World of Overwatch - PvE RPG Grind Mode v2.6.1


World of Overwatch - PvE RPG Grind Mode v2.6.1 (by Delwion#2667):

1-6 players must defeat regular enemies, champions, and bosses to earn XP! With every additional level, players get more powerful and gain a certain amount of Ability Points they can spend on useful passive abilities. But enemies get stronger as well. Choose your preferred hunting zone (difficulty) and grind your way up to the highest levels. Will you have the time and skill it takes to beat the legendary level 100 boss in 90 minutes?

Full details posted on official forums (very long post):

Most important instructions:

Inside the Hearthstone tavern, press Crouch near an ability icon to gain a level in that ability.

Use Need healing outside of the tavern, to cast a town portal spell.

Team 2: 1-6 Players

Update Log

  • Fixed a bug that kept the upgrade station texts visible for a short duration when they should have been invisible.
  • The host player can now increase the difficulty of the game mode up to 20 times by pressing melee while standing near the Respec station in the spawn room. The host can remove extra difficulty levels again by pressing reload whilte standing near the Respec station.
  • Balance update:
    • Rebalanced damage dealt and received values, max health, and healing dealt for players and monsters.
    • All abilities, boss radius effects, and boss explosion effects have had their values adjusted for better balance.
    • Champions now have a max rank for all abilites.
    • Bosses have a max rank for more abilities than before (and their max rank for several abilities is slightly lower than before).
    • The maximum speed for both players and monsters has been reduced.
    • Holy bosses now only have 65% of the speed of other boss types.
  • Moira and Reaper can no longer be harmed by boss radius effects and explosions while they are using ability 1.
  • The Mercy AI can now resurrect fallen monsters. Resurrected monsters will grant EXP again when defeated. A resurrected boss will lose its boss aura, but keep all ability ranks and award 25% of its previous EXP value when defeated again. Resurrected bosses will despawn after 20 seconds of inactivity like regular monsters and do no longer count as bosses (another, real boss can spawn while they are still alive).
  • The interface of the ability upgrade stations now loads all three lines of text at once (and has been optimized to use fewer server resources).
  • The script has been completely reworked to take up fewer server resources. Among other changes, it now uses subroutines and no longer includes any set/modify player variable actions that are run for an array of players; inspector recording has been disabled.
  • Many small bugfixes and improvements.
  • Adjusted Baptiste and D.Va AI to account for new cooldown times of Immortality Field and Boosters (Overwatch patch from 16th January 2020).

Stability update!


Stability update:

  • For performance reasons, regular enemies and champions will no longer be prevented from falling into pits and from walking into their spawn room.
  • World of Overwatch can now also be played on Eichenwalde and Eichenwalde (Halloween)!
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to Sombra or Tracer AI getting stuck in the custom temporary spawn room.
  • Fixed a bug that had stopped boss aura effects from working for fire, frost, and shock type bosses.
  • Fixed a visual glitch that made the boss string visible while a boss was still inside the custom temporary spawn room.
  • Fixed various problems with the rules that were supposed to prevent enemies and bosses from walking into their spawn room and from dying by falling into pits.
  • Fixed several problems with the slow and healing reduction debuffs not being processed correctly (in some cases they would last forever, until the player died).
  • Fixed an issue with Mercy’s custom resurrect ability not working reliably.
  • Fixed an issue with level 0 enemies sometimes still spawning when a boss was up.
  • Bugfixes, great stability update (2.5.1), and many small changes. See post on official forums for detailed changelogs.
  • WoO now uses the custom AI Dumb AI (by Delwion#2667) for enemies! This AI has been designed with the goal that it can play all heroes in a somewhat reasonable way while using up as little script space and keeping the server load as low as possible. It is certainly not the best AI that exists for OW workshop and is not intended for competitive game modes or any game mode where an intelligent AI is required. Thanks to this new AI, players can now face enemies on 30 different heroes and there is no longer a need for the host to add default AI bots in the lobby.
  • Sombra’s Ability 1 has been integrated into the WoO stealth system.
  • Players can now respec twice.
  • Some boss AoE effects will no longer hit players through walls (fire, frost, and shock; the holy, hack, and poison cloud auras can still affect players through walls, by design).
  • Players can now see which hunting zone they currently are located in (1-3).
  • Many, many small improvements.
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.


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