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Hello! Welcome back to Horizon Lunar Colony! Please save me from Talon, Commander. - Winston

Ok, what is this?

Well, before the release of Underrising PvE Remastered, I wanted to release a small PvE project before UR Remastered comes out.

What will UR Remastered be like?

Without spoiling anything from my mode, my friend DaPVEBoi made a mode called "Underworld PvE Remastered" that originally started out as a "Remaster" of Underrising. But as he stated, he saw how similar it was to Underworld, so yeah. Check it out though because it's really cool.

When is the next real mission coming?

Ok, I guess it wouldn't hurt to release a little roadmap...
So SpaceWatch, then UR Remastered, then maybe another small PvE project, then New Defenses PvE Remastered, then the next mission.

Is this PvE mode canon to your PvE world/story?

Nope :)

Can we get a data entry for each unit in this project?

Oh ok, fine...

: Trooper
Troopers are lazy workers. They don't have the best guns or smartest brains, but what they make up for in intelligence is firepower. Troopers can deal a lot of damage. Troopers also have some armor.

: Enforcer
Enforcers are like the officers of Talon. They enforce you to die to their gun. But their gun takes a minute to charge up so you'll be good. Combat tips: Enforcers have shield health meaning they can heal. When you see a blue effect on the Enforcer, then that means that their gun is charged up.

: Heavy Assault
Heavy Assaults are to Null Sector's Charger, except they can't charge my phone. Heavy Assaults will shoot you until they decide to charge into you. Our scientists say that they undergo some transformation, but I personally believe that something else is going on.

: Elite Trooper
Wait, what? Elite Troopers aren't a thing! But yes, they exist. I know, I was shocked too.

: Sniper
Snipers really live up to their name because 9 times out of 10, they don't miss a shot on your head, so watch out!

: Turret
Turrets are turrets. What else could I say? All they do is get in sentry form and shoot!

: Rocket Turret
The cake is a lie.

: Artillery Turret
Artillery Turrets are like normal turrets except they go into artillery mode and their AI breaks. No idea how to make a working Bastion ult AI.

: Tank
Tanks are like moving Rocket Turrets, or like Bastion's old ultimate, Configuration: Tank.

: Lava Tank
Based off a scrapped enemy, Lava Tanks seem like docile Tanks at first, but then they do what the Heavy does and becomes an angry Torby who spills his ult.

Now, let's look at some scrapped enemies!

: Elite Enforcer
I scrapped this one because no.

: Assasin
So I scrapped the Assasin for 2 reasons: Pathfinding, and errors.

: Lava Turret
So the Lava Turret would be like the Lava Tank except stationary.

: Artillery Tank
Same thing with the Lava Turret, but this time it was meant to be a moving Artillery Turret.

: Nulltrooper
For Nulltroopers, I wanted to have only 1 as a reference to UR and ND. But compatibility issues said no.

And then I wanted some type of boss at the end, but I had to finish TODAY, so yeah.

Players | 1 - 4
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