🤠 Ashe Training Chamber (Hero Trainer)


2-in-1 Trainer for Ashe

Practise using some of Ashe's kit and get better at her. In this Hero Trainer, you will get to practise aiming your Viper (both hipfire and scoped), as well as tossing and aiming your dynamite to get the value.

Select a training/training partner by holding Primary Fire for 0.5 second.


Viper Aiming

Viper is your main weapon damaging weapon. Hipfire fires fast but inaccurately and less damage. Scoped fires slow but more accurate and more damage. It is good to master Scoped shots for maximum damage.

Practise your shots against 18 different heroes of different mobility levels.
From the very immobile Ana, through the elusive Tracer, to the high-flying Pharah.

More HP Mode

Makes your training partners have more HP, ideal for longer training sessions.

Enemy Mercy Pocket Mode

Makes your training partners have a Mercy constantly healing them back up.

Your Mercy Pocket Mode

Spawns an ally Mercy that damage boosts you.


Hold [Reload] for 0.5s to fully reload your ammo, no need to wait for a long time to reload.


Dynamite Tossing

Dynamite grants a lot of Ultimate Charge if used correctly. Enemies have less time to run away if you are able to hit your dynamite before they have the 2 seconds delay to run away.

You have a Zenyatta bot in the middle as the target. You can also add a Shield Tank to make Dynamite tossing harder.


Press [Interact] to move the Zenyatta to your location,
Press [Melee] to move the Shield tank to your location,
Hold [Reload] for 0.5s to fully reload your ammo.
Facing direction will be set to where you are facing


Video demostration


  • Selecting enemies and training, as well as the Back button requires you to hold down Primary Fire for 0.5s. So you don't accidentally change enemies or menu when using Primary Fire.
  • This training is meant for only 1 player. Does not support more than 1 real player playing at the same time.


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Update Log (3)



  • You can now hold Reload button for 0.5s to fully reload your ammo in both Viper Aiming and Dynamite Tossing.


  • Some code clean-up

New modifier for Aiming Practice

  • Added Your Mercy Pocket mode for Aim Practice.
  • This button is located below the Exit button.
  • Allowing your ally Mercy to damage boost you.

General changes

  • Some code changes for resetting a training when going back to the Main Menu.
  • Sound effect now plays when you spawn or despawn a Training Partner.
  • You only need to hold your primary fire for 0.5s to select a button (spawning training partner, select a training etc.), instead of the current 1s.
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