Sigma Reaction time Practice tool

Sigma Reaction time Practice tool

This mode has not been updated to Overwatch 2, so everything might not work as intended.

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  • Press Interact[F] to Start and Pause the game
  • Press Ultimate[Q] to change the Difficulty
  • Press Crouch to enable or disable Blitz mode

Blitz mode:

  • ON: After a succesful reaction the next bot will spawn without any waiting time or target practice
  • OFF: After a succesful reaction the next round will have a varying wait time before the next bot spawns and target practice to distract you in Difficulties 2-4

I would suggest to start with the Blitz mode ON in Difficulty 0/4 and move to 1/4 as soon as you get the hang of it. Once you are ready to move on to Difficulty 2+ turning off Blitz mode will make it more difficult as you get the target practice before each reaction.

Difficulty 0/4: Easy mode

  • Counter Rocket Punch with Accretion
  • Counter Blizzard with Kinetic Grasp
  • Counter Shatter with Barrier
  • Counter Coalescence with Accretion
  • Counter Barrage with your abilities
  • If you press a button before any of the bots have spawned you get stunned

Difficulty 1/4: Standard

  • Faster Shatter, Rocket Punch and Blizzard
  • Barrage and Coalescence deal more damage

Difficulty 2/4: Target Practice

  • Hold (or Click) Mouse1 over the targets
  • If you are too slow you get stunned
  • Once the Bot spawns you don't get stunned for missing a target

Difficulty 3/4: Voice Clutter

  • Voice clutter bots spawn and it's harder to hear the important sounds

Difficulty 4/4: Decoy Punch

  • Friendly Doomfist spawns and you need to track his punch as well

Special thanks to MrPig100 for a few suggestions on how to make the mode more intuitive

Players | 1 - 1
Categories: Solo, Practice Mode
Heroes: Sigma
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0

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