Mercy Superjump Simplified Input and Superjump Tracker

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A two in one package of scripter's resources!

Superjump Simplified Input allows you to perform a Superjump without needing to time a crouch input. Simply Hold Interact before performing a Guardian Angel (while standing or in the air, not while crouching) to activate it. Compatible with both Toggle and Hold settings.

Developer Comments: While I like the mechanical depth and the tactical decision making that Mercy's various techs provide, and very much love games with such expressive mechanics, I distaste when said mechanics are needlessly mechanically straining to perform without adding to the depth. The timing of your jump during a Superjump is what I would consider a challenge done right, with spectrum of potential outcomes that feels satisfying to master. The need to time a crouch to perform the mechanic, however, adds nothing but an additional layer of inaccessibility without adding anything to the technique.

This simplified input allows access to that section of Mercy's toolkit without interfering with other GA-related movement techniques. Ideally, I would have programmed the input so you could simply perform a superjump from a crouch, but alas, it was not to be. It is my hope that if the OW team desires to keep this exploit in the game, they also consider simplifying the inputs to better support it. This is simply a demonstation of the value that a simplified could bring, while also being a useful resource for other Workshop projects.

Credits to Lotto#4761 for helping me with this part of the script.

Superjump Tracker plays a noise and visual effect whenever you're performing a GA that can be superjumped out of. This works with both the regular and simplified inputs. This is mostly a resource to assist other scripters, such as in Trainers.

Developer Comments: Check the commented code to get an understanding of how it works. Basically, the main principal is that it checks for the distance between Mercy's eye position and another position relative to the player (I use Event Player, but you can use PositionOf(Event Player) if you desire. When Mercy is performing a superjumpable GA, she has a consistent and very specific value that is different from any other state (except when you're moving between jump and crouch). Tracking for this value, as well as other conditions (is using Ability 1, isn't able to crouch, is playing or duplicating Mercy, obviously).

Categories: Practice Mode
Heroes: Mercy
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Current version: 1.0


Interact + Ability 1
Simplified Superjump GA
Simplified Superjump GA
Simplified Superjump GA
Simplified Superjump GA
Simplified Superjump GA

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