Calculated Chaos Deathmatch!

Calculated Chaos Deathmatch!

Short Desctiption:

Almost unpredictable and fun game with a lot of events!
Deal damage to change hero (every 1000).
Press 'Interact' to slow down time for a bit (cooldown 45 sec).
Press 'Crouch + Interact' to forcefully change hero every 2000 damage."

Long Description:

Deathmatch where every 10-50 sec:

  • 2 random players swap position;
  • random player becomes random hero;
  • random player becomes invisible for 5 se;
  • apply random impulses to random player;
  • all players emote;
  • gravity changes;
  • random player get 500% speed for 5 sec;
  • access to slow mo button;
  • size of players changes;
  • appear bots with ultimates or abilities (17 different types - d.va's, roadhogs, reapers, ana's, rein's etc);

Only two maps working as intended - Workshop Island (day/night) and Workshop Chamber.
You can play on other maps but bots will be spawned... not where supposed to be. Just turn off rule "Dummies" for other maps I guess.

It pretty balanced and seems fair due to unpredictable events.
With more than 4 players, bot events will be cutted a little but works fine.

Initially mod was created for playing with my friends but who knows - maybe someone like it too.

Have fun! :3

Categories: Free for all, Elimination
Heroes: All
Maps: All
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.4



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