Partner Puzzles (Gibraltar)

There is a current bug in Overwatch 2's workshop that prevents reading the "Is Communicating" value, making some parts of this gamemode not work. As such, there are no guarantees on whether the puzzles in this edition are solvable!

General Information

The fourth instalment of the Partner Puzzles series has finally arrived! Play with a friend as you solve through 13 challenges designed to put your brain to the test. There's a lot to explore, so go out there and try to find as many secrets as you can!


Do not host this mode publically as players leaving or joining midmatch is not supported and will cause problems.


There are a couple settings available for players to give them a better experience. They are as follows:

Display Controls

  • Displays control HUD for players (in case you miss the messages)

Loading Throttle Percentage

  • Discerns how much percent the server will be throttled by during loading periods
  • The higher this value is, the shorter loading is but the stability of the server is worsened

Display Score Breakdown

  • Renders the score breakdown HUD next to the total score
  • This option is available for players who might not care or sees it as screen clutter

Orb Hunt Mode

  • When enabled, the players can not interact with the exit until after they have found that challenge's mystery orb


  • There are a few options available for recovery, allowing players to return to a previous challenge with the orbs they acquired beforehand. Additionally, you can restart on the EX and the new UX challenge

Known Issues

  • Rarely, challenge 9 freaks out
  • Players can warp to each other during the ending sequence
  • Players can trade positions with the dummy bot during the ending sequence
  • The dummy bot spawns in the wrong position in challenge 6, causing the camera to focus on the wrong spot
  • In orb hunt mode, there is no indication as to why the exit isn't doing anything
  • In orb hunt mode, certain elements will trigger regardless of whether the orb has been collected for the challenge
  • Forcing the EX or UX challenge results in the camera being in the wrong position during the credits
  • Sometimes players can enter a hybrid state, where they are holding someone but are actually not. This is fixed by pressing crouch again
  • There is a forced cooldown on requesting a throw
  • On challenge 9, the dummy bot will almost always deny trade requests
Players | 2 - 2
Categories: Minigames
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.3

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