Overworked - Overwatch New Hero Abilities


Welcome to Overworked!
Overworked is a hero rework gamemode where everyone has a new set of abilities that greatly modify and vary the skill ceiling and hero feel, whilst still fun to play at the same time!
Some heroes will even have role changes, and is done at best to make sure the game is balanced and enjoyable.

  • Creator: LemonAid#11644

Special thanks to:
→ Sethh
→ HeyCrayJay
→ Darkflame
→ MidnightKira
→ SayWhatNow
→ Spice
→ Clarity
→ Mortis
→ Acostart
→ jprosk
→ Dude

When starting a game, a custom 2-2-2 Role Lock will be applied to everybody. Hold the corresponding button for 1sec to select Tank, Damage or Support. To swap roles, hold Crouch in the spawn room for 3sec to bring you back to the role selection screen. This will not apply when Waiting For Players or Skirmishing.

Note! This gamemode is still in its beta phase! Not everybody is added yet, and there are definitely bugs that exist!
Join our Discord server to report bugs, problems, and stay up-to-date with the most recent changes!

Discord invite link: [https://bit.ly/fruitbowldiscord]

• Your hero changes are shown in the top left of your screen, and press Crouch + Reload to toggle the info HUD on/off.
• You are able to open a debug panel by pressing Crouch + Melee. This solely for testing purposes, and has no effect in-game.
• More are yet to come!

Tank Heroes


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Panic Button Interact Hold to manually destroy the mech and get launched high into the air.
Overheat Hold Crouch Hold to build up heat resource and combust shortly after, dealing up to 125 damage to nearby enemies.
Impact Converter Ability 2 Micro Missiles regenerate health and Defense Matrix resource every time they land.
Big Shot (Pilot Only) Secondary Fire a powerful charge that explodes on impact, knocking back both enemies and D.Va


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Cryo-Shields Passive Mei's shields will increase as she deals damage against frozen enemies.
Endothermic Blaster Primary Weapon will no longer freeze enemies, but will instead heavily slow them. Overall damage is reduced significantly.
Glacial Grenade Interact Mei launches an ice bomb forward that explodes shortly after impact, instantly freezing enemies in a medium area
Cold Snap Ability 1 Upon exiting Cryo-Freeze, Mei chills and slows enemies in a close proximity for a short period of time. If enemies are already frozen, Mei instead thaws them and deals large damage to them.
Ice Wall Ability 2 Wall is larger in size and can be deployed more often, but is weaker in health.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Gallop Passive Run 25% faster when not in Line Of Sight of any enemies.
Detainer Interact Orisa deploys a proximity mine that creates a sonic cage once triggered. Enemies inside the cage can shoot through, but cannot move through the walls.
Overdriver Primary Fusion Driver is more powerful but has an overheat system.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Guardzone Interact Reinhardt deploys a banner that marks a large Guardzone. Allies inside gain 50% less knockback and receive 20% less damage. Every time Reinhardt strikes his hammer, allies in the Guardzone heal the same amount.
Defensive Stance Secondary Teammates behind Reinhardt's shield will slowly regenerate health, and gain 20% more healing from all sources.
Crusade Ability 1 Reinhardt needs to ramp up speed for a short duration before charging at high acceleration. Press Crouch to cancel Charge, and Left Click/Right Click to accelerate left/right.
Fire Blast Ability 2 Fire Strike explodes as it strikes an enemy, igniting other nearby enemies on fire.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Gluttony Passive Roadhog takes 25% less damage when below 40% health.
Juggernaut Interact Roadhog clears all stuns, freeze or sleep status and heavily intoxicates nearby enemies.
Hog Wild Ultimate Eliminations during Whole Hog add +20% ultimate charge towards the next.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
What Primary Hyperspheres have a high gravity arc path and will drag enemies down.
Accretion Disk Ability 2 Hold the Accretion button down to scale its damage and projectile speed.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Embers Interact Torbjörn launches 2 fire charges that explodes on impact, burning enemies who get hit.
Iron Curtain Ability 1 Torbjörn activates a special armour converter and turns 50% of received damage into Molten Shield resource.
Molten Shields Ability 2 Activate a unique armour system that, whenever Torbjörn takes damage, the Molten Shields will have to absorb it first.

Wrecking Ball

Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Rolling Out Passive Regenerate health when moving faster than 15m per second. (For reference, that's fireball speed)
Heatwave Passive/Interact Gain Heatwave Resource when taking damage out of Adaptive Shields. Press (Interact) to damage enemies for the amount of Heatwave Resource.
Snooker Jet Melee in Ball Form While in Ball form, instantly launch into the direction you're facing.
Ball 'n Chain Ultimate Wrecking Ball emits a wave that inflicts a chain effect on enemies. Every time Wrecking Ball takes damage, 100% of the received damage is shared to all chained enemies.

Damage Heroes


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Firebourne Passive While burning, Ashe gains unlimited ammo and increased damage and speed. Ashe is immune to her own Dynamite.
Headhunt Secondary Fire Ashe emits a pulse around her that detects enemies through walls for a few seconds.
Viper Jaws Primary No scope and lower ammo; Landing consecutive shots will ramp up in damage. Damage bonus will reset after a short duration of not hitting shots.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Configuration: Tank Passive Bastion is always in his Tank Configuration at reduced damage and size.
Barrel Extension Ability 1 Bastion scopes in with increased long-ranged accuracy but at reduced speed. Scope against very thin walls to see through them.
Energy Clusters Ability 2 Launch an energy core that drops many cluster bombs, dealing large damage with each core explosion.
Configuration: Cancer Ultimate Bastion gains control of both his Sentry and Recon configurations for several seconds with increased damage and armour.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Knuckle Sandwich Melee Quick Melee attacks deal 50% more damage.
Superplay Interact The next ability that successfully hits an enemy is enhanced.
Superplay: Suplex Assault Secondary The next Rocket Punch that successfully lands has reduced damage, but will carry both Doomfist and the target enemy far back. Both players are incapacitated during this ability.
Superplay: Rising Assault Ability 1 The next Rising Uppercut that successfully lands will create a upwards streamline that grants Doomfist even more shields than usual.
Superplay: Tremour Assault Ability 2 The next Seismic Slam that successfully lands will reset cooldowns and slow enemies down.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Drift Jump Echo can double jump with a small speed boost for each jump.
Rolling Thunder Interact Echo summons a thundercloud that constantly strikes bolts of lightning below. Each strike deals damage and reduces enemy movement speed for a short duration.
Spark Tabs Primary Every time Echo damages an enemy with her attack, she tags up to 10 sparks on that enemy. Sparks expire after 5 seconds of not hitting an enemy.
Detonate Secondary Echo detonates all active sparks, damaging all enemies who bear sparks. Damage increases the more sparks that are tagged.
Stormbreak Ultimate Echo slowly levitates up and unleashes a barrage of powerful sticky bombs for a period of time.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Lightning Fast Passive Genji gains a speed boost and reloads his shurikens after using an ability.
Challenge Interact Genji forces another player to lock sights with him for several seconds.
Spirit Strike Ability 1 Initial Swift Strike damage is lowered, but each enemy struck will explode and heal Genji.
Dragon's Breath Ultimate Genji launches powerful energy charges with each swing of his blade, dealing area damage.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Demolitionist Passive Junkrat deals +100% more damage to barriers, objects and deployables.
Grenade Parade Interact Junkrat dashes forth and drops a flurry of Total Mayhem grenades behind his feet.
Short Fused Wires Ability 2 Steel Trap explodes and slows enemies with tar when triggered.
Fueled Tire Ultimate RIP-Tire damage will scale the longer it runs on for.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Golden Bullet Passive The last bullet in McCree's Peacekeeper deals an additional 30% more damage.
Magazines Interact McCree can swap between two different primary fire attacks.
Magazines: Thorned Bullets Primary McCree's bullets will pierce through enemies and barriers.
Magazines: Salvaged Bullets Primary McCree refunds 1 bullet every time he successfully lands it.
Combat Leap Ability 1 Hold the Combat Roll key to gain a large jump boost at the end of the roll.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Soul Orbs Passive Enemies drop soul orbs upon death that Reaper can pick up and heal. The Reaping passive is disabled.
Taunt Interact Reaper taunts in front of him after a short cast period. Taunted enemies take more damage and can only deal damage to Reaper for a period of time.
Float Of Wraith Ability 1 Reaper gains increased mobility and zero gravity during Wraith Form.
Shade Gate Ability 2 Reaper emits a dark pulse at both points of teleportation, damaging and knocking enemies away from him.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Electrocution Passive Symmetra deals 15% more damage against armour.
Photon Pulse Interact Symmetra emits a series of pulses forward that travels through walls, tossing players backwards with each pulse.
Phasing Field Ability 2 Symmetra creates a large field of lightweight energy that allies can levitate through. Press again to deactivate the field early.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Hyperpulse Interact Drop a sonic pulse that shortly explodes, inflicting damage and stuns to enemies in an area. This explosion can harm herself.
Vortex Ability 2 Upon activation, Tracer drags and roots nearby enemies to her position. Holding the ability button while it's active will prevent Tracer from recalling to her previous position.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Felt More Alive Passive Eliminations regenerate 75 health.
Epidemic Interact Launch a toxic charge that infects enemies with a virus, spreading to others if too close. Infected enemies take poison damage and move 20% slower.

Support Heroes


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Airspring Boots Jump Ana has several charges that allows her jump multiple times in the air.
Smokescreen Interact Ana tosses a grenade that creates a smoke screen; allies inside the smoke cannot be seen by enemies.
Sleep Grenade Ability 1 Sleep Dart has a small area of effect instead of single-target.
Nano Bolster Ultimate Nano Boost applies weaker effects to allies around the boosted target. 125 healing; 25% damage and resistance.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Band-Aid Passive Baptiste activates an emergency pack when below 40 health, healing him to full HP and giving a short invincibility grace before going on cooldown.
Springboard Interact Baptiste creates a jump pad at a selected location; allies that use it will be launched upwards and gain a brief speed boost. Press Interact again to destroy the Springboard early
Second Wind Ability 1 Regenerative Burst deals a burst heal and grants a +40% speed boost to all allies in the effective radius.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Spirit Passive Upon death, Brigitte unleashes a final call and heals all nearby allies to full health.
Endeavour Passive When Barrier Shield breaks, Brigitte gains a boost in damage, health and speed for a limited duration.
Chainmail Interact Instantly grant all nearby allies +75 temporary armour.
Grappling Chain Ability 1 Hold 2 charges of Whip Shot; striking an enemy will grapple Brigitte towards them.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Synchronize Passive 150 temporary shields replace Lúcio's health (effective health is 250). Once all of these shields are depleted, if Lúcio avoids damage and using any offensive abilities for 4sec, they instantly regenerate.
Wave Riding Secondary If Lúcio uses Soundwave against a wall while wall riding, he launches himself backwards.
Beatmatching Ability 1 Dealing damage during Speed Boost adds additional healing to Heal Boost. Maximum bonus healing is capped at 300.
Reverse Amp Ability 2 Amp It Up will also inflict the opposite effect of the currently played song to enemies (Speed Boost will slow enemies, Heal Boost will damage them).


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Flourish Interact Mercy fires down a beam of light that doubles ally healing, and halves enemy healing.
Angelic Ascent Ability 1 Gain a flight boost when nearing the end of Guardian Angel. Hold JUMP to abort this action.
Huge Rez Ultimate If Mercy decides to use Resurrect during Valkyrie, she can revive multiple allies at once, but will end Valkyrie if done so.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Vital Sparks Passive Whenever Moira heals with Vital Sparks available, allies will receive a brief invincibility.
Whisp Interact Moira conjures a small cloud of biotic energy that can move through surfaces, healing and damaging players it passes.
Blur Ability 1 Fade boosts Moira forward at high speeds, and allows freeflight.
Tempered Ball Ability 2 Damage orb will charge Vital Sparks as it deals damage. Healing orb will charge Biotic Energy as it heals.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Cheat Cartridge Passive Hacked health packs apply regeneration and a minor speed boost.
Intel Secondary Successfully hacking an enemy will grant an instant 10% ultimate.
Firewall Ability 1 While in stealth, restore health of you and nearby allies.
Warpline Ability 2 Translocator creates 2 nodes that allows Sombra and her allies to almost instantaneously travel between.

More are yet to come! Not everybody is finished at this moment, so there will be bugs and some unbalance. Make sure to join our Discord server if you're enjoying the gamemode!
Discord invite link: [https://bit.ly/fruitbowldiscord]

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Update Log (16)

New Heroes

  • Sigma is now playable as tank!

New Heroes

  • McCree is now playable as a DPS!

Hero Updates


  • New Ability: Pulse Punch - Tracer's next melee attack will deal additional damage and blast a single enemy backwards before it goes on cooldown ○
  • Increased Blink cooldown from 2.5sec to 3sec ↓
  • Increased Recall cooldown from 10sec to 12sec ↓
  • Decreased the maximum damage of Time Snare from 90 to 70 ↓


  • Decreased self healing per second from Stealth from 35 to 20 ↓

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Baptiste's Springboard would fail to work
  • Fixed an issue where Baptiste's Springboard would not destroy when pressing Interact
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