Humans vs Zombies (Mokby's edition)


If you've ever scrolled through the custom game browser, chances are you've seen the Zombies vs humans gamemode by Whiteduck. I also have, and I really liked that mode, there was just something very fun about one-tapping other players on McCree while they could only melee me. But that's where there was also a problem for me: playing as a zombie just wasn't very fun. Wich is why I made this mode. Even though the humans also got a lot of new tech, mutated zombies in this mode can be very dangerous and can do a lot on their own when played well.

Now, I wouldn't be suprised if you, the reader, are a bit confused as to what new tech for the humans I am referring to, or what mutated zombies are, or what is even going on at all. So let me explain: The goal of the game is for the humans to reach 60 kills within 20 minutes, while the zombies must try to infect all the survivors before the humans reach their goal. When the 20 minutes are over, the zombies will also win, but this will practicly never happen I don't think. At the start of each match, each player is given 15 seconds to position themselves, and after these 15 seconds are over, a certain amount on players (based on how many there are at the moment) will be instantly converted into a zombie.

So that's the basics of the game, now let me explain some of the new mechanics I've adden: All the humans will be affected by damage falloff (except for widowmaker). This damage falloff will half any damage the humans deal to zombies that are 17.5 meters away from them. However, the humans have received another new mechanic to help them combat close range targets. These mechanics are stronger melees (all of the humans deal 73 damage per melee) and that whenever you get a final blow using melee you receive a full heal. The zombies also have new mechanics, mainly mutating. Whenever you die as a zombie, the chance to mutate grows larger. Whenever you get a final blow, the chance grows smaller again. Also, whenever the humans get close to winning the game, a single new mutation unlocks for zombies who have a very high amount of mutation chance, the fearfull mecha-zombie (basically mutations are stronger zombies). Also, all zombies still receive healing when getting a melee kill or when holding crouch (except for the mecha-zombie), and by holding interact (F) while crouching for 1.5 seconds a zombie can create a spawnpoint, wich he will get tp'ed to when he dies, after wich his spawnpoint will reset so he has to make a new one.


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Update Log (20)

Developfull also wants credit for helping with the last update, thanks for meleeing dummy bots non-stop <3 :D.

Bug fix update!

Today I decided to play this old game again after some time. During this playtime I discovered that quite a lot of things were bugged. This is a quick patch to adress some of these issues(I'm sure there are more bugs, but due to my lobby dying I didn't get to test out a lot of heroes thoroughly).

These bugfixes include: Sombra displaying the wrong effects on her sprites, Baptiste's ult sending you flying and freezes not working on Sym and Mei.

Additionally, I've reworked certain abilities that apply on-hit effects (extra damage on melees, Hanzo's shift, Rein's E, etc.) to use the 'Event Ability' condition, wich should make thee effects work always.

Also, some buffs and nerfs here and there. Most notably (AKA the ones I haven't forgot):

Rein: heals for 50% max hp of his victim, down from 60%, when he kills someone.

Rein: speed boost on enemy killed reduced from +30% to +20%.

Rein: Firestrike (E) cd reduced to 4 sec down from 8 sec.

Zen: now has 75 max hp, down from 100 (you get to oneshot Moira's with one melee, they get to do it back now >:) ).

Brig: max hp increased from 100 to 125.

Sym: dmg dealt increased from 100% to 110% (just so she oneshots reapers with one fully-charged secondary fire).

Since I've stopped working on Evolve for some time, I may return to this project, however I might make something completely different. We'll see.

Hi :)


Mei (rework): Mei has received another rework. I made this rework to make her gameplay feel more natural, and to add in clear strategies for the Mei and clear counterplay for the zombies, which weren't really there in her former state. She now fits the role of a cc heavy burst dps/tank, pretty much like in the actualy game itself.

Zenyatta: orbs now deal 40 dmg (from 50 dmg) but he has 100% projectile speed (from 80%). Also, I said on the last revision that I was planning to change Zen's passive, but for now I've decided to keep it. I hope his dmg nerf will balance him out a bit.

Mercy (rework): Mercy was a neglected hero for quite some time, and I've decided to change that. This rework isn't really a rework since none of her old abilites got changed, I've only added new stuff to her kit, aimed at making her gamestyle (a full support hero) more viable.


Mei: ult no longer gets canceled by using her shift.

Zenyatta: ult no longer grants passive movement speed if you would hit a zombie with 2 passive stacks.

Mercy: ressurect now works actually ressurects humans, ult tp should always tp you to a human, and not into the void.

Baptiste: ult no longer sends you flying.

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