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Tiny Team Overwatch! redefined by Instabuy

In Tiny Team Overwatch 3.0 you can experience this whole genre in a complete new way!

So basically, if you did not heard from Tiny Overwatch in general, thats fine. The classic Version is typically a 1 vs all or 6 vs 6 Game were you get random heroes and 0 cooldowns. Some people vary this with more HP or more Damage. Instant ultimates and so on. Basically is the mode designed to be a fun way to bridge the queue waiting time.

What is meant with redesigned?

In this completely Overhauled mode is diffrent but also familiar to the classic version. It includes completely new and interesting features:

Spawn's | Bases

In TO3.0 (Tiny Overwatch 3.0) you get Spawns, bases in which you can get heal & a kind of CC immunity. You can die in there yes, but if u enter the base u r unkillable (HP stopps at 1 remaining health) for 3 seconds. So Spawnkilling isn't that much of an option. Also beware to dive! Diving will (depending on max HP) Kill you in 3 ticks (1 tick every 0.5 seconds).


Well yes! Map --> S <--! There are 4 Maps which rotate after a restart. Kings Row, Temple of Anubis, Eichenwalde & Rialto. Make sure to leave feedback! Because some maps are bigger, some are smaller & some have campingsides (I tried to avoid those, but yeah I guess there will be people who find a way.)


Yes you heard it right! You can use the shop to get effective Upgrades! Here a list of things you can buy in there for the ingame currency Tiny Points!

  • Multiplier: Increase your Income with this fancy upgarde (buyable 5 times)
  • Damage Heals: Increase sustaine while healing urself for the damage you dealt
  • Add OP Heroes: Some heroes are stronger than others (with upgrades) Unlocks: D.Va, Moira, Zarya
  • Zero Cooldowns: Well this one is self explaining
  • Broken Supports: All Support categorised heroes grant themselfes and the healed person Ultimate Charge Over some time, also the healing output is set to 350%
  • Extra Life: When dieing instantly respawn as the same hero u had before (rebuyable=
  • No Negatives: Removes ALL Negative effects

When not buying the No Negatives Upgrade some Ugrades have a negative side effect:

  • Damage Heals: Receive much more damage
  • OP Heroes: Removes your ingame HUD (yes HP, Ammo, Ult & Cooldowns simply everything)
  • Zero Cooldowns: Deal 50% less damage

Currency & Kills

When killing someone (elimination not final blow) you are granted with a Tiny Point. Which is used in the shop. In this Season you are granted with a Ultimate reset! Killing an enemy will also grant you an instant ultimate.

ESLR [Emergency Server Load Recovery]

This is a HOST ONLY-System! Which can be used if the server load is to high. You can simply close the shop, refresh all Text & Effect Elements & even tone down the server to a classic Tiny Overwatch with Spawn bases (revoked Upgrades, deleted shop, etc). In order to use this! Make sure to READ the ingame text, cause this is a quite heavy feature =)! You can enable this in the settings. In the classical code version you can find here, you need to enable it first (please note after the host left the game, a random person will be selected as new host. This can affect players negatively & has troll potential, so therefore it is disabled in forehand).

What's next?

Well, currently Iam working on a new Season, this mode is tested on the Europe servers so if you want to check in and have a little fun, make sure to check for me (Instabuy). Playtest are at random times so make sure to check periodically :D.

Thank you as always for reading!

Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes: Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, Winston, and 23 more...
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Current version: 3.0

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