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Maps -

Easter Egg

  • Havana: Code XRGBM.


  • Rialto (Beginner): Code TZR6D.

  • King's Row (Beginner): Code E1TBB.

  • Paris (Advanced): Code BR55B.

  • Havana (Expert): Code SROT1.

  • King's Row Winter (Expert): Coming soon!


  • Chamber: Code RM68B.
  • Island: Coming soon!
  • Malevento: Coming soon!
  • Kanezaka: Coming soon!


  • Antartic Peninsula: Coming soon!

Round Records!

Easter Egg:

  • Solo: 54:35 by Achernar on Round 18.
  • Duo: 84:19 by Biolight & Damasen on Round 29.
  • 3-4 Player: 85:40 by Duffdog, Suspence, Milker, & Marashen on Round 41.
  • 5-6 Player: 109:15 by ArvideoRetro, Insline, Greed, Malikrr13, xaquisxte42, & Deimos on Round 41.


  • Solo: Round 122 by Chicken.
  • Duo: Round 115 by VXC & Truth.
  • 3-4 Player: Round 98 by lilbeansoup, largepapigordo, & yungcough.
  • 5-6 Player: Round 84 by JZCodyBoy, Minglet, FriendlyAna, Conrex, Allzy, & Darkside.

King's Row:

  • Solo: Round 90 by Lootersrus.
  • Duo: Round 55 by Crazycarter & Marashen.
  • 3-4 Player: Round 90 by Lootersrus, IronRanked, and Anomaly.
  • 5-6 Player: Round 63 by DN2Ownzz, HappyFeet, InTheDark, ViewTime4U, Rust, & Lost.


  • Solo: Round 100 by DQWOD.
  • Duo: Round 93 by Zalo & MrBanana.
  • 3-4 Player: Round 90 by Jasonkimmy, Swambo, & Dillie.
  • 5-6 Player: Round 34 by Ekcoi, Deathblock, PeriodColds123, Tsuvu, Phobos, & NightShadow.

King's Row Winter:

  • Coming soon!


  • Solo:Round 105 by Wiseguy.
  • Duo: Round 120 by Wiseguy & BadPosture.
  • 3-4 Player: Round 95 by FPS, MysteriousBN, & Ploppy.
  • 5-6 Player: None Verified.


  • Solo:Round 115 by Sniper.
  • Duo: Round 95 by Zalo & MrBanana.
  • 3-4 Player: Round 65 by Suspence, Sandpiper, TheAgent, & Damasen.
  • 5-6 Player: None Set.


A true to form Black Ops 2 like zombies experience in Overwatch. It’s complete with Origins type power, custom weapon names, Pack-A-Punch, as well as damage, ammo, and mystery box rarity rates. Classic Perks are all included, with unique Pack effects on certain weapons. Many different enemy types with typical exponential round progression. It is optimized for four players but can handle 6 with some crash prevention intervention. Please let me know any bugs, balance changes, or ideas I should fix or implement! Four maps are currently available to play!

Elemental Bow Charge shots on advanced and expert maps currently disabled.

Perk, Pack, Box, & Bow Information:

Quick Revive: 1500 Points. 2000 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Adds recoverable shields to the player.
  • Increases revive time.
  • Increases health regen rates.
  • Each Tier further increases health regen rates and adds additional shield health pools.

Electric Cherry: 1500 Points. 1500 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Sets all enemies in a radius asleep upon reloading and deals slight damage.
  • Damage ramps up with each Tier.
  • Tier 3 adds hack effect.
  • Tier 4 adds heal effect.
  • Tier 5 adds knockback effect. All Effects stack.

Deadshot: 1500 Points. 3000 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Automatically snaps crosshairs to the head if previous shot was not a headshot. Hold Ability 1 to toggle aim assist on & off.
  • Doubles points gained from headshot kills.
  • Tier 2 regens health every headshot.
  • Tier 3 adds bonus points for consistent headshots.
  • Tier 4 doubles damage done with headshots.
  • Tier 5 disables movements for all enemies within a radius. All bonuses stack.

Elemental Pop: 4000 Points. 5000 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Small chance to trigger an elemental effect each bullet.
  • Ice (blue ring) freezes all enemies in a small radius.
  • Fire (red ring) burns all enemies in a small radius.
  • Wind (yellow ring) knocks down and launches enemies back.
  • Lightning (purple ring) stuns all enemies in a small radius.
  • Earth (green ring) roots all enemies in place and deals massive damage.
  • Chance percentage increases with each Tier.

DoubleTap: 2000 Points. 10000 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Increases damage output by 250%
  • Increases healing output by 500%.
  • Doubles points gained per damage instance.
  • Doubles Ammo Cost per shot.
  • Increases projectile speed.
  • Effects doubled with each Tier.

Juggernog: 2500 Points. 5000 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Adds 50% more health
  • Adds recoverable armor.
  • Reduces knockback.
  • Effects increased with each Tier.

SpeedCola: 3000 Points. 500 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Decreases reload time.
  • Decreases ability cooldown timers. Currently only available on Paris Map.
  • Decreases ultimate cost.
  • Increases weapon switch speed.
  • Increases the rate at which the Mystery Box cycles.
  • Effects amplified with each Tier.

Widows Wine: 4000 Points. 8000 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Stuns and damages all enemies when hit and have charges remaining.
  • Reduces damage received.
  • Effects and max charges increased with each Tier.

Stamina-Up: 2000 Points. 2500 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Increases Sprint duration & recovery.
  • Increases base movement speed.
  • Effects doubled each Tier.

PHD Flopper: 1500 Points. 500 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Reduces player gravity.
  • Adds powerful slam ability. Slam is activated by being in the air and holding crouch.
  • Adds self damage immunity.
  • Slam cooldown reduced each Tier.

Ghostly Gin: 3000 Points. 2500 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Disables movement collison with enemies.
  • Adds a wraith form that triggers when critical.
  • While wraithing players are invincible and can walk through walls.
  • Duration increases and cooldown decreases each Tier.

Mule Kick: 4000 Points. 12000 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Increases allowed weapon slots to 3.
  • Each Tier increases allowed weapon slots by 1.
  • Tier 3 grants a random Pack-A-Punch'd weapon.
  • Tier 4 grants a random Pack-A-Punch'd weapon with a RePack Level of 1.
  • Tier 5 grants a random Pack-A-Punch'd weapon with a RePack Level of 4.

Scavengers Scotch: 3000 Points. 2000 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Allows Player to see enemies through walls.
  • Creates a HUD that shows the health of players current target (last enemy damaged by the player).
  • Random chance to collect bonus Ammo & Points upon eliminations.
  • Each Tier increases ammo/points rewarded.

Tombstone: 2000 Points. 2000 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Auto respawns players if they bleed out after a short duration.
  • Players are invincible for a short time after respawning.
  • Bonus points are given after respawning.
  • Immune to blood debt.
  • Increases health recovery cap.
  • Effects increased with each Tier.

Vampiric Voss: 4000 Points. 4000 Points x Tier Level per Upgrade.

  • Heals players a percentage of damage for every damage instance.
  • Heals players an increased percentage amount for every damage instance leading to a kill.
  • Blood Rage passive ability that triggers when health falls below 25%.
  • Tier Level increases Blood Rage duration and heal percentage rates.

Pack-A-Punch: 5000 Points.

  • Signifantly increases damage output.
  • Increases clip size and ammo stock.
  • Unlocks all abilities.
  • Unlocks/Amplifies unique weapon effects.

RePack: 2000 Points x RePack Level.

  • Grants a personal Max Ammo.
  • Further increases damage output.
  • Further increases clip size and ammo stock.
  • Amplifies unique weapon effects.

Mystery Box: 950 Points.

  • The Mystery box has a wide range of rarity rates.
  • Every hero except for Hanzo can be found in the box. Hanzo is in the mystery box on Beginner maps.
  • Hitting the box will give you an option on your screen shortly after to accept the weapon. You can accept the weapon within a generous distance of the box.

Galvaknuckles: 6000 Points.

  • Enables Melee at all times.
  • Melee does extra damage.
  • Melee will stun base Enemy types.

Purchase Perk Slot: 11500 Points.

  • Gives the player an extra Perk Slot if desired.

Lightning Bow:

  • Stuns enemies.
  • Stun effect arcs to enemies who pass within a small radius of the enemy being stunned.

Ice Bow:

  • Freezes enemies.
  • Slows down enemies around target.
  • Damages enemies who thaw out after being Frozen.
  • Slowed and Frozen enemies receive increased damage.

Wind Bow:

  • Deals massive splash damage.
  • Knocks down enemies in a large radius.
  • Launches enemies away.

Fire Bow:

  • Explodes on target.
  • Deals burn damage over time to surviving enemies.
  • Creates a large explosion when eliminating burning enemies.

Shadow Bow:

  • Opens up to 3 Portals that sucks enemies in and deals damage over time.
  • If all 3 portals can see each other, opens a 4th portal in the center that deals massive damage.

Venom Bow:

  • Poison's Enemies.
  • Poisoned enemies take damage over time and explode on death, spreading poison effect to enemies within a medium radius.
  • Each enemy poisoned fills up the players Venom.
  • When Venom is maxed 4 snakes are released that latch onto, stun, and damage the 4 closest enemies.
  • Snakes continue to latch onto enemies until Venom is depleted.

Sonic Arrow is a healing ability for bows. It will heal you as well as any ally you aim at.

Weapon Stats:

Controls & Mechanics:

Purchase: Stand still and Press Interact. Points are in top left of screen. Wall buys for ammo are listed on locations. Pack a Punched wall weapons cost 4500 points for ammo. Perk slots are limited to 4 unless extra are gained/bought. Specific button per platform/player top right of screen.

Sprint: Move and Hold Interact. You can see remaining sprint stamina under player points as well as required button.

Switch Weapons/Heroes: Press Ultimate. Your stored weapon is listed on your left screen HUD. If you have an ultimate ready use the ult and press ultimate again about 3 seconds after to switch.

Teleport: Jump through Purple Portals to teleport!

Revive: Hold Crouch on a downed player. Don’t move or shoot or the revive process will be canceled!

Melee: Melee is disabled whilst ammo is available to a player. It is reenabled when ammo runs out.

Points: Points are given out as follows; dealing damage to base Zombie types gives 10 points per instance of damage. Healing a teammate also gives 10 points per instance. Getting a Final Blow on an enemy will grant 60 Points, 110 for a Headshot. Completing a Purge or eliminating a Special Enemy grants 200/500 points to all players. Nukes will give 400, while finding a Part grants 1000.

Health Regen & Downs: Health regenerates rapidly and automatically after not taking damage for an extended duration. Everytime a player takes damage the Regen process is stopped. If health falls below 10% of max health and stays below this threshold for a few seconds, the player will go down. If players aren’t revived within 45 seconds they will bleed out and have to wait 60 seconds before respawning. Going Down will subtract 15% of current points. Currently all perks, weapons, pack status, and repack levels remain regardless of being downed or bleeding out.

Blood Debt: When a player bleeds out, a large amount of points are subtracted from all living players. This amount increases with each Round.

Purges: Purging an area turns on the power for the teleporters in the vicinity and unlocks new areas. Pack-A-Punch requires all 6 areas to be purged before using (Except for beginner maps). Purchases for the player who initiated the Purge Sequence are disabled while it is active.

Lockdown Rounds: Every 8-12 Rounds depending on map, players are teleported to the starting room & are unable to leave until the Round is completed.

Crash Prevention: If the server load is maxed for to long Crash Prevention will trigger. You will notice a slight slow motion effect and a dummy bot will be deleted.


  • None as of this patch.

Known Bugs:

  • None as of this patch.
Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Survival, PvE
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 31 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.8


Stand Still + Interact
Move + Interact
Switch Weapons
Hold + Crouch
Hold + Reload
Release Charged Shot
Teleport (Purple Portals only)
Stand Still +
Move +
Switch Weapons
Hold +
Hold +
Release Charged Shot
Teleport (Purple Portals only)
Stand Still +
Move +
Switch Weapons
Hold +
Hold +
Release Charged Shot
Teleport (Purple Portals only)
Stand Still +
Move +
Switch Weapons
Hold +
Hold +
Release Charged Shot
Teleport (Purple Portals only)
Stand Still +
Move +
Switch Weapons
Hold +
Hold +
Release Charged Shot
Teleport (Purple Portals only)

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