😇 Mercy Training Chamber (Hero Trainer)


3-in-1 Trainer for Mercy

Practise using some of Mercy's kit and get better at her. In this Hero Trainer, you will learn to fight back against enemies as a Battle Mercy, avoid some of the dangerous abilities using your Guardian Angel, and learn some of the techs with Guardian Angel like Superjump. All in 1 facility, the Mercy Training Chamber.

Select a training/training partner by holding Primary Fire for 0.5 second.


Battle Mercy Training

Most of the time you're healing or damage boosting someone, but when faced against enemies trying to take you down, you might need to fight back! In this training, you will use your weapon to fight off enemies.

Practise your aim against 18 different heroes of different mobility levels.
From the very immobile Ana, through the elusive Tracer, to the high-flying Pharah.

Aim Training Modifiers

There are 5 settings you can change throughout the aim training session to customise your training experience.

Settings Description
More HP Training Partners will have more HP, ideal for longer session
Enemy Mercy Pocket Training partners have a Mercy constantly healing or damage boosting them.
Spawn Allies Spawn 3 heroes on your team so you can use Guardian Angel to fly around.
Invincible Makes you unable to die.
Infinite Ammo Your ammo will automatically be refilled when it's running out.

Custom Aim Training Settings

There are 2 variables where you can change before starting the training to customise your training experience. These only affect Aim Training mode.

Settings Description
Allow Multiple Bots Spawning Whether multiple bots can spawn, up to 6 maximum
Bot's Aiming Accuracy Controls how accurate the bot's aim are. Lower value means more accurate

Guardian Angel Reaction/Dodging

Guardian Angel is your only movement ability. Use it to react and escape against crucial abilities.
Practise your reaction against 20 different heroes with the various crucial abilities and ultimates.
Practise reacting to abilities like hook and EMP, or dodge ultimates like barrage and dragonblade.

Superjump Techs

What's a Mercy trainer without Superjump techs? Given a Zenyatta, you can make it move or remain stationary, you can make it dead or alive. All for you to practise techs like Superjump, Superjump Resurrect, and Backwarda GA!

Automatic demo of these tech (mainly Superjump and Superjump Rez) will come in a future update

Additional Info

  • Selecting enemies and training, as well as the Back button requires you to hold down Primary Fire for 0.5s. So you don't accidentally change enemies or menu when using Primary Fire.
  • This training is meant for only 1 player. Does not support more than 1 real player playing at the same time.
  • You can hide UI (top right of the panel) during your training. Doing so will hide all he buttons except Hide UI and Back buttons. Hiding UI also lock the hidden buttons from being interacted.
  • You can also go back to Main Menu by pressing [Interact] for 2 seconds.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to DaenerysMVP for the collaboration of this project, especially with the Superjump techs.


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