This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Ana fully heals any of her allies
Ana ammo has been decreased from 12 to 4
Biotic gernade decreased from 10 to 6 seconds
Sleep dart decreased from 14 to 10 seconds
Ana now earns ult 2 times shorter
Ana projectiles are 2 times faster
Ana moves slightly faster
Whipshot now deals damage overtime
Repair pack has cooldown has been decreased by 25%
Whipshot cooldown had been increased from 4 to 6 seconds
Brig now deals 10% more healing
Brig ult cost has been increased by 10%
Brig moves slightly faster
Dva can demech whenever she wants(Then deals 2 times damage for 5.5 seconds) (Press Interact)
Defense matrix now recharges faster by 30%
Micro missles cooldown has been decreased from 7 seconds to 5 seconds
Dva now gets her ultimate 20% faster
Boosters now knockback 30% more
Call mech knocks back 4x times than it does now
Self destruct knockbacks 40% more
Dva deals 25% more damage
Dva moves faster
Newest change: Dva got 2 new passives (Number 1: If she damages any enemy it heals surrounding allies by 1 health) (Number 2: She kills all enemies by her if her baby form dies)
Doom is a dps Power block cooldown has been decreased from 7 seconds to 5 seconds
Rocket punch cooldown has been decreased from 4 seconds 3 seconds
Seismic slam cooldown has been decreased from 8 seconds to 5
Meteor strike knockback increased by 20%
Doomfist deals 35% more dmg
Doomfist health is now 225
All teamates deal 2x dmg with Kistune
Protective suzu cooldown went from 14 to 12
Deals 40% more damage
Heals 50% more
Kiriko's ammo went from 12 to 18
Mercy gaurdian angel heals closest teamate by 30 hp
Mercy heals 100 when she uses res
Mercy ult gives free ult to all allies and mass res from anywhere on the map
Mercy cooldown for GA was decreased from 1.5 to 1
Res cooldown was increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds
Mercy takes 5% more dmg
Mercy heals 30% more
Mercy moves slower
Mercy ammo increased from 25 to 28
If Mercy uses dmg boost you and all allies moves 50% faster and its cooldown is 3 seconds
Rein fire strike burns
Rein charge sleeps closest enemy
Rein has life steal
Rein gives Armor to himself and allies next to him (using sheild)(on a 12 sec cooldown)
Hook cooldown has increased from 6 seconds to 9 seconds
Hog heals allies close to him (Take a Breather)
Take a Breather cooldown has been increased from 8 seconds to 12 second
Hog deals 20% less damage
Hog takes 50% more damage
Hog ammo has been decreased from 6 to 5
Dies and has 20 Health and just does nothing 😐
If You deal damage with Helix Rocket then it heals closest ally by 120 health
Helix Rocket knockbacks more
Has a longer ult
Deals 10% more damage
Heals 20% more
Moves slower
Projectiles are 10% slower
Ammo has been increased from 30 to 45
(Interact ability) Create a dummy bot that does nothing but bodyblock (on 10 second cooldown
Sombra heals 80 health in invis (even if shot out of invis)

Sym is a support hero
Turrents give all allies 25 sheild and heals over time to players near her
Sym if she uses her teleporter she gives 100 shields to everybody
Symmetra ult res all allies anywhere on the map and heals all allies by 100 and she gives 200 sheild and she kills the farthest enemy from her (Killing the farthest enemy sometimes works)
Sym cooldown on turrents has been increased by 50%
Teleport cooldown is now 18 seconds
Sym ammo has been decreased from 100 to 55
Sym deals 15% less dmg than she does now
Sym now has 201 health
Projectiles are now 20% slower
Torb is a tank now and he can only attack with his hammer
Torb has no turret
Overload lasts for 10 seconds instead of 5
Deals 2 times dmg
Has 500 health
Moves 25% faster
Torb ult gives 40 armor to all allies anywhere
Widow heals 100 health on a Elimination
Widow mine now does damage wherever and sometimes heals you
Widow roots anyone who she looks at in her scope for 1 second (Cooldown 3 seconds)
If Widow uses her ult she gets 5 times damage for 5 seconds
Grappling hook cooldown has been decreased from 12 seconds to 9 seconds
Venom mind cooldown decreased from 14/15 to 11
Widow ult is 2 times longer

Widow takes 20% less damage
Widow health has been increased from 175 to 202
Widow ammo has been increased from 35 to 70
If Winston leaps on a enemy with his jump pack he sleeps them for 0.5 second
If Winston uses his sheild he damages anybody around him then heals himself
Jump pack cooldown has been increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds
Winston ult knocks back less
Winston deals 20% more damage
Winston ammo has
been decreased from 100 to 68
Zarya heals with her bubble and heals allies with bubble
Zarya ult does extra damage
Both bubbles cooldowns has been decreased by 30%
Zarya gets 40% more ult charge
Zarya deals 50% damage
Zarya takes 20% less damage
Zarya receives more healing
Zarya health has been increased from 325 to 488
Zarya does more boop with secondary
Zarya ammo has been increased from 100 to 200
Kills everybody with his ult
It takes him LONGGGGERRRR to get his ult
He does 20% more damage
He heals 50% more
His health has increased from 200 to 240
He jumps higher and floats
he moves faster
his projectiles are 40% faster
Zen ammo has been increased from 25 to 38
Only has speed but heals himself overtime for 100 health (press interact)
Boop boops farther
Deals 50% more damage

Moves 35 percent faster

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston, and 13 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: Version 1.2

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