My Version of Overwatch 2 + 2 sources


Update 3/10/22: Wow, finally. Looks like this code will soon be useless. Thanks for playing it!

I was really, really bored one day, and decided "I'll make Overwatch 2." Here is that idea, imagined.

Not really much to it, I'd have to say.

Uses an extremely small snippet from SVB's Overwatch 2 patch, just the reduced ultimate charge from tanks script.
Thanks to MushaSnazz for inspiring the idea for Lucio's new boop mechanic, it's really cool! YWZ53

Here's the patch notes:

GAME CHANGES - - - - - - - - -

2CP has been removed.
New Health Type: Overheal - Replacing Some Temporary Shields and Armor
5v5 - 1 Tank, 2 DPS, 2 Support
Respawn timer reduced to 8 seconds.

TANKS - - - - - - - - -

New Role Passive: 70% Knockback received along with 25% less ult charge generated from damage.


Defense Matrix Resource increased by 100%
Defense Matrix Resource Recharge increased by 50%
Health reduced to 225 armor, 225 health.


New Passive - "Defender of Numbani": Orisa will break into a gallop while not under attack.
While Defender of Numbani is active, Orisa will take 50% less knockback and move 35% faster.
Once attacked, Defender of Numbani will automatically deactivate unless Orisa is using Fortify, then it will persist.
Shield health reduced to 300 from 600
Shield Cooldown Reduced to 5 from 10
Armor increased by 50 (200/250 to 200/300)


Steadfast has been removed.
Firestrike now has 2 charges, each firestrike will individually recharge over 5 seconds.
Charge can now be cancelled.
Barrier Health decreased from 1200 to 800
Armor increased to 300 from 250
New Passive - "Crusader": Reinhardt moves faster while swinging his Rocket Hammer.


Scrap Gun damage reduced to 3.3 per pellet.
New Passive - "The Apocalypse": Every elimination will reduce Chain Hook's cooldown by 2 seconds, and temporarily give Roadhog a 25% speed buff.
Take A Breather will now create a 15 meter wide area that will heal teammates that enter its radius. Last 5 seconds, 30hp/sec, healing persists after leaving radius.
Hook now snares victims in front of Roadhog for 1 second, slowing Roadhog down and preventing him from shooting, but allowing him to move the target.


New Passive - "Quantum Entanglement": Dealing damage with Hyperspheres grants a 5% stacking damage buff dealt to the victim hit with Hyperspheres. This does not affect other players unless they are hit, then it will start a counter for them. This will not apply to Gravitic Flux as to prevent one shots.
Added 100 armor (300h/100s to 300h/100a/100s)
Barrier health reduced from 700 to 350
Barrier Regeneration rate increased by 100%
Kinetic Grasp max granted shield reduced to 200.
Kinetic Grasp now provides a 25 percent speed buff while being used, and now heals the player if they are below 500 health with the shields gained from Kinetic Grasp along with his stock health pool of shields. (This is due to a Workshop limitation. There is no work around.)


New Passive - "Genetic Modification": If Winston currently has access to Primal Rage and dies, he will have the option to immediately respawn where he died with Primal Rage active.
New Ability - "Tesla Charge": Using Secondary Fire, Winston charges up a beam of lightning that can hit opponents at long range. Does 50 damage on max charge.
Jump Pack cooldown reduced by 2 seconds.
Armor increased from 150 to 200

Wrecking Ball

Adaptive Shield granted shields reduced from 100 base + 75 per enemy to 50 base + 37.5 per enemy.
Grapple will automatically disconnect after 3 seconds of use.


==Both barriers now share a shared cooldown and 2 charges, which will individually recharge over 4 seconds.
Shield health increased from 200 to 300 (400 to 500 hp)
Projected Barrier and Personal Barrier functionalities merged into Projected Barrier button. If you are not looking at a teammate, you will receive Personal Barrier.
New Ability - "Stun Grenade": Zarya charges up a extremely powerful grenade that will slow enemies hit by it. ==


Doomfist has been moved to the Tank category.
Total damage reduced by 25%.
The best defense now applies half the health Doomfist gets from his abilities to his teammates within 25 meters.
Health increased from 250 HP to 250 HP / 100 Shields
Hand cannon regen rate increased by 25%.
Rocket Punch Cooldown Increased by 1 second
Slam can now be cancelled.
Meteor Strike now causes massive knockback when Doomfist lands, dealing 150 damage in the direct center.


Mei has been moved to the Tank category.
Health increased from 250 to 400 HP
The Endothermic Blaster takes significantly more time to freeze a target.
Using ice block causes a cold blast around Mei, damaging enemies 15 meters around her.

DPS - - - - - - - - -

New Role Passive: All DPS Move 10% Faster


Can no longer generate Ultimate charge while B.O.B is Active.


New Ultimate - "Configuration: Artillery": Bastion transforms into a stationary artillery cannon that can rain fire upon his enemies. 3 shots.
New Ability - "Impact Grenade": Bastion shoots a small projectile that will stick to walls and immediately detonate if in contact with an enemy.
Configuration: Turret now allows Bastion to move around, like his old Configuration: Tank.


HP Reverted to 200
Flashbang duration reduced to .5 seconds from 1.5 seconds.


Focusing Beam duration reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.
Sticky Bomb explosion damage reduced from 25 to 12.5
Now leaves Duplicate with the health she entered it with.
Duplicate will now exit after using the Ultimate of the hero you duplicated.
For heroes that have lingering ultimates, such as Hanzo, Torbjorn, and Wrecking Ball, Echo will stay in dupe for 2 seconds after using their ultimates so they can achieve maximum value.


Shuriken damage increased from 28 to 30
Swift Strike Cooldown increased to 10 from 8 seconds.
Dragonblade swipe damage reduced to 80 from 110
Dragonblade now causes a bleed effect on victim. 50hp/sec, 2 secs


Storm Arrow charges reduced to 3 from 5
Projectile Speed increased by 100%
Arrow Damage max damage to 100 from 125 (200 from 250 headshot)
Storm Arrow Damage reduced to 56 from 70 (112 from 140 headshot)
Storm Arrow Cooldown increased to 12 from 10


No changes.


Health Decreased to 100 from 200
Added 100 Armor


Health reduced from 250 to 200
Damage per pellet reduced to 4 from 6
Ammo increased to 10 from 8
Using Shadow Step automatically reloads your Hellfire shotguns.

Soldier: 76

No changes.


Hack now creates an outline around the target.
Emp no longer deletes shields and shield health, instead it deals 40% of current health.


*Not changed yet, but going to keep watch to see how she feels.


No changes.


Ammo reduced to 20
Pulse Bomb charge requirement increased by 25%


Staying unchanged for now, but definitely bound to change in the future.

Support - - - - - - - - -

New Role Passive: All Supports now have a passive heal of 25hp/sec when they have not been attacked for 4 seconds.


No changes.


New Passive - "Combat Medicine": Every successful kill Baptiste obtains (Can be assists) will grant Baptiste 4 additional healing grenades in his clip.


Rally required Ultimate charge reduced by 25%.
Inspire can no longer heal teammates, instead it provides a damage resistance to all in radius of Brigitte.
Repair pack healing reduced to 55 per pack.


Sound Barrier will now apply a burst heal/speed buff to his teammates based on what mode of Crossfade Lucio is currently on.
Sound Barrier now provides 750 overheal, from 750 shields.
Sound Barrier will start to decay after 5 seconds instead of decaying immediately.

Crossfade Speed will now provide ult charge to Lucio.


New Passive - "Angelic": Damage Dealt with Nanomachine Blasts will add to a healing boost she receives.
Caduceus staff healing reduced from 55 to 50
New Ability - "Nanoparticle Blast": Mercy sends out a beam of nanoparticles that can hit enemies 15 meters away from her.


If out of resource and attempting to heal, Moira will exchange 25 health per tick of resource, down to 1 hp.
If you pick up a medkit while low on resource (must have taken damage) you will recover 50% of your resource.


New Passive - "The Iris": As long as Zenyatta has not taken damage in the past 4 seconds, his healing is amplified by 25%.


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
Maps: Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, Route 66, and 11 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0


Fire new ability on Mercy
Secondary Fire
Fire new ability on Winston
See hero changes in spawn room
Fire new ability on Mercy
Fire new ability on Winston
See hero changes in spawn room
Fire new ability on Mercy
Fire new ability on Winston
See hero changes in spawn room
Fire new ability on Mercy
Fire new ability on Winston
See hero changes in spawn room
Fire new ability on Mercy
Fire new ability on Winston
See hero changes in spawn room



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