Partner Puzzles (Havana)


General Information

Partner Puzzles is back with its second edition! A simple puzzle gamemode designed for you and a friend to find your way to the exit (green vortex effect) by interacting with the assets found within each map. Challenges test your thinking skills and require you to decipher what to do with the little information provided. The gamemode will start once both players have spawned in. The challenges present in this preset are designed to be harder than the previous one. If you find these to be too challenging, you can switch the difficulty at any time. On the easier difficulty, extra hint text will appear in situations where the outcome is vague and the standard hint text is reworded to be more straightforward. Special thanks to Parachor for their assistance in coming up with challenge concepts (again).


Never open a lobby with this preset loaded to the public: it is NOT programmed to accommodate players leaving/joining. DOING SO MIGHT BREAK THE MODE.

Recovering Lost Progress

If you experience a problem (such as the gamemode crashing) and as such lose your progress you can use the workshop settings tab to restore your progress. The following settings are available:

  • Start from challenge (loads the challenge with the number inputted)
  • Start from bonus challenge (loads the EX challenge)
  • Start with mystery orbs (gives the amount of mystery orbs from the getgo WARNING: DON'T GIVE/COLLECT MORE THAN 13. SOME ISSUES CAN OCCUR) # Other Information In case you miss some information explained in the gamemode the following will reiterate these messages:
  • Switches are toggled, stand inside one to activate it and leave to deactivate it
  • Touch the purple orb to collect it
  • Walk into the purple ring-like effect to place the orb inside
  • Change the difficulty by pressing Interact & Ultimate simultaneously

Known Issues

  • It is pitifully easy to break the demonstration by walking at any time
  • Challenge 6 rarely breaks, letting players traverse freely when they should not be able to
  • Sometimes the dummy bot in challenge 10 will spawn in the wrong position
  • If challenge 12 is forced, certain assets will not appear (they are not necessary to complete the challenge)
  • While loading a challenge players will begin soaring as the encasement attempts to throw them back in bounds
  • It is possible to move out of position during the end sequence
Categories | Minigames
Heroes | All
Maps | Havana
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Current version | 1.0.1

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Hey I just wanted to let you know this was really interesting challenge. I played it just now with my friend and we killed off few brain cells while doing it :-D.
Firt of all I have a few points I want to point out ... dont'w worry no spoilers for anyone playing this map.

  1. The Tracer round was disorienting at first but when we finally figured out the point of the switch it was easy but we spend a few minutes on that one.
  2. The Lucio one was exclent ... simple but still needs some thinking.
  3. Symetra round (first one) was a bit hard ... mainly because the solution at the end might be easy but you can walk almost throughout the whole map so we wasn't sure if we are meant to look for something somewhere else on the map or just do something over there ... maybe you could lock the unimportant parts of the map.
  4. Mercy round was really confusing and I still have no idea how we did that one or what is the intended solution but it somehow worked... (we understood the hint "Loss of los" but even when we were did what we thought we were suposed to it didn't work)
  5. Reinhart stage was jusst simply amazing ... logical, nice and well done :-) claps for that. For anyone who is playing this map and is stuck on Reinhart just try to remember what you did in lucio round and follow the hints :-) Very good job with this challenge :-)
TehFoot creator

Gotta say, it's interesting seeing someone enjoy the text based challenges since majority of feedback on them have been negative. Enjoyed reading your feedback and hope that the future puzzle maps will continue to murder those braincells, cause it sure does kill the ones I use to create these things.


The rein level is really hard to do is there any chance that we could have a hint?


I just tried this with a friend, really well done! But we couldn't figure out Reinhardt at all, no idea what to do.

TehFoot creator

Yeah I'm going to make an update to this at some point in the future to make that challenge easier as well as fix a lot of bugs that occur in this


Can’t find hidden orb on challenge 7 we searched everywhere, is it there?

TehFoot creator

It despawns if you unite.


Me and my friend can’t figure out how to do the rienhardt level, could you help us out pls?

TehFoot creator

Remember that easy mode is available to give less cryptic hints, but if that hasn't been helping enough: ultimately there's two switches that give you specific commands "do this or that" whereas the final switch tells you where you need to do these actions. Think of a mirror, if that helps.


Is the third reinhardt suppose to spawn with us? he's on the other side of the map

TehFoot creator

No. He's not needed for the challenge and I made sure he doesn't warp with you cause some beta testers kept focusing on what he needed to do.


Still struggling a lot on this level

Update Log (2)

General Updates

  • Streamlined the way recovering lost progress is done, simply access the setting in the "workshop settings" tab
  • Added a way for players to skip to the EX challenge immediately
  • Added a way for players to give themselves mystery orbs

Puzzle Updates

  • The switches in challenge 8 now periodically check if the condition has become true
  • The hint text in challenge 13 has been made less vague when the game is set to easy mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the encasement would push players while the game was loading the next challenge
  • Fixed a bug where a player could end up trapped in the distillery at the start of Challenge 7
  • Fixed a bug where if both players jump off the map, they could warp to each other in Challenge 7
  • Potentially fixed a bug where the height minimum would not correctly update in Challenge 9
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