Third Person Camera - Easy setup, customizable


A third person camera that can be easily pasted into your mode, complete with full granular customization in the Workshop Settings page.


  • Full control over position of camera relative to player's perspective
  • Options to adjust crosshair based on aim or set optimal aim distance
  • Options to override emotes and native cameras such as Reinhardt's shield or Reaper's teleport
  • Subroutines and variables that allow you to manually control which players have a custom camera or easily reset settings to defaults
  • Full compatibility with all hero abilities up to Echo

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I didnt even know you could have a custom settings menu. This is cool! I might not use the third person thing often but im now going to add a custom settings menu to some of my gamemodes, thanks for making this!

jprosk creator

Yep, it's a new feature that was introduced with scaling (though that hasn't gone live yet). Super useful for workshop creators who want people to be able to tweak things or even just setting values for things themselves without having to open the full script.

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