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Evil clones have infiltrated the Workshop Chamber! Who are they? What do they want? Ehh... nevermind. Eliminate now, ask questions later!


As Brigitte, defend yourself by using Whip Shot, Barrier, Repair Packs, and Rally (gain extra life and immunity to damage.) Evil clones will be coming at you from 4 different directions. Use the JUMP button to switch directions (clockwise). You CANNOT go counterclockwise, making the game a bit more challenging. Some clones can move faster than others, so you must prioritize your attention to those enemies! If they touch you or deal damage, you lose a life. 0 lives and it's game over!

Two Game Modes to Choose From


  • Classic Mode: Play through a set of 30 waves, with increasing difficulty. Can you beat all 30 waves without raging?
  • Endless Mode: Clones will spawn endlessly until you run out of lives. Keep a close eye on your intensity level. The higher the level, the faster they move and spawn. Level increases as time goes on!

Meet the Clones

Picture Name Information
Imgur Zenyatta Regular enemy. Just kill with Whip Shot (Brigitte), or primary fire (Baptiste).
Imgur Brigitte Break her barrier to expose her.
Imgur Junkrat Block projectiles with barrier (Brigitte), or Regenerative Burst (Baptiste), or eliminate before he shoots. With Baptiste, you have to time your Regenerative Burst to successfully block his attacks. Look for a red flash and an icon marked "X".
Imgur Genji Heal him by using two repair packs (Brigitte), or secondary fire (Baptiste). Brigitte can heal with her passive ability when she strikes an enemy with her flail, so she may only need to use one repair pack. Look for a green flash and an icon marked "+".
Imgur Reinhardt Eliminate IMMEDIATELY. It's game over if he pins you, regardless of how many lives you have. Look for a purple icon marked "!".

Workshop Settings


Play around with the workshop settings to see what works best for you! However, here are the recommended settings:

  • Number of lives: Up to player. For a REAL challenge, try and start with one life, if you dare. :D
  • Hero HUD: Off
  • Static Camera: On

If you want to stop playing and come back in the future or start from the level that you died at, you can also adjust it here. You could even skip levels if you want, but where's the fun in that? (CLASSIC MODE ONLY)



Baptiste is now a playable hero! Use primary fire to attack, secondary fire to heal, Regenerative Burst to block Junkrat's attacks, and ultimate to gain an extra life as well as immunity to all other damage!

This could very well be a rage-inducing game. Nevertheless, try to have fun! If you want to take a break and come back, feel free to do so! With that being said, defend until you can't defend anymore!

Categories: Survival, Miscellaneous
Heroes: Baptiste, Brigitte
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Current version: 1.0.1

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