Punch II: charging bow for 3 seconds stun and set enemies on fire

  • Ballistic Bomb: the last bomb will knock down enemies.
    Troll Trap: When enemies are trapped deal fire damage.

  • Ice Breaker: When cryofreeze ends frost nearby enemies. Frosted enemies will less healing and movement speed.
    Blazing Blizzard: Hitting secondary fire shot add charges. When charges are full launch a frost bomb attack.

  • Solar Powered: Regain some flight resource and gain a speed boost
    Enforced Escalation using jump jets grants temporary armor.

  • Jumpscare: Reappearing from shadow step stuns and damages enemies

  • Disrupted: Sliding through enemies or damaging enemies with disruptor shot will disrupt enemies
    Advanced Anomaly: Hitting disrupted enemies with rail gun will create a nova attack that damages nearby enemies.

  • Crit Counter: Headshots deal 1/3 more damage
    Slowing Rockets: Helix Rockets slow enemies.

  • Light Distortion: gain a speed, damage, health boost and unlimited ammo.
    Illuminating Pulse: Using ultime while in Light Distortion mode will create a huge pulse attack.

  • Surprise!: Biotic Gernade hacks enemies.
    Second Wind: Instantly heal nearby allies for 75 health.

  • Rally Rush: Using ultimate instantly heals nearby allies for 125 health.
    Last Stance: When shield breaks receive a 35% damage healing and speed buff.

  • Deadly Dagger: Headshots with kunai's heal nearby allies.
    Fox Dash: Pressing interact on swift step grants a movement and health buff.

  • Rhythm Jam: Launch a projectile that hacks and slows enemies.

  • Necrotic Overflux: When healing resource is full launch a healing and damaging wave of essence

  • Peace and Chaos: While charging secondary fire receive a 50% damage reduction and heal nearby allies.

More heros may be added in the future! Any suggestions regauring new heros or nerf and buffs or any feedback at all greatly helps! Feel free to comment your feedback!

Players | 1 - 8
Categories: New Heroes
Heroes: Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, Reinhardt, and 21 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.3



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