OverwatchTD (PVE Tower Defense)

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This is a true, full-fledged tower defense mode made in the workshop.
Mostly everything in the mode is inspired by BTD6, including the 3 upgrade paths and 5 upgrade tiers system.
You can play with up to 3 players total, and money gained is split between the 3 players.
There are 30 rounds, and 3 main bosses which appear every 10 rounds.
Every regular overwatch map is included as a playable track, and there are even a couple of bonus tracks for fun.

WASD: Camera control
Left Shift/Ability 1: Fast camera
Left Ctrl/Crouch: Change selected tower or activate tower ability (Tower abilities can only be activated when the tower is selected)
F/Interact: Place or sell tower
T/Spray: Start round
Space/Jump: Share money (Put your cursor over the teammate's cursor who you want to share money with)

Categories: Survival, PvE
Heroes: Reinhardt, Bastion, Genji, Cassidy, Pharah, and 3 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0



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