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A battle royale gamemode, where eliminating your opponents removes them for the rest of the round. Choose out of 27 different heroes, some with there own custom changes, and a whole plethera of balance changes. However, make sure to dodge the zone as it can deal a steady amount of damage. Last person standing WINS

Currently this game cannot be hosted by anyone besides the creator and people given a copy of the gamemode, this is because of the number of bugs and glitches the game has. Hopefully in the near future this won't be required.

Hero Changes


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Base - Ana Health Increased from 200 to 250
Nano-Boost Ultimate Ultimate Cost Decreased from 2100 to 1200


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Base - Ashe Health Increased from 200 to 250
B.O.B. Ultimate Ultimate Cost Decreased from 2240 to 1350


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Base - Baptiste Health Increased from 200 to 250
Regenerative Burst Ability 1 Regenerative Burst Cooldown Decreased from 13.0s to 12.0s
Immortality Field Ability 2 Immortality Field can be used once throughout the enire round
Amplification Matrix Ultimate Ultimate Cost Decreased from 2310 to 900


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Self-Repair Secondary Self-Repair Regeneration Rate Decreased by 50%
Configuration: Tank Ultimate Ultimate Cost Decreased from 2310 to 1500


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Barrier Shield Secondary Barrier Shield Recharge Rate Decreased from 85 to 25/s
Whip Shot Ability 1 Whip Shot Cooldown Increased from 4.0 to 6.0
Rally Ultimate Ultimate Cost Decreased from 2800 to 1400


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Base - D.Va Health Decreased from 600-150 to 500-125
Defense Matrix Secondary Defense Matrix Max Duration Decreased from 2.0s to 1.5s. Defense Matrix Recharge Rate Decreased by 50%
Boosters Ability 1 Boosters Knockback Decreased by 10%
Self-Destruct Ultimate Ultimate Cost Increased from 1540 to 1700


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Hand Cannon Primary Hand Cannon Damage Decreased from 1.8-6 to 1.71-5.7 per pellet
Rocket Punch Secondary Rocket Punch Damage Decreased from 50-100/50-150 to 47.5-95/47.5-142.5. Rocket Punch Cooldown Increased from 4.0s to 6.0s. Rocket Punch Knockback Decreased by 25%
Rising Uppercut Ability 1 Rising Uppercut Damage Decreased from 50 to 47.5. Rising Uppercut Knockback Decreased by 25%
Seismic Slam Ability 2 Seismic Slam Damage Decreased from 49-125 to 46.55-118.75
Meteor Strike Ultimate Meteor Strike Damage Decreased from 15-200/300 to 14.25-190/285. Meteor Strike Knockback Decreased by 25%. Ultimate Cost Decreased from 1680 to 1400


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Tri-Shot Primary Tri-Shot Clip Size Decreased from 12 to 6
Duplicate Ultimate Ultimate Cost Decreased from 1960 to 1200


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Shurikens Primary Shurikens Clip Size Decreased from 30 to 18
Dragonblade Ultimate Dragonblade Duration Increased from 6.0s to 7.0s. Dragonblade charges up the longer you hold onto it. Ultimate Cost Decreased from 1932 to 1500


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Base - Hanzo Health Decreased from 200 to 190
Storm Arrows Ability 2 Storms Arrows Quantity Decreased from 5 to 4
Dragonstrike Ultimate Ultimate Generation Decreased from 1680 to 1600


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Frag Launcher Primary Frag Launcher Damage Decreased from 120/10-80 to 108/9-72
Steel Trap Ability 2 Steel Trap Damage Decreased from 80 to 72
RIP-Tire Ultimate Damage Decreased from 50-600 to 45-540. Ultimate Cost Increased from 1925 to 2000


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Crossfade Ability 1 Crossfade Healing Decreased from 12.3 to 8.61 per second
Amp It Up Ability 2 Amp It Up Healing Decreased from 40 to 28/s. Amp It Up Cooldown increased from 12.0s to 18.0s
Sound Barrier Ultimate Ultimate Cost Decreased from 2940 to 1350


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Peacemaker Primary Peacekeeper Damage Decreased from 35-70 to 29.75-59.5
Peacemaker Secondary Peacekeeper Damage Decreased from 25-50 to 21.25-42.5
Deadeye Ultimate Ultimate Cost Decreased from 1680 to 1100


Ability/Weapon Name Keybind Changes
Endothermatic Blaster Primary Endothermatic Blaster Minimum Freeze Decreased from 30% to 20%. Endothermatic Blaster Freeze Duration Decreased from 1.3 seconds to 1.0 seconds. Endothermatic Blaster Freeze Rate Decreased from 100% to 70%
Blizzard Ultimate Blizzard Minimum Freeze Increased from 50% to 75%. Blizzard Freeze Rate Decreased from 100% to 50%. Ultimate Cost Decreased from 1610 to 1500
Categories | Free for all
Players | 1 - 10
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.11.2


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Update Log (8)

Version 1.11.2 | 5.7.21

Balance Changes

It was very difficult for Winston to get his ultimate with the new system. Since he had to take about 700 damage to gain his ultimate. This number has been reduced to increase the viability of Winston.

  • Winston Ultimate Generation Increased from 15% to 17.1%

Reinhardt had a lot of survivability making it difficult to kill him without multiple people focusing him at once. Making 1v1 fights nearly impossible to win especially in smaller zones.

  • Reinhardt Base Health Decreased from 500 to 480
  • Reinhardt Shield Health Decreased from 1600 to 1000
  • Reinhardt Shield Recharge Rate Decreased from 80/second to 50/second

Brigitte had been one of the strongest 1v1 characters in this gamemode, so to make her a bit weaker against long range shooters, I have overall increased the vulnerability of using her shield..

  • Brigitte Shield Recharge Rate Decreased from 42.5/second to 25/second


  • Players now recieve 50% healing from any healing abilities whilst inside the zone, increased from the previous 0%.


  • The Reevalutions of HUD texts and effects has been optimized to reduce server load (reduce lag)

Bug Fixes

There are a lot, this patch should hopefully make what was supposed to be an amazing update (1.11.1) actually run. (This time I had playtesters make sure everything ran well, and that will continue in the future)

  • Siphon now takes into account recieving zone damage
  • Fixed a bug where siphon didn't give the correct amount (25% of base health)
  • Fixed a bug where Tracer's health showed 175/176
  • Completely fixed the passive heal feature
  • Fixed a bug where players who did not pick would occasionally recieve the round win

Version 1.11.1 | 5.5.21

Balance Changes

Baptiste has been a really strong pick recently, so I decided to increase his heal cooldown very slightly.

  • Baptiste Regenerative Burst Cooldown Increased from 11.7 to 12.0 seconds


  • Decreased the amount of lag on the server
  • Organized the OverPy variables (no effect on the gamemode).
  • Improved zone edge detection.
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