Base Defense (An Overwatch Tower Defense)


This game is in BETA, and bugs may still be encountered, and features may change. If you have comments or concerns about balance, let me know, it's still ongoing. Changelogs posted to my Discord server.


A unique and true tower defense mode made in Overwatch, where you (and up to 2 other players; 3 total) can purchase and upgrade towers. The ultimate goal is the defend the base, if the base goes to 0 health, you lose.

Featuring over 24 different maps to strategize and play on (including their seasonal variants). This mode supports the Workshop Maps with randomized paths; not enabled by default.

This game scales based on how many players are in the game.

  • 1 Player: You can place 5 towers, and earn 100% gold.
  • 2 Players: You can place 4 towers, and earn 148% total gold, divided amongst both players.
  • 3 Players: You can place 4 towers, and earn 164% total gold, divided evenly amongst all.

Towers are significantly more effective than players, as players deal 0 damage with most actions.

Additional Information

The base starts with 600 health, and recovers 20% health per wave and gains 50 health. The base starts with 200 power, which decharges by 3 per wave.

Players can expend gold to upgrade the base which upgrades the base health by 50, and grants 4 power. Every 8 waves completed will increase the effectiveness of this action, however, note that each upgrade increases the cost of future upgrades.

While the base has power it will expend 10 power to attackers inflicting 50% of the attacker's health to any attacker inside of the base. Players can expend 40 power during a wave to restore 5% health, which is useful if you have a good base defense (or high maximum power).

Killing creatures and completing waves award all players gold, gold is used and consumed in any process during intermission, in which is the only phase you can interact with a tower. Towers can be upgraded or naturally upgrade as they kill foes. Towers can also be nudged (based on looking direction, looking up will move them further), and towers can be destroyed which refunds 1/5 of the base price (increasing per level).

Towers gain 10% damage per level up to 5000%, at which they begin to scale externally which is identified with "true damage multiplier".

Do Note: Player characters do not deal damage (minus Wrecking Ball), and all heroes now have some form of extra utility. You are encouraged and intended to build towers in effective locations that can defeat all of the foes before they destroy your base.

You will encounter boss waves on 10, 20, 30, and 50. After level 50, the waves are randomly generated and scale exponentially, there is not a current way to win, just try to defeat as many waves as you please.

Good luck, and have fun!

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you have to add some melee towers


Wave 10 Boss cannot fit into the small spaces on most maps


After 8th waves, we can't place turrets...

Scourge#11437 creator

Did you ensure you didn't hit the tower limit? You can only have 5 towers (1 player) or 4 towers (2-3 players). You can always deconstruct a tower to be able to construct another.


im not the person you responded to, but i had 5 towers then sold one to build another. i lost my money without getting a tower. not sure at what round that was.
played another round, tried to build again, lost all money again for no tower. some rounds later i sold another tower just to see what happens, and tried to build a new one. now i have 3 towers, no money, and cant build more towers :P
(from time to time i see 7 enemies, might have something to do with it. would have checked the inspector if i can figure something out there but its disabled)

Scourge#11437 creator *

Do you by chance get to see any form of error message when this occurs?

Since the shop refuses to open if the basic criteria are not met, one of them being the price of a Soldier 76 tower.


i could open the shop just fine, and i dont remember seeing any error message. im trying another game right now on the same map (busan) but this time its working just fine.
i feel like it might have something to do with the distance and number of enemies spawned. right now im playing much closer to the enemy spawn, because the rounds were so slow yesterday when i built close to my own spawn. yesterday i was sometimes seeing 7 enemies when i press tab and now i see maybe 3 at the time. it shouldnt even be possible to see 7 enemies if 5 slots are assigned to towers and one to the player.
another thing i can mention is that the echo tower can duplicate tracer and start blinking around and make a mess out of your other towers by knocking them around from getting to close :P
Anyway, thanks for a fun mode! i always liked tower defense

Scourge#11437 creator

That's a funny quark, I'll make sure to make note that Echo shouldn't duplicate enemy abilities.

I did apply a patch to block out construction of a tower if you didn't move your mouse. I assume that's probably what caused it prior.


Why do towers jump around?


They jump out of place a lot into the base sometimes and die:(


Oh they cant be near other towers forgot

Scourge#11437 creator

Yeah, towers will collide with nearby towers (it's a distance of 5m).
They also collide with creatures a very similar distance.

The bouncing is just to prevent exploitative behavior. :)


How do you instantly start the round without just waiting for the intermission to end? Btw epik game very cool


Crouch i couldnt figure it out lol till i pressed crouch

Scourge#11437 creator

You can also use the "Acknowledge" or "Ready" voicelines, if you have them bound. It will skip out on the hold Crouch timer.

Update Log


[Changes - 09/16/20 - In Development]

  • Creatures now scale in size based on the wave.
  • Boss creatures are always at the maximum size.
  • Towers now scale in size as they gain damage.
  • The base selling price of towers has been increased from 0.2 to 0.5 the base price.
  • Fixed an issue where you could buy a tower (Soldier: 76), when the shop instructs you to "Look up or down to purchase".
  • If no players are in the game, intermission will now be skipped.
  • The base cannot be healed (repaired) during a wave if it already has full health.
  • Mei and Wrecking Ball towers do not collide with creatures once again.
  • Fixed some bugs with readying.

The mode is now on Workshop Codes. Hello world.

  • Added a description for information on the mode.
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