Nanoblade Training Arena

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Practice your nanoblades with this easy-to-use trainer!

Press interact to be teleported into the settings area and configure the mode to your liking.


These can be changed in the first few rules of the workshop script

Keybind Action Description
Ultimate Status Quick Reset Swap the player off of Genji and back on to reset cooldowns and cancel blade
Acknowledge Request Dash Reset the player's dash cooldown
Need Healing Request Nano Force Ana to give the player nano, even if not using dragonblade or nano is disabled

Available Settings

These can all be changed in the settings area in-game

Option Description Default
Spawn Radius The radius of the circle bots are able to spawn in 7.5
Nanoboost Whether or not the player is given the damage buff from Nanoboost True
Nanoboost VFX Whether or not Ana actually gives the player nano True
Bot Movement Whether or not bots will move around the arena False
Instakill Whether or not to make the player 1-hit kill with any amount of damage False
Unlimited Dash Whether or not dash is reset instantly upon use (event without kill) False
Floating Bots Whether or not bots spawn in the air and float False
Transcendence Whether or not bots receive healing over time equal to transcendence (300hp/s) False
Invisible Bots Whether or not bots will turn invisible after the player deals damage False
Endless Mode Whether or not bots will respawn instantly when killed, rather than waiting for all bots to be dead False
Ordered Mode Whether or not the player can damage only one bot at a time, shown in top left False
Target Marker Whether or not an arrow pointing to the next target in ordered mode will appear True

Bot Editing

When in settings, primary fire on a bot to be taken to hero select. Once in hero select, simply spawn as the hero you would like to change the bot into, and they'll be changed

Primary fire on a green orb above a bot's head to remove them, or a red orb to add them

Press or hold primary fire on the Undo orb to undo the latest bot changes, including adding, removing, and changing hero. Can undo many actions.

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Made with OverPy
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Please send any suggestions, questions, bug reports, etc to Provoxin#5368 on Discord.

Categories: Solo, Practice Mode
Heroes: Genji
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Current version: 1.0.2



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