The Hunt, Hard Boss Fights


This mode is still in late Beta, and is expecting to see more changes.


The Hunt is a multi-boss fight mode inspired by the popular Boss Hunt. This mode is different in many ways, but mainly in terms of difficulty and functionality.

This mode includes 20 bosses (and expanding), all with unique mechanics that can be overcome. Before players can tackle a new boss, they will encounter a small pack of monsters (functionally trash packs).

Defeat bosses, earn crystals, and purchase upgrades. Manage your threat, and progress towards the end!

Additional Information

This mode is more focused on long-term progression; many upgrades scale in ludicrous expenses. Do not expect to be able to max out your upgrades, and for them to make much of an impact in the long term. This mode is a 5v7, with 7 players supported, the difficulty of the mode will automatically adjust according the amount of players, and supports the Workshop Maps.

This mode features a threat system that determines what the enemies see as a deadly opponent. They tend to hate tanks and healers the most.

Workshop Expanse, is an easy map, with a custom scaling arena, based on the health percentage of the boss. This arena increases maximum size with each boss.
Workshop Chamber, is a medium map, due to its enclosed boundaries and walls that inevitably can be pinned.
Workshop Island, is the hardest map, due to the lack of boundaries, which inevitably lead to many many deaths. Do not take this map lightly.

After defeating the 3th boss, you can expect to progress with Imbues or your one time upgrade. (They do NOT cost anything, but cannot be changed.)

Hacking: Attacks have a chance to hack the target. /// Heals have a chance to make the target unkillable.
Burning: Attacks and heals have a chance to apply the amount applied over 3 seconds.
Freezing: Attacks have a chance to stun the target. /// Heals have a chance to make the target dodge.
Criticals: Attacks and heals have a chance to apply a bonus amount instantly.
After defeating the 9th boss, you can expect to further your Imbue with a 2nd upgrade based on your Imbue.

Players can purchase Resurrect Tokens which let them revive themself, or allies by crouching on their corpse.
As with most actions in this mode, Interact will be used for the majority of custom actions.

Do not treat the damage numbers you see, as vanilla. Numbers in this mode are deflated by comparison, especially if you have multiple players with you.


So long you are within 8m of an enemy you will deal +10-50% bonus damage based on your proximity.
You can fail a boss up to 3 times, before it sends you back a boss to redo. You DO NOT need to reclear trash.
During dialogue you can hold [Jump] to skip it. If 65% or more people want to skip, it will exit the dialogue.
Mercy CAN Resurrect dead allies, but the cooldown is MUCH longer.
Tanks generate significantly more threat than all other roles, but healers will generally generate more than a DPS.
If you are above 500% threat, you will take 1% more damage for every 5% threat above.
Bosses cannot be environmentally killed.
If you take longer than 15 minutes to kill a boss, they will enrage, dealing 333% damage.
If your 2nd Imbue says it's manual, you can press Interact during a battle to activate it. The manual upgrades have 1 minute cooldowns.


Although this mode does not feature many customizations, hosts can modify the threat multiplier of each role. Hosts can also modify the dialogue settings; skip percent and talk timer respectively. Hosts can also turn on/off damage indicators, which also show healing indicators. Furthermore, hosts can choose between part 1 and 2, and customize the amount of wipes allowed per boss.

Part 1 starts you off on Boss #1, with no bonus crystals.
Part 2 starts you off on Boss #11, with some bonus crystals. This setting is intended for the event that the game closes because it reached the maximum server life of 6 hours. (Or otherwise unfortold server crashes.)

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Update Log (2)

[Changes - 09/15/20 - Hotfix]

  • Fixed an issue with boss #20 not properly cycling the order.
  • Decreased the starting armor from 5% to 4%, just so the number is even.
  • Enemies now vary in size based on their maximum health. (Effect is reduced on Workshop Island.)
  • Amount of starting crystals has been increased.

The mode is now publicly available on Workshop Codes. Previous changelog information available on my Discord.

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