G.E.N.T.S VS The Overpowered Ladies v. 1.22

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Core concept

This is a boss type game mode where a team of G.E.N.T.S will face off against a single Overpowered Lady.

G.E.N.T.S. can play reworked male heroes, while the Ladies can play reworked female heroes (description of heroes further down). Once the player on the Ladies team has chosen a hero and the round starts, the player will be locked to that hero for the round. When the round ends the selected hero will become unavailable and the player needs to choose a new hero.

The Overpowered Ladies have not only vastly improved stats, such as health and damage, but also reworked mechanics to make them tough adversaries for the G.E.N.T.S.

On the G.E.N.T.S. team, a majority of heroes have two different roles to choose from, sometimes drastically altering the mechanics of the hero.

Basic mechanics

All Ladies grow in size when certain conditions are met. The conditions are unique to each hero to make each "boss" feel and play differently. Growing in size grants them increased damage reduction (up to 70%) and new abilities the more they grow. Max size is 5 times the normal character size.

General ability - Trample

When a certain size threshold is reached the hero will begin to trample heroes that are directly underneath the character (or in very close proximity). Trample damage increases with size.

General ability - Impact (melee)

When the hero reaches max size it gains an ability that is triggered on melee damage (10 second cooldown). It deals high amounts of damage and knocks everyone within distance of the impacted player back with great force.

Hero descriptions

I'm constantly working on tuning the heroes, so everything is subject to change.

Mercy - Battle Angel
Description Starts at 150% the normal size and has a very easy growth condition, making her grow very fast compared to other heroes. She needs to continuously deal pistol damage in order to empower her melee. Has great movement while gliding through the air.
Health 900 health, 100 armor
Damage 200% (300% while gliding) / 25 ammo.
Growth Grows 2.5% on kill
Sustain Regenerates 20hps out of combat, heals 20hp on headshot

Pistol damage empowers the next melee attack

200 damage = 1.5 sec stun (area stun if 2.75 times normal size) + 40 extra damage

450+ damage = deals extra AoE damage based on the amount of pistol damage dealt

Gliding Jumps very high, and deals increased damage while gliding. She can also use Secondary Fire while gliding to propell herself in the direction of her movement (1.25 second cooldown). This makes gliding the preferred method to traverse the map quickly.
Ultimate Creates a growing zone around Mercy that follows her. Enemies within the zone will take damage over time and heal Mercy for a portion of that damage received (by the ultimate ability).
Additional info Gains a 200% movement speed boost on kill that gradually depletes over 4 seconds. Gun is also instantly reloaded on kill.

Ashe - Infernal Huntress
Description Excels at dishing out single target damage at mid range. While the hero portrait is on fire the hero is granted an aura that applies a burning dot (50 damage over 5 seconds) to all players within its radius (the radius increases greatly with player size). Due to the nature of her growth condition and regeneration ability, it will in some situations be better to apply burning to players instead of securing kills.
Health 1000 health

100% / 4 ammo.

Rifle damage follows the normal damage formula but also adds a bonus 50 damage + a 50 damage over 5 second burn to all successful shots.

Headshots adds the burn to all players in radius of victim.

If crouched and aim down sights are used simultaneously the hero becomes stationary and deals double damage. Releasing either crouch or aim down sights restores movement speed gradually over 0.5 seconds.

Growth Grows 1.8% every second that 3 or more players are burning.
Sustain Heals 60 health on headshot (90 if aim down sights). Regenerates health while players are burning (stronger regeneration per burning enemy)
Melee Enemies killed by melee (or shortly after) explode. Dealing damage and knocking back nearby players.
Ultimate Upon activation a 3 second timer is set. When the timer reaches 0 all burning players will become stunned and damaged (10 damage per hero affected). Any hero that is burning on activation will continue to burn until the timer reaches 0 (even though the dot would have otherwise expired).
Additional info Doesn't have the general impact melee ability

Sombra - S1ze Thi3f
Description Can deal lots of damage with her gun alone. But her main objective is to hack as many players as possible. When hacking an enemy it is shrunk to a miniscule size (1/20th), and remains shrunk for as long as they are hacked . Shrunk players deal 10% of their original damage, and moves at a slower pace. If Sombra walks over them, they are instantly killed, healing Sombra by a small amount and giving her 7.5% ultimate charge.
Health 1000 health

130% / 180 ammo.

Enemies takes extra damage equal to the percentage of health missing.

Hack Is on a very short cooldown, and range grows with hero size.
Growth Grows 3% on hack.
Sustain Heals 5 hp on headshot. Heals a small amount walking over shrunken enemies.
Melee Knocks target down for 0.8 seconds.
Ultimate Like her regular ultimate, but shrinks all targets hit.
Additional info Stealth is disabled.

Ana - Master shrinker
Description Ana has a low AOE damage potential, making it hard to get a foothold of the capture point should she miss her shots (which gets increasingly difficult to hit as the players shrink). To make up for that; any damage she deals with her rifle or abilities will shrink her targets. Should the size relation between Ana and the shrunken player reach a certain threshold Ana will trample that player dealing damage (or eventually instantly kill if the ratio is too big).
Health 1000 health
Damage 100% / 8 ammo.

Rifle hits shrinks her target with 20% over 0.6 seconds.

Sleep dart and Melee sleep shrinks by 40% over the 5 second duration of the sleep (but may be interrupted by damage).

Biotic grenade shrinks by 20% over 4 seconds.

Shrunken players become less effective. Dealing less damage, healing, moves slower, and has less maximum health, based on how much they have been shrunk.

Growth Every 10 Rifle hits Ana grows 10%, Sleep dart hits grants “2 hits”.
Sustain Rifle hits heals 30hp over 0.6 seconds. Gains 100 non-replenishable health on growth.
Melee Sleeps target for 5 seconds (10 second cooldown).
Ultimate instantly reloads her rifle. Grants 50% increased damage, 50% increased damage reduction, 50% increased effectiveness of shrink.

D.Va - Superbunny
Description Fast, agile and can jump to great heights using her triple jump to then slam down on unsuspecting enemies with pulverizing force.
Health 750 health / 250 shield

175% / 20 ammo.

40% of the damage D.va deals will be stored. Upon reloading the stored damage will be released on the closest enemy and chain to nearby enemies dealing damage in sequence until the stored damage is depleted or it cannot chain.

Triple jump Can jump two additional times while airborne
Slam While airborne D.va can perform a slam attack by using melee and looking downwards. The attack will deal damage based on altitude and size. Given enough altitude the attack will also stun for a duration based on the altitude. If D.va is not looking downwards she will instead lunge herself in the horizonal direction she is looking.
Shield Secondary fire creates a barrier that absorbs incoming damage and heals 250% of the damage received. It has a resource meter similar to original D.va mech shields and a short cooldown.
Ultimate D.va heals a third of her missing health and then grows to her maximum size for 10 seconds. Grows 2% per kill during ultimate, that is gained when ultimate ends.
Growth Grows 1.5% per reload that results in cascading damage, and 2% per kill during ultimate

Brigitte - Titaness
Description A badass brawler that deals big melee damage by cleaving her enemies down with her rocket flail. Her kills will mainly come from her whipshot ability that will be the most reliable finisher with a very short cooldown (2 seconds).
Health 600hp / 200 armor + (1000hp barrier)
Damage 200% - Increases slightly as she grows up to 230% at 4 times her regular size
Whipshot For every whipshot hit that doeasn't kill the target, the next whipshot hit will deal 20% increased damage. The damage will continue to increase with every hit until an enemy is killed by whipshot, at which point the damage bonus will be reset.
Growth Grows 4% on whipshot kill.
Sustain Her inspire mechanic heals 6hps up to 12hps at 4 times her regular size. Gains 50 non-replenishable armor on whipshot kill
Leap Jumping while shielding will make her leap in the direction of her movement. Her landing will damage and stun nearby enemies and pull them closer
Ultimate The same mechanic as her regular Rally ultimate, but boosted effectiveness due to her higher health pool.

Tracer - Speed demon
Description Her increased blink regeneration rate and movement speed makes her an elusive target and her nasty single target damage will melt her opponents but she does not have much area damage aside from her pulse bomb ultimate. She is encouraged to deal pistol damage to boost her next melee attack.

400 - 750 health.

Gains additional health as she grows to certain thresholds. 50 extra at 150%, 50 extra at 200%, 100 extra at 300% and 150 extra at 400%. She has 750 health at 4 times the normal size.


175% / 60 ammo.

Deals 0-15% extra damage per blink charge available


Teleport to her target and apply the effect corresponding to the damage dealt.

600 damage: Apply a 3 second stun + 25 extra damage + gain 25% ult charge (grow 3.5%)

1200 damage: Apply a 3 second stun + 50 extra damage + gain 50% ult charge (grow 7.5%)

2400 damage: Apply a 3 second area stun + 75 extra damage + gain 100% ult charge (grow 15%)

Growth Grows on pulse bomb kill (1.2% per kill) and when using boosted melee attacks.

Heals 4% of max health on blink

Heals 2% of max health per missing blink charge per second

Ultimate Regular pulsebombs
Additional info Rewind is on a 60 second cooldown. Gains additional movement speed as she grows.

Widowmaker - Femme Fatale
Description Excels at long to mid range fights. If she can land headshots she's pretty much unstoppable, just like your regular Widowmaker. Though since it's a king of the hill type game her point presense is needed for the point capture and she can get easily swarmed in close range.
Health 800 health.

200% / 100 ammo.

Scoped headshots instantly kills (no matter the charge).

Marking A successful scoped shot or 5 unscoped shots will mark the target for 30 seconds, making them visible through walls. Dealing rifle damage will refresh the timer.
Melee Deals extra damage to marked targets.
Growth On scoped headshot kills (4%). On scoped kills (1.5%).
Sustain Instantly healed 80hp on scoped headshots. Heals a small amount over 1 second on scoped kills.
Ultimate During her ultimate any scoped kills will result in an explosion dealing huge damage.
Additional info Grappling hook is on a 4 second cooldown. Venom mine shrinks all players hit to a miniscule size.

Mei - Lich Queen
Description Has a low damage output but can be especially lethal if she can land headshots with her secondary fire. Her main goal is to inflict the "lethally frozen" status on the enemy players by getting them under 40% health, then shatter them with melee. In doing so she can often snowball the fight.
Health 1250 health.
Damage Custom damage values / 300 ammo.
Frost power Mei can gain up to a maximum of 100 Frost power by dealing damage with her endothermic blaster. As frost power increases so does the effectiveness of her kit. If at maximum Frost power it will be consumed with a Secondary Fire body shot to Lethally freeze the target hit.
Lethally frozen If an enemy player at any point goes below 40% health it will become lethally frozen for 6 seconds. Lethally frozen players are unkillable by anything other than melee attacks. Melee attacks shatter the lethally frozen player, instantly killing him with a violent explosion that deals area damage and knocks enemy players back.
Primary fire Does not freeze. Each hit grants 2 frost power and cannot hit multiple enemies (hits at most 20 times per second). Deals low damage but it increases the more frost power you have, up to 4 damage per hit at maximum frost power. Heals 2-7 health per hit depending on size. The healing doubles at maximum frost power. Reduces the cooldown of Cryo Freeze with 0.25 seconds per hit.
Secondary fire Grants 10 frost power on hit, deals 75 damage, freeze the target for 0.4 seconds and reduce Cryo freeze cooldown by 1 second. At maximum frost power, the power will be consumed and lethally freeze the target hit and reduce Cryo freeze cooldown by 5 seconds. Headshots lethally freeze the target but does not consume frost power. Headshots reduce Cryo freeze cooldown by 2 seconds.
Aura Has an aura that increases in size as she grows. The aura will damage enemy players 0-16 damage per second depending on frost power. During Cryo freeze the aura instead freezes enemies a short duration every second and deals 0-20 damage.
Cryo Freeze Has a 42 second cooldown
Growth 3% every second during Cryo freeze.
Sustain Regenerates health during Cryo freeze. Heals a small ammount when shattering an enemy. Can also use Primary Fire to heal herself, but should only be used in fights with a limited amount of enemies as it will likely not be able to outheal the damage taken otherwise.
Ultimate Ultimate is disabled.
Additional info Movement speed and jump height is increased with size. Frost wall is disabled.

Symmetra - The Magician
Description A hero that has both good single target damage with her beam and decent area damage with her Secondary Fire. Her melee ability is very versitile and powerful ability that can both be used to finish a player off or as an engage by throwing key players of the defence off the map.
Health 400 health / 500 shield.

125% / 140 ammo.

Deals 30% increased damage while her shields are depleted.

Primary Fire Shrinks the target. The shrink is more effective depending on how much damage is being dealt and how much shields Symmetra have.
Secondary Fire Deals a boosted area explosion on hit that knocks enemies back and grants Symmetra shields depending on the damage dealt.
Growth Symmetra grows when earning an elimination. Less growth the smaller the victim is (1-2% growth)
Sustain Heals 7.5 - 75 health over 1 seconds on kill. Larger heal the smaller the victim is.
Melee Force pull (5 sec cooldown) - Pulls the player closest to the reticle and within distance towards Symmetra. Can then be thrown away or slammed into the ground dealing damage to the target and nearby players.
Sentry turret Has a 250% increased cooldown, but one charge can be gained every 3rd kill.
Ultimate Her regular ultimate

Zarya - Obliterator
Description A hero with high single target damage potential and a straight forward playstyle. Dealing damage applies a stacking debuff to the enemy hit (that does not expire unelss Zarya dies). When the debuff reaches 3 stacks the enemy will become rooted and take additional damage.
Health 500 health / 500 shield.

100% / 250 ammo.

Deals 50% increased damage to rooted enemies.

Secondary Fire Regains 10 ammo per enemy hit.
Ability 2 Applies a debuff stack to all nearby enemies and deals damage based on the number of debuff stacks.
Growth Grows 1.5% when rooting an enemy.
Sustain Heals 45 health over 3 seconds when rooting an enemy. Ability 1 has reduced cooldown.
Melee Knocks the enemy back. Deals additional damage per debuff stack.
Ultimate Her regular ultimate


Most G.E.N.T.S. have had their base damage reduced, but their clip size or other aspects of their kit buffed. A majority of heroes can choose from two different roles while in spawn room. The role of the hero may alter the gameplay mechanics drastically.

Torbjörn can switch between Engineer and Repairman roles while in spawn (Interact key).


  • Has the turret enabled.


  • Has the turret disabled.
  • Can heal omnics with his hammer.
  • Nearby allies gain 50 armor every 6 seconds. The armor is added as a non replenishable health pool that lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Hammer damage is doubled.

Genji can switch between Giantslayer and Medical Ninja roles while in spawn (Interact key).


  • Swift strike deals additional damage equal to 5% of the target maximum health as true damage and grants extra ultimate charge.
  • Shuriken hits lowers cooldown of swift strike by 0.5 seconds (0.75 seconds if critical).
  • Dragonblade hits deal additional damage equal to 2% of the target maximum health as true damage and lowers swift strike cooldown by 2 seconds per hit.

Medical Ninja:

  • Swift strike through allies to heal them. Healing an ally in this way will reset the swift strike cooldown. However, missing or passing through allies at full health (without making a single heal) will put swift strike at its normal 8 second cooldown.
  • During the deflect ability Genji will regenerate health.
  • Dragonblade hits will heal nearby allies and make them temporarily unkillable.

Hanzo can switch between the Gianthunter and Assassin roles while in spawn.


  • Deals extra damage at longer ranges, 1.5-5% of target max health as true damage depending on range 25-55m.
  • Gains the “Dragon barrage” ultimate (fires 3 Dragon strikes over 7 seconds) which can only be fired at a minimum of a 50 meter distance. During ultimate, Hanzo can see enemy outlines through walls.


  • Becomes shrouded (invisible) after not moving or attacking for 3 seconds (15 second cooldown).
  • Attacking or moving from his shrouded position will activate a buffed version of “Storm arrows” that deals 2% of target maximum health as additional true damage per hit if the distance is less than 30m.
  • Hitting shots from less than 30m will reduce storm arrow cooldown.
  • There’s a 20% chance when taking damage to become phased out for 0.1 to 1 seconds (duration based on the damage received), and be healed for half of the damage received. The chance is increased to 50% when firing storm arrows.

McCree can switch between the Gunslinger and Marksman roles while in spawn.


  • Gains an additional bullet to the clip for every hit made during McCree’s Fan the hammer ability. After using Fan the hammer it will be put on cooldown if the number of hits was greater than 3. The more hits that was made the longer the cooldown (1 sec for every 3 hits).
  • Every hit made during Fan the hammer reduce movement speed by 5% (up to 75% penalty) during the ability.
  • Can perform combat rolls without cooldown while Fan the hammer is on cooldown.


  • The accuracy with Primary fire is measured per magazine clip (10 ammo). The last bullet of the clip has increased damage based on the accuracy and number of critical hits for that clip. 100% accuracy will grant 1000% bonus damage and having dealt up to 3 critical hits will multiply that bonus damage even further by up to 60% (to a theoretical maximum of 1600% bonus damage). Dealing damage with the last bullet of the magazine will grant McCree temporary shields equal to the damage dealt that deteriorates over 15 seconds. Missing the last bullet will grant an additional bullet and halve the damage bonus. This process can be repeated until the bonus damage is less than 100% upon which the gun is automatically reloaded.

Soldier: 76 can now switch between the Giantkiller and Rocketman roles.


  • Every 10 hits, deal 1% of target health as extra true damage.
  • During ultimate, every 3 hits deals 1% of target health as extra true damage.


  • Headshots reduce helix rocket cooldown by 1 second (cooldown reduction cannot occur more than once every 0.3 seconds).
  • During ultimate, helix rockets become immediately available and can be fired every second.
  • Can perform boosted rocket jumps. Performing a rocket jump reduces helix rocket cooldown by 3 seconds.

Junkrat can switch between the Pyromaniac and Madman with nukes roles.


  • Has additional ammo.
  • Adds a burn that deals 60% of damage over 3 seconds on hit.
  • Dealing damage to a burning player consumes ammo, deals 1.5% true damage and refreshes the burn (multiple burns cannot be stacked).

Madman with nukes:

  • Dealing damage will set off his nuke timer (20 seconds)! Additional hits hastens the timer progression. When the timer reaches 0 junkrat will be locked in place (can float in the air) and will explode after 1 second, dealing damage based on his current health and the distance towards the target.

Reaper can switch between the Wraith and Disintegrator roles.


  • A more support oriented role that can merge with a nearby allied player granting him shield equal to Reaper’s current health. For as long as Reaper is merged the player’s size is increased by 20% (with all the benefits that size changes entails). Reaper can cancel the merge at any time, destroying the shields. The merging automatically ends when the merged player has no shields. During the merge both players slowly gain extra ultimate charge, and if Reaper is shrunk he will also slowly regain size. Cannot merge with Bastion.


  • Deals additional damage to shields and armor. The additional damage dealt is based on the total amount of armor + shields of the target and the distance to the target.
  • During the ultimate Reaper also gains 35% reduction of all incoming damage. Interupting the ultimate will put Reaper in Wraithform and refund 50% of the ultimate cost.
  • Wraithform restores 20% of reapers health. The maximum duration is lowered to 1 second, but any hits made with primary fire will reduce cooldown by 1 second.

Winston can switch betwen the Beast and Scientist roles.


  • Taking damage and receiving CC effects "enrages" Winston granting him ultimate charge. Upon reaching 100% ultimate charge the primal rage is instantly activated.
  • During primal rage Winston cannot be shrunk and cannot be healed. All damage dealt by Winston during the ultimate also adds an additional 1.5% true damage. Ultimate is active until killed. Has a slight life degen.
  • Dealing damage with the jump pack landings grants temporary shields and ultimate charge.


  • Electrically charge allies by shooting at them for 2 seconds.
  • For 10 seconds the ally is electrically charged and will discharge if an enemy comes in too close proximity, dealing damage to the enemy and reducing the Winston barrier cooldown slightly.
  • Cannot reload. Automatically recharge ammo when not shooting.
  • Reaching 0 ammo will perform a greater discharge and fully charge all allies in an area around Winston.
  • Ultimate temporarily disables tesla cannon. Instead nearby allies as well as Winston himself are fully charged every 1.5 seconds (6 times over 7.5 seconds).

Lucio can switch between the Windwalker and Parkourist roles.


  • Booping an ally grants the ally 1 stack of “tailwind”. Max 3 stacks.
  • Tailwind increases movement speed in the forward direction by 10% per stack.
  • Taking damage consumes all stacks of tailwind and heals 10% of maximum health per stack over 1 second.
  • Lucio gains 1 tailwind every 8 seconds.
  • Tailwind reduces Soundwave cooldown by 1 second per stack.


  • The floor is lava! Being on the floor damages Lúcio and reduces his effectiveness.
  • His effectiveness is increased while not on the ground (up to 200% increased damage & healing and up to 150% movespeed).
  • Boop jump! Using soundwave propels Lúcio in the opposite direction.
  • Booping an enemy deals 0-4% true damage based on current effectiveness and grants 0-4% ultimate charge.
  • Using the ultimate from a high altitude and landing near an enemy will deal high damage.

Reinhardt can switch between the Crusader and Berserker roles.


  • Molten strikes: When dealing damage Reinhardt sacrifices a portion of his armor to deal additional true damage based on the amount of armor sacrificed. Has a 6 second cooldown.
  • Ultimate: Performs a giant leap upwards and comes crashing down with force. Sacrifices all armor to deal an equal amount of true damage.


  • Boiling blood: Seeing the enemy causes Reinhardt to burst into flames with excitement, dealing damage to him over time. This effect can be cancelled by shielding or by going out of the line of sight. The more life that Reinhardt is missing the more damage he deals, up to double damage. Dealing damage also heals Reinhardt for 20% of missing health.
  • W is for Win! Swinging the hammer while moving forward propels Reinhardt forward.
  • Windup charge: Hold ability 1 button for up to 3 seconds, releasing the button will perform the charge at increased speed depending on the duration it was held.
  • Ultimate: fully heals Reinhardt and adds a 100 hp shield.

Doomfist can switch between the Soulstriker and Combo master roles.


  • Sufficiently charging Doomfist’s rocket punch will launch an attack that can penetrate the victim’s very soul. Doomfist dives into the soul of his enemy and consumes her from within, dealing 1% true damage per second for up to 6 seconds. During the effect Doomfist loses 20 health per second.

Combo master

  • Any non Rising Uppercut damage will reset the cooldown of Rising Uppercut.
  • Combo points are counted while airborne after the use of Rising Uppercut and provides a damage boost to Seismic Slam’s damage (1% true damage per combo point). The damage boost is halved when landing on the ground. Combo points are awarded for dealing damage and using Rising Uppercut.
  • Using Rising Uppercut after landing or dealing damage with Seismic slam resets the combo points.

Baptiste can switch between the Shambali Agent and Strategist roles.

Shambali Agent

  • Dealing damage grants increased healing up to 150% at maximum value (15 damaging shots needed to reach max value). Dealing healing at maximum value fully heals the target with the most health missing within a short radius of the healed target and resets the healing buff.
  • Dealing healing grants increased damage up to 150% at maximum value (5 healing shots needed to reach max value). Dealing damage at maximum value adds an additional 5% true damage to the shot and resets the damage buff.
  • The Immortality field has been disabled.


  • The strategist is always ready for anything. If an enemy uses an ultimate all of Baptiste's cooldowns will be reset and he will gain full ammo clips, as well as a quarter of his ultimate meter filled.
  • Dealing damage with shots reduces ability cooldowns by a small amount, the effect is tripled by headshots. Headshots also steals a small amount of ultimate charge from the victim and grants twice the amount to Baptiste.
  • Has a flat 20% critical strike chance, multiplying the damage 2.5 times with each occcurance.
  • Can see the enemy ultimate meter if he's in range.

Zenyatta can switch between High Priest and Headhunter roles.

High Priest

  • Cascade heal ability: Healing with harmony orb stores healing on the target. Switching target resets the healing stored. If Zenyatta has healing stored on a target he can use the cascade heal ability [ability 2] to set in motion a heal that will jump to nearby targets in sequence, prioritizing allies with the lowest percentage health. Each jump heals up to 50 health reducing the stored healing by that amount until the stored healing is depleted. After the cascade healing is finished there’s a short cooldown before Zenyatta can store healing again.


  • Dealing headshots permanently increases critical strike chance by 1%. Critical strikes is a flat percentage chance when dealing damage to deal 2.5 times as much damage. Critical strike chance cannot be increased beyond 100%.
  • Kick jump: Melee while looking downwards to reach new heights.

Bastion can switch between Medbay Mecha and Destroyer roles.

Medbay Mecha

  • A moving medical facility with room for 3 team members (press interact to enter).
  • Members inside slowly regenerate health (more effective in Sentry mode).
  • Healing received by bastion is split between Bastion and members inside.
  • Takes 20-50% reduced damage (reduced by 10% per member inside).
  • Deals 50-20% reduced damage (increased by 10% per member inside).
  • Increased size, increased armor and immunity to shrink effects.


  • Dealing damage in Sentry mode fills a meter. The higher the meter is the more damage Bastion deals, but at maximum value Bastion overheats and he is forced out of Sentry mode until he cools down. During the cooldown period Bastion takes damage over time from burning and the meter is depleted more rapidly. Repairing shortens the cooldown period.

Roadhog can switch between Scrapper and Maso Pig roles.


  • Is slightly smaller and has less health.
  • Has 1 ammo. Hitting the shot instantly refunds the ammo.
  • Damage is increased by 20% for every shot that is hit without missing.
  • The damage increase lasts for 10 seconds, is refreshed on hit or reset on miss.
  • Using “whole hog” gradually depletes the damage increase over 3 seconds and then ends the ultimate.

Maso pig

  • 20% of bullet damage is reflected to the attacker (Tracer, Mercy, Ashe, Widowmaker, Sombra).
  • 10% of all damage (all heroes) received empowers the next hook attack to deal that much extra damage.

Other noteworthy changes:

Roadhog's hook can be used as an interrupt but will not be able to move the target towards the player.

Zenyatta's discord orb has been disabled.

Comeback mechanics

Should the G.E.N.T.S. find themselves losing the battle against the ladies an additional capture point will become available near the ladies spawn point. If a player from the G.E.N.T.S team is able to sneak past and hold that capture point for 10 seconds all G.E.N.T.S. become significantly buffed.

In order for the capture point to become active the Ladies need to have more than 50% capture progress, have more capture progress than the G.E.N.T.S. and be the current team scoring points.

Upon capture, all G.E.N.T.S. will receive 100 additional non replenishable armor on top of their existing health pool, gain full ultimate charge and regenerate 20 health per second for 1 minute. On top of that, their respawn timer will drop to 1 second for a full minute.

Even the strongest of ladies will fear this outcome and need to keep an eye out to make sure the additional point is not captured. Having an additional objective to watch over will make it harder for the ladies to maintain control and give the G.E.N.T.S. more ways to launch a successful attack.

Grudge Mechanic

The Ladies do not like to lose and become increasingly frustrated and vindictive the longer the G.E.N.T.S. is the scoring team. From the moment that the G.E.N.T.S. are in control of the capture point and every 45 seconds after the Ladies gain one “grudge level” up to a maximum of 3. For every “grudge level” the Ladies take 3% reduced damage, regenerates 0.33% of their maximum health per second and deal 10% extra damage. Upon gaining a grudge level the ladies also grow slightly.

A grudge level is lost the moment the Ladies team capture the control point and once every 15 seconds as long as the Ladies are in control of the map.

Damage reductions and extra damage per grudge can be controled with workshop options.

Design goals

The ladies should feel powerful both to play and to play against (it is a boss mode after all), but it is of high importance that the Ladies team aren't so overwhelming that the G.E.N.T.S have no chance of winning. In fact, as most people will be playing on the team of G.E.N.T.S. the gameplay should obviously be fun and engaging for them as well. That being said, it is never a good idea to face off against the Ladies on your own as they are designed to be able to take on a whole team at once. Attack as a team for best chances of success!

I’m all for reworking heroes that aren't fun to play and is open to your generous feedback! Tweaking team size, damage numbers, health, cooldowns can be easily done, but most importantly I want to know if the concept itself is fun, and if not, what can be done to address that.

Why Ilios stage 3?

The mode is currently only tested to be played on Ilios stage 3. Basically this is because it seemed to be an arena where the Ladies had at least some room to grow without being hindered by the terrain (too much).


If you've taken the time to try out my mode I always apreciate any feedback that you can give. Please send a comment my way or friend me on Bnet if you have a lot to say. Sakana#2609.

Thank you for your time.

Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: D.va, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston, Zarya, and 21 more...
Maps: Ilios
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.22

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