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Defend the Point!

An Overwatch PvE game mode, which is based on the foundation of defending the objective against A.I. that increases with difficulty over time!
Every hero in this game mode has been changed, tweaked, and overhauled. Play to find out what's new and different!

Hosts: To play, import the code and click on the Add A.I. button, and select Hard difficulty, and Team 2.

  • If you wish, you may open the Workshop and customize various variables to control the difficulty of the game mode from game to game, to fit your needs!

New/Custom Mechanics

  • All game modes are significantly slower, and take longer to complete the game.
  • All players and bots incrementally level up and gain experience for kills.
  • Players have the option to choose a Specialization while in Spawn using the Interact Key.
  • All A.I.s gain a random buff at level 5, which may drastically increase their independent difficulty!
  • Some buffs may cause an A.I. to trigger a random event with devastating results!

Additional Information and Latest Updates

tinyurl.com/defendthepoint for the most recent updates and information on specifics and general information on the game!

  • Beta preview builds, and pre-releases can be found in the change log on the document!
  • Updates are much more frequent and have detailed changelogs per version!

Have fun with the game mode!


Cel: Provided motivation, information, help, and various scripts. Overall a nice person, don't forget to check out his mode at:

Reinhardt/Exile: The original creator of the basis behind this mode, this mode was originally akin to the origin, however has since evolved into something new!

The Community: Thank you for testing and offering feedback for my mode!

My Other Modes

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