The Crusaders PVE

Fight against the omnics in this gamemode that is based off of the Honor and Glory cinematic. This is another one of my original gamemodes that I have made, I am not giving up on any of my other game modes. Any additions to the gamemode that you may want added, feel free to ask! (you can also ask for Challenge Missions!)

How it works

The game ramps up in difficulty as more omnics get added to the roster.
The current roster is:

  • Tank Bastions - 300 HP
  • Sentry Bastions - 300 HP
  • Orisas - 450 HP
  • Mega Tank Bastions - 1000 HP

The objective is to defend the point for as long as possible whilst also defending the payload as the bots escort it. You can also get into some hairy situations along the way. You get defeated when the payload reaches the end and you cannot heal in spawn. You play as Reinhardt with his other Crusader friends, soldiers will not be added so don't ask! You can also play with 6 people if you like, but no more than 6. There are modifyable settings in the Workshop Settings which can be tweaked to your liking.

Once the timer runs out, the game doesn't give you a victory, you have to wipe out the final wave of omnics first.

ItsDeltin's OSTW:

Thank you to everyone who helped me test!

Fun Facts!

  • The game mode was originally going to be called "Omnic Crisis"
  • The original roster consisted of Reinhardt, Reaper, Soldier: 76, and Ana.
  • Omnics wouldn't usually go towards the payload, they would fight you.
  • The game was originally going to be a singleplayer campaign with soldiers beside you and following you.
  • The game was originally going to use my own pathfinding but resorted to ItsDeltins.
  • This is my second original workshop mode from Junkenstein: The Hidden Truth.
Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Boss Mode, Protect, PvE
Heroes: Reinhardt
Maps: Eichenwalde
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 4



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