Welcome to Overworked!
Overworked is a hero rework gamemode where everyone has a new set of abilities that greatly modify and vary the skill ceiling and hero feel, whilst still fun to play at the same time! Play in a Team Deathmatch environment in (kind of) unbridled chaos and fast-paced brawl.
What happens with a 5-man aerial comp? Some heroes will even have role changes! You heard of Mei being a tank. What happens if Symmetra is a has her Shield Generator again?
Torbjörn is an attack helicopter! Woah! I sure wonder how that's balanced!

  • Creator: LemonAid#11644

Special thanks to:
→ Sethh
→ HeyCrayJay
→ Darkflame
→ MidnightKira
→ SayWhatNow
→ Spice
→ Fluffkin
→ Clarity
→ Mortis
→ Acostart
→ Josbird
→ Dude
→ Ender

PEJSY is the primary code of this gamemode, and will be a Team Deathmatch gamemode by default. If you'd like to play the vanilla gamemodes (Hybrid, Escort etc.), select them in the hero settings.

Note! This gamemode is still in its beta phase! Not everybody is added yet, and there are definitely bugs that exist!
Join our Discord server to report bugs, problems, and stay up-to-date with the most recent changes! We're open to feedback and ideas too! Come in and share!

Discord invite link: []

Tank Heroes


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Gyro-Boosters (Mech) Jump D.Va lowers her gravity for several seconds. Resource refills when using Boosters or on the ground.
Force Eject (Mech) Crouch Hold to manually destroy the mecha and launch away.
Fluffballs (Mech) Interact Launch 2 energy orbs forward that shortly explode after impact. They can impale into enemies and slow them down.
Big Shot (Pilot) Secondary Unload the rest of Light Gun ammo into an explosive shot.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Numbing Rage Passive Dealing damage with abilities adds to a rage meter, up to 50%.
Frenzy Interact Maximize rage and increase size for several seconds.

Junker Queen

Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Vitamins 'n Minerals Interact Boost wound effects and reveal all wounded enemies. Auto-activates with Rampage.
Grace Period Secondary Recalling Gracie at its full stick duration on enemy to deal additional wound damage.
Battle Cry Ability 1 Commanding Shout increases size and resistance by 20%. Grant 20% resistance to allies in the area of effect.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Icebreaker Passive Mei deals 30% more damage against frozen enemies.
Glacial Grenade Interact Launch an ice bomb that shortly detonates after impact, instantly freezing enemies.
Cold Snap Ability 1 Upon exiting Cryo-Freeze, Mei slows and freezes enemies too close.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Null Sectors Interact Orisa can place 3 large energy zones. Once placed, enemies have their movement and aim diminished as long as they remain inside.
Cautionary Yield Ability 2 Hold the button to charge a vortex that pulls nearby enemies at the end of Javlin Spin.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Uprising Interact Speed up cooldowns by 50% for a short duration.
Onslaught Ability 1 Double jump height and gain a decaying speed boost while in nemesis form.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Guardzone Passive/Interact A flag marks a large stationary zone that is always active, boosting the resistance of allies inside by 25%. Press Interact to reposition the zone to Reinhardt's current position.
Crusade Ability 1 Press Crouch to cancel Charge, and hold Primary/Secondary to boost left/right.
Fire Burst Ability 2 Fire Strike explodes as it deals damage, setting enemies on fire.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Exhilarate Interact Clear any active stuns and expel poisonous gas to nearby enemies.
Rusted Anchor Ability 1 Hold the button while hooking an enemy to pull yourself towards them instead.
Stored Fat Ability 2 Take A Breather can overheal up to 150 bonus HP.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Orbit Passive Naturally lower gravity and increased air speed.
Distortion Rift Interact Sigma fires a wave rift forward, distorting enemy movement and vision.
Accretion Disk Ability 2 Hold the Accretion button down to steadily charge the damage and flight speed of the ability.

Wrecking Ball

Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Rolling Out Passive Regenerate health when moving faster than 15m per second. (For reference, that's fireball speed)
Snooker Jet Interact Instantly launch into the direction you're facing.
Ball 'n Chain Ultimate Wrecking Ball emits a wave that inflicts a chain effect on enemies. Every time Wrecking Ball takes damage, 40% of the received damage is shared to all chained enemies.

Damage Heroes


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Fiery Rage Passive When burning, gain a boost in speed and damage, along with infinite ammunition.
Headhunting Interact Emit a large signal pulse that can detect nearby enemies. Scope is enabled for the next clip.
Viper Jaws Primary Scope is disabled; quick firing with lower ammo. Base damage increases by 4% with consecutive shots. Resets after not hitting shots.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Fusillade Interact Instantly shoot 3 high-impact Tactical Grenades.
Trickshot Secondary Landing a Tactical Grenade attack heals 25 HP and reduces other cooldowns.
Pressured Cannons Ability 1 Hold JUMP at the end of Configuration: Assault to initiate a powerful leap.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Bullet Time Passive Successfully hitting an enemy with the last bullet in the chamber refunds the shot and deals 20% more damage.
Lasso Interact Cassidy throws a lasso that tethers to an enemy for several seconds, pulling them back towards Cassidy if they're too far.
Combat Leap Ability 1 Hold the Combat Roll key to gain a small jump boost at the end of the roll.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Drift Jump Echo can double jump with a small speed boost for each jump.
Spark Fuse Interact Echo detonates all active sparks, damaging all enemies who bear sparks. Echo heals a small amount for each spark.
Spark Tabs Primary Every time Echo damages an enemy with her attack, she tags up to 10 sparks on that enemy. Sparks expire after 5 seconds of not hitting an enemy.
Warp Drive Ultimate Echo targets an enemy to teleport to, explodes, then greatly buffs cooldowns for a short duration.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Lightning Fast Passive Genji gains a speed boost and reloads his shurikens after using an ability.
Challenge Interact Genji forces another player to lock sights with him for several seconds.
Dragon Fangs Ability 1 Swift Strike inflicts bleed onto enemies. Heal for bleed damage.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Dragonic Appetite Passive Arrow kills drop an enchanted arrow that can be picked up for a heal and damage boosty.
Dragon Puffs Interact Unleash two oscillating puffs of dragon essence that slow enemies hit.
Spotter Ability 1 After landing, the Sonic Arrow will burst, damaging, slowing and revealing all enemies still in line of sight of it.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Total Annhilation Passive Junkrat deals +100% more damage to barriers, objects and deployables.
Trigger Happy Interact Junkrat armours himself up with fuses, detonating shortly or when broken.
Joyride Ability 1 Landing from Concussion Mine creates an explosion. Gain an extra mine at full health.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Swoop Crouch In Air Hold Crouch to aim a ground pound attack, dealing damage and slowing enemies upon landing.
Weaponized Storm Primary Last rocket in each clip flies faster and creates clusters.
Turbulence Ability 2 Concussive Strike pulls enemies in, then it’s outwards blast is delayed.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Soul Globes Passive Enemies drop soul orbs upon death that Reaper can pick up and heal. The Reaping healing rate is halved.
Jumpscare Passive Reaper damages and weakens nearby enemies whenever an ability ends.
Taunt Interact Reaper taunts in front of him after a short cast period. Taunted enemies take more damage and can only deal damage to Reaper for a period of time.
Death Is In The Air Ability 1 Reaper gains increased mobility and zero gravity during Wraith Form.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Kickslide Ability 1 Power Slide launch effect deals damage and allows for gliding.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Advanced Intel Passive No increased damage to hacked enemies. Dealing damage will reveal enemies to all allies for a short duration.
Trojan Horse Secondary Send a virus that inflicts bonus hack and damage if it connects with an enemy.
Stalker Ability 1 Stealth reveals footprints, but allows faster movement and regenerates health.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Sentry Drone Ability 1 Deploy a turret base and start piloting a drone, allowing flight at set altitude. If the drone or turret is destroyed, the ability ends.
End Program Interact Press to manually end the Drone ability.
Airstrike (Drone) Secondary Torbjörn fires a mini-explosive that burns enemies.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Pulse Punch Melee The next quick melee attack deals more damage and applies a drift effect.
Flash Ability 1 Blinking through enemies damages them.
Vortex Ability 2 Upon activation, Tracer drags and roots nearby enemies to her position. Holding the ability button while it's active will prevent Tracer from recalling to her previous position.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Widow's Gaze Interact Force enemies to deal 25% less damage and receive 25% more damage as long as they're in line of sight.
Spider Web Ability 2 Fire a proximity mine that creates a webcage when triggered. Enemies inside can shoot through but not move through the web.
Blow A Kiss Ultimate Equip a bolt-action rifle that deals massive damage through walls, but enemies can see Widowmaker and its ADS line.

Support Heroes


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Airspringers Jump Ana has several charges that allows her jump multiple times in the air.
Eye of Horus Interact Ana assumes a sniper position and stations herself. Danage and healing is increased, projectiles fly faster, and Biotic Rifle's scoped shots deal splash damage. Press again to toggle off.
Nano Bolster Ultimate Nano Boost grants a bonus 30% speed boost to the boosted target.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Band-Aid Passive Baptiste enters a downed state for several seconds instead of dying. After a few seconds of not being finished, Baptiste will resurrect on the spot.
Springboard Interact Baptiste tosses a gadget projectile that creates a jump pad that allies can use. Can be destroyed by enemies standing on it.
Second Wind Ability 1 Regenerative Burst grants a speed boost to all allies in the effective radius.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Aura of Fortitude Interact Create a growing aura that grants bonus health and speed to influenced allies.
Endeavour Interact Gain a boost in health and stats when barrier shield breaks.
Steel Anchor Ability 1 Hold the button when striking an enemy to grapple towards them.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Shinobi Tactics Interact Create a smoke screen that blinds enemies and hides allies inside it.
Spirit Guide Ability 1 Swift Step heals allies in an area when teleporting.
Hunting Season Ability 2 Protection Suzu speeds up allies and reduces their cooldowns.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Wave Riding Secondary If Lúcio uses Soundwave against a wall while wall riding, he launches himself backwards.
Beatmatching Ability 1 Dealing damage during Speed Boost adds additional healing to Heal Boost. Maximum bonus healing is capped at 300.
Reverse Amp Ability 2 Amp It Up will also inflict the opposite effect of the currently played song to enemies (Speed Boost will slow enemies, Heal Boost will damage them).


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Heavenly Feathers Passive Gliding is now improved with additional flight.
Flourish Interact Mercy fires down a beam of light that increases ally healing, and halves enemy healing.
Phoenix Salvation Ability 2 If Resurrect is used on a living ally, it places a blessing that will instantly bring them back to Mercy if they reach 1 HP. Resurrect goes on a 20s cooldown.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Experiment Reload Hold to drain 75HP to gain a 30% boost in stats and reset cooldowns.
Double Dose Interact Swap between 2 types of orbs, Necrosis and Covalent.
Necrosis Orbs Ability 2 Orbs fly faster. Damage orbs will weaken enemy attack power by 50%. Healing orbs have high healing but harder to hit.
Covalent Orbs Ability 2 Orbs are stationary. Throw 2 of either type with each use, depending on which button is held.

Soldier: 76

Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Morale Boost Interact Boost the damage of all nearby allies by 30% for a period of time.
Radio Waves Secondary Fire long-range blasts of healing; up to 4 can be held onto at once.
Sympathy Gains Ultimate After a short cast, grant all allies in sight a strong boost in stats.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Shield Generator Interact Create a generator that slowly decays overtime, granting allies in a massive radius bonus shields and regeneration. Decays faster if an enemy is standing on it.
Energize Secondary Heal allies in front of you with a short blast of photons.
Energize Ability 1 Enhance an ally with extra shields, healing, and a small boost in damage and speed.
Reality Dash Ability 2 Vanish into an energy trace, healing nearby allies when reappearing.


Ability Name Button/Hotkey Ability Info
Spirit Link Crouch Hold Crouch to connect to an ally under Harmony Orb and link to them, fixed on their movement. Crouch again to detach.
Spirit Link Passive While linked, the ally gains bonus healing and your attacks also become more destructive.
Vigor Interact Boost the healing and stats of the ally currently under the effect of Orb of Harmony.

More are yet to come! Not everybody is finished at this moment, so there will be bugs and some unbalance. Make sure to join our Discord server if you're enjoying the gamemode!
Discord invite link: []

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 29 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.0


Crouch + Reload
Toggle hero info HUD
Toggle hero info HUD
Toggle hero info HUD
Toggle hero info HUD
Toggle hero info HUD

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