This is classic Bejeweled game and now you can play it while waiting in DPS queue. The goal of the game is to clear gems of the same color by matching them in the lines of 3.


Move cursor with your mouse or your gamepad stick. Press "Shoot" button to select gem. "Reload" button - new game fields (costs some points and time if in Timetrial mode)

Win Condition

By default game has 5 levels, on each level you need to earn more and more points. After finishing level 5 you will win

  • Timetrial - in Timetrial mode you also have limited time
  • Endless - in Endless mode win condition is disabled and you can play as long as you want

Known Issues

  • Sometimes gem can disappear from the game field. In that case you can just move this gem and it will cause gem to reappear
  • At the beginning of the game you may feel that cursor moves only up and down. In fact cursor is "sticked" to the border so you should move your mouse or gamepad stick some more to make it unstuck


This game mode has some options to tweak for best experience. To access settings menu from Game Lobby press "Settings" and then big orange button labeled "Workshop Settings"

  • Grid Dimensions - you can adjust grid size, with min size of 3x3 and max size of 10x10 (default: 8x8)
  • Endless - when this options is On win condition will be disabled and you can play as long as you want (Default: Off)
  • Gems Fall - when this options is On new gems will fall from the top (as in the original Bejeweled). When Off new gems will appear in the place of removed ones (Default: On)
  • Timetrail - when On you will have limited time on each level. You will receive bonus time each time you match gems (Default: Off)
  • Colors - you can simply increase amount of gem colors by turning on some additional colors or you can pick colors, which suits best for you.
  • Color Names At Top - when this options is On you will see name of the color you're currently hovering at the top of the screen (Default: Off)
  • "Use movement keys for cursor control" - when this option is on you can control cursor with movement keys on your keyboard or with a second stick of your controller (Default: Off)
Categories: Solo, Minigames
Tags: bejeweled
Heroes: Zenyatta
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Current version: 1.1.2

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