Flanker Duel Practise (Genji, Tracer and Doomfist)


Select your desired enemies by shooting the Red/Green Buttons.

Press (Interact) to spawn your selected enemies. Press (Crouch) + (Interact) to kill all enemies.

Shoot the Red Button on the right of the Heal Button (on Paris) or underneath the 3rd Arena Teleporter Button (On Dorado) to spawn a friendly bot for you to heal!

Say "Acknowledged" to teleport back to the Enemy Toggle Switches.

Say "Hello" to force Genji to use his Ultimate.

Nano-Boost option now available for Genji when using his Ultimate! Shoot the button beneath Genji's Toggle Button (Only appears when Genji is toggled on) and Genji will instantly be given a Nano-Boost as soon as he starts using his Ultimate.

Tracer has a blue orb that follows her around, showing you where she'll recall to if she uses the ability at that moment. When she recalls, the orb turns yellow. Tracer Orb Difficulty: Green = Blue Orb + Yellow Orb, Yellow = Yellow Orb Only, Red = No Orbs.

Tracer Pulse Bomb is now available! Shoot the toggle switch beneath the Tracer Switch to enable/disable. Great for practising eating Ultimates as Dva or Sigma!

The Big Yellow button turns off/on invulnerability.

When invulnerability is turned off, additional switches will appear that allow you to modify the damage dealt by each bot.

Cooldowns/Ammo will be reset after all enemies have been killed. If you'd like to reset your cooldowns early, say "Thanks".

Current Available Maps: Paris, Dorado

Genji Nano-Blade Demo:

Categories | Solo
Heroes | All
Maps | Paris, Dorado
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.3.3


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Did you code the movement?
Because that's some of the best tracer ai movement I've ever seen.

APM#21700 creator

I did, thank you :) Glad you like it

Update Log


Ammo now resets after kill/when manually activated by saying "Thanks".


Tracer's Strafe/Crouch spamming has been overhauled. Now, while she is above 75hp, she will move much more calmly, with simpler strafes and the occasional crouch. However when below 75hp, she enters "Sweaty Survival Mode" and crouch spams/strafes very quickly to try to stay alive.
Tracer and Genji can now react to Sleep Darts and Chain Hooks by blinking or deflecting.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug where Tracer would Recall after a while even when at full hp.
Fixed a bug where Genji would sometimes cancel his deflect unnecessarily.
Fixed a bug where Tracer would sometimes stop using Blink after being put to sleep by Ana.

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