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Want something more relaxed and still challenging? Try out PRISON ESCAPE


Head's up! Description is subject to change as new updates are applied!

UNFAIR ESCAPE focuses on making PRISON ESCAPE more challenging, cooperative & chaotic!


Prisoners are placed on death row. Can you escape your fate? Escape prison with the heroes provided to finish the game.

Major Features

  • Difficulty is permanently set to Normal.
  • Independent hero order. Each player has their own randomized hero order they must go through. Note: Players can leave the game and rejoin to acquire a NEW hero list.
  • Backtracking feature. When a player dies a certain amount of times, the player will go back a certain amount of heroes.
  • Hero Escape Limit. Set the amount of heroes needed to complete UNFAIR ESCAPE. Options are All, 34, or 16 heroes.
  • Remove ring found in the spawn rooms that allows players to go back to any previous heroes.
  • Remove feature where if a player dies 20 times, the player gains an ultimate which will allow them to skip to the next hero.
  • Randomized Bastion targeting system.
  • Players can reset their current progress and re-roll their current hero list using the ring found in spawn.
  • Winners can use the hero selector in the spawn rooms to change Helping Heroes Jump pads are now sparkles instead of green rings
  • Adds a feature called Global Effects. Every certain amount of time an effect/event will take place which may either hinder players’ progress, help them, or both. Also the global effect may affect a single, some, none, or all players in the match. Global Effects are dependent on the amount of Players in the lobby! See Global Effects.
  • As a sub-feature for Global Effects, Bastions can also receive various upgrades.
  • All skirmish maps (excluding Workshop & Flashpoint maps) are now available! This includes Winter, Lunar New Years & Halloween themed maps. Midtown, a non-skirmish map, is also available to play!
  • Maps will now cycle when the required number of completions have been met.
  • All maps include a 7th Bastion.
  • Safety mechanism to manage server resources.
  • Players can see other players' hero progress right above their heads. This includes Winners total death count! If you look up you can also see your own!
  • Progress board will now show 3 random players at a time every interval instead of the top 3.

Global Effects

*[Players:] indicate the amount of players in the game required before a global effect would be considered an option to be chosen by the game.

  • Lava Floor: Players will burn if they touch the ground. Players: 1+
  • Switcharoo: Players will switch locations with another player in the game. Players: 2+
  • Bastion Buff Upgrade: Bastion receives a buff. Players: 1+
    • Damage Boost: Bastions deal 50% more damage.
    • Ample Damage Boost: Bastions deal 100% more damage.
    • Colossal Damage Boost: Bastions deal 150% more damage.
  • Communicate or Die: Use the communication wheel a certain amount of times or die. Hero voice line pitch will vary. Players: 1+
  • Bastion: Tactical Grenade: Bastion shoots tactical grenades. This effect is a toggle type. Players: 1+
  • Drug Packs: All health packs will inflict a side effect on Players. Reach the exit, die, or return to spawn to remove the side effect. Players, who die with side effects, will receive an extra backtrack death. This effect is a toggle type. Players: 1+
  • Patrol Guards: One or more invincible patrols will spawn causing mayhem. Players: 2+
    • Roadhog
    • Winston
    • Reinhardt
    • Widowmaker
    • Hanzo
    • D.Va
    • Ana
  • I’m the Bomb: Some players will be assigned as bomb carriers however they will not be able to tell. Non-bomb carriers must distance themselves from bomb carriers or risk an explosion. Players: 2+
  • Passenger: Players will have their speed reduced to 50%. However if a player is nearby another player, their speed increases to 120%. Players: 3+
  • Hacked: Players will be unable to use their abilities. Players: 2+
  • Oof Teleport: Player(s) will be sent back to spawn. Oof! Players: 1+
  • NEW Bastion Drop: A Bastion will randomly move on top of a random player. Players: 3+
  • Invincible: Players are invincible for a certain amount of time. Players: 1+
  • Personal Space: Some player want personal space. If you come near these players you will be pushed away! Players: 2+
  • Ouch!: All players take instant damage. Players: 1+
  • Deactivated Bastions: All Bastions are deactivated for a time. Players: 1+
  • Die with Me: When a player dies, nearby players will also die. So your death may cause a chain reaction. Yikes! This effect is a toggle type. Players: 2+
  • More Health: All players receive a temporary max health increase! Players: 1+
  • Medusa: Some players are Medusa's servants. Look at them and you will turn to stone. Players: 2+
  • Friendly Ghosts: All players will be invisible and have the ability to phase through walls. Players: 2+
  • Sleepy TBags: TBag sleeping players to wake them & receive a temporary movement speed buff. Players: 3+
  • Piggyback: Some players will become Carriers. The Carrier can carry another player and take them anywhere. Carriers can release a rider by going to spawn or reaching the end goal. Players: 2+
  • Guardian Angel: Some players are assigned a guardian angel. If the player dies, the guardian angel takes the blow instead. Players: 2+
  • Wingman: Stay close to your wingman or risk going back to spawn. Death affects both wingman & player. Players: 2+
  • Praise the Sun: All players must hold crouch and look in the eyes of the Sun. Immortality (invincibility) is granted only to those praising the sun. Note: the sun will move to a new destination if players wait long enough. Players: 3+
  • World Tag: A single player is chosen as a Tagger. The Tagger must tag a UNIQUE player (a player that has not been tagged before). The player that was tagged will now become the new Tagger. This cycle continues until the required tag count has been reached. Penalty: Players will be demoted if backtracking is enabled, otherwise death will occur instead. Players: 3+
  • Leap Frog: Players' jump high and fall slower than normal. Players: 1+
  • Bugs: Some players will become tiny. Be careful where you walk, tiny players can be squished by larger players. Players: 1+
  • President: The exit is closed! A player is chosen as the President. The Bodyguards must protect & guide the President to the exit! If the President dies, everyone will too (with a chance of another president being chosen)! Players: 3+
  • Extreme Pong: Players must take turns hitting the ball whenever it targets them. Don't let it get too close! Players: 2+
  • I'm Lagging: Players will experience a laggy imitation. With each lag spike, they will also gain a few seconds of invincibility. Players: 1+
  • Group Up: Players will teleport a randomly chosen player's position. Players: 3+
  • I Need Healing: Self-healing, provided by the game, is disabled. This effect is a toggle type Players: 1+
  • Bastion Bullet Upgrade: Bastion will receive a bullet upgrade changing its behavior in some way. This effect is a toggle type. Only 1 is active at a time! Players: 1+
    • Warp Bullets: Bastion bullets will teleport a player in a random location from their death. Or directly back to spawn. Also, Mercy's presence prevents warping from occurring! Thanks Mercy!
    • Flame Bullets: Bastion bullets deals no damage, however players will be burned instead.
    • Knockback Bullets: Bastion bullets will deal reduced damage, while also knocking back players.
    • Concussion Bullets: Bastion bullets have a chance to stun for a brief period of time.
    • Shock Bullets: Bastions deal shock damage to nearby players of the targeted player.
    • Homing Shells: Bastions fire custom homing shell projectiles.
  • Blood Sacrifice: The incremental value for backtracking will change. This means when a player dies (assuming backtracking is enabled) instead of the backtrack deaths increasing by 1, it will increase by 2. This effect is a toggle type. Players: 1+
  • Bastion Extra Upgrade: Bastion will receive an extra upgrade. This effect is a toggle type. Only 1 is active at a time! Players: 1+
    • Camo: Bastions will become invisible when not shooting.
    • Bastion Jr.: Bastion will become smaller than usual.
    • Bastion Sr.: Bastion will become bigger than usual.
    • Hypno Armor: Bastions' new armor may hypnotize the player to their demise. Try not to look at Bastion when this is active!
  • Lockdown: The exit is locked! Players must find the key and re-open the exit. Note: the key will move to a new destination if players wait long enough. So hurry! Players: 3+
  • Warped Slo-mo: The game's speed will alternate repeatedly. Players: 1+
  • Spotlight: Players must avoid the spotlight or risk being teleported to a Bastion! Players: 3+
  • Strong Winds: Players will be blown by a strong wind. Players: 1+
  • Wacky Camera: The camera view will change. Players: 1+
    • 3rd-Person View
    • Top-Down View
    • Selfie View
    • Cinematic View
  • Space Propulsion: Zero gravity! Players must propel themselves in a space-like environment. Players: 1+
  • Reveal: Widowmaker will reveal Bastions' location. Players: 1+
  • One-For-All: Players randomly take turns controlling one body. If the body dies or reaches the end, it affects everyone. Players: 3+
  • Forward March: Players move forward quickly without stopping. Emotes are not allowed here! Players: 1+
  • Growth Spurt: Some players are bigger with the ability to phase through walls. Be careful not to squish smaller players! Players: 1+
  • Kill Sphere: Avoid the expanding sphere! This effect is a toggle type. Players: 1+
  • Boop: All players get booped occasionally! This is a toggle type. Players: 1+
  • Trap Zones: Traps are placed around the map. Avoid them if you can! This effect is a toggle type. Players: 1+
    • Toxic Clouds: Poison gas is present!
    • Black Hole: Avoid the blue hole or you will be sucked in for eternity!
    • Rooted: An invisible trap that prevents movement including ability based ones.
    • Pitfall: Avoid the pitfall or fall to your death!
    • Spring: An invisible trap that knocks Players in the air in various directions.
    • Nullify Zone: Prevent Player from using any abilities
  • Rigged Lottery: Place a bet at one of the zones found throughout the map. When the timer ends, you may have a chance to earn a FREE PROMOTION. Possible Earnings: Hero Promotion, Hero Demotion (Based on backtrack setting), or Nothing... Players: 1+
  • Shuffle!: Players' hero order will be shuffled! Players: 1+
  • Glitched Cooldown: Ability cooldowns are randomized! This effect is a toggle type. Players: 1+

Helping Hero List


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Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Parkour, Survival
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 12.8.1


Reload + Jump + Interact
Go To Spawn
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