Spare Rations? II: The Trail Home

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Note: Still a little raw. Achievements tend to be a little buggy, but generally works

Here we go again!

Spare Rations? II: The Trail Home is a game where you need to push through the storm, defeat the abominable beasts in your path, and lead your camp to the tavern...

How to play

Main task: Travel with your camp and get to the tavern(attacker spawn). There will be 3 abominable beasts in your path. Defeat them to proceed. Keep everyone fed. Anyone with <0 hunger will start to die.

Tips: Small 'wildlife' will be available in the active area of the map(where the beast is). Some NPCs sell helpful items. You can move parts of your camp by pressing interact near them.


Solo Achievements

Achievement Description Value
First Strike Be the first to damage the Abominable Beast 50
Marksman Down any wildlife with a headshot 50
Early Bird Be the first to down any wildlife 50
Indecisive Pick up and move camp items a total of 15 times 150
Taking Inventory Pick up and move every piece of your camp 50
Takes a Toll Obtain goods from any NPC 25
The Renown Talk to all the NPCs 25
The Winner is Me Be the only person on your team to make it to the tavern 250
No Escape Get revived by the Healer within 10 seconds of dying 150
Snow Fodder Die to the Eye of the Storm 25
Killed by the Architects Die to the environment 25
The Widow's Sights Get the animal radar 25
Marked! Have two animals on your radar 100
Piggyback! Carry an ally 75
Pack Mentality Be out in the storm near 2 or more allies 150
Fido, Fetch! Train the Beastling to hunt 150
Paid in Blood Trade an NPC to starvation 150
Have a Bite Feed an NPC 25
Tastes Like Chicken Eat your rations 25
Well Fed Eat more food than you need 75
Hoarder Hold more than 6 rations 50
Gluttony Eat waaat more food than you need 150
Bundled Up Buy the warm blanket 25
Dammit, Reinhardt! Defeat the Abominable Beast by yourself 250
Bird of Prey Down any wildlife while airborne 100
The Freeloader Complete a run without dealing any damage 350
MEDIC! Heal an ally or NPC 100
Well Equipped Buy every item at least once 150
I'm Invincible! Enter the storm while under 25 hp 100
Guinness Earn 2 or more achievements at once 150

Team Achievements

Achievement Description Value
Absolute Unit Reach the tavern with everyone alive 350
Eye of the Storm Have everyone use storm arrow at once and deal damage 250
Ready Or Not Have 3 or more people use sonic arrow at once while also having the animal radar 450
What's Gonna Work? Defeat the Abominable Beast after everyone has dealth damage to it 250
Nomads Have all players and NPCs move at the same time 250
Overkill Defeat any wildlife after 3 or more people have dealth damage to it 200
Dead Eye Have everyone land a headshot on the same target 350

Workshop Settings

Radar Options

Option Description Default
Radar Display Radius The relative size of the radar (does not scale blips) 0.2
X Position (On Screen) Offset that can be used to change the x position of the radar 0
Y Position (On Screen) Offset that can be used to change the y position of the radar -0.8
Radar Range Range at which marked targets will begin to appear on radar 30

Made during the Elo Hell Jingle Jam | December 2020 | Theme: Broad holiday theme (with scoring system)

Categories: Survival, PvE, Miscellaneous
Heroes: Hanzo
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0



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