Teabag Battle Arena

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Teabag battle arena.


Sleep or Stun your enemies and let your team teabag them!
Beware of them though! they could kill you and reset your score!

Basically it's divided in Team asleep (full of Anas) and Team stun (featuring sigma, mccree and brigitte). Do you remember when they said to you "don't be so toxic!"? Well, here you can be as toxic as you wish. Every team to win has to stun or sleep an enemy target, when you do that all of the team will be prompted with the text "Let the Teabag begin". From there start pressing ctrl compulsively to gain Teabag points (shown in the game HUD on top). When you are in the "Teabag mode" though the enemy can kill you taking 60 points from your team balance. After the match time elapses the team that is more toxic wins... err i meant the team that has teabagged most wins! Hope you guys enjoy!

-Akatsune Blackhood



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