This is the initial release of hammond bumper cars.

Currently, there are no powerups - you can boost into other cars to boop them off, and use your ult as well.

Once PTR hits live this will move into a full release with powerups!

Planned powerups

Big Head Mode
Size increase / speed slowdown but bumping "power" increased (probably not gonna do this one cos i cba figuring out ratio of scale/height)

Ghost mode
cars pass through you, can be used to bait ppl at the edge

Hook to pull you towards a player

You grow some spikes that attach any player that runs into you to you, letting you push them towards the edge

Cold as Ice
Turns your car blue to represent ice and the next player u boop gets frozen and cannot control their car for some time

Fortify (like orisa)
Turns your car gold, you are immune to bumps but are 'heavier' so increased bump speed

Super sanic speed
u go fast like sonic

Go invincible

Falcon punch
Charge up a boost (while charging you boop others away but dont get booped)
Lightning effects appear around u as u charge, explosion when u trigger it

You use your ult (this already exists)

Categories: Minigames
Heroes: Wrecking Ball
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Current version: 0.2.1



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