Battle of the Classes - RPG with Classes


Battle of the Classes [BOTC]

A traditional Overwatch RPG styled mode, with a twist.

What is BOTC?

Battle of the Classes or BOTC, is a RPG mode in Overwatch based off of popular iterations like "RPG Quests" and the likes. This iteration of the genre involves the traditional quest based content with PVP encounters and occasional PVE. At the core, players pick a class (or a hero) and will be able to earn experience by performing in a variety of activities. As players earn experience they gain levels and talent points, and as they gain levels, their class gains additional unique abilities.

In this mode players can also obtain and use items, which can be exchanged using gold.

What content is available?

In BOTC, players complete quests out of a randomized selection of several, and interact with several objects in the world. Players can also participate in randomized events, and encounter random objects like treasure chests and rare monsters. Players are also prompted to make a selection of what "gamemode" they wish to play: Standard or Hardcore.

In Hardcore players start with 200% base health, and start at level 1. When this player dies, they revert back to level 1, and lose all upgrades. This is not for the faint of heart.
Hardcore players have restrictions in place that make it harder to be accidentally killed by a high level player.

As a player levels up, they can gain and spend talent points on a selection of important upgrades such as:

Upgrade Name Price Amount
Damage 2TP x1.01 until 1000% - Caps at +10%
Health 2TP x1.01 until 1100% - Caps at +11%
Speed 2TP +1%
Class Upgrade 2TP Unique to each class
Secret Upgrade 2TP +1%

Upon level up players also gain +5% damage and health each time they level up.

What are the points of interest?

P.O.I Name Description
Town This is the hub of (most) upgrades, where players are safe from PVP, and can purchase items. Outlaws and players with bounties cannot enter.
Gold Mine Although not brimming with gold, players can gain experience and a bit of gold while idle inside of its cylinder.
Blood Shrine Sacrifice your lifeforce here for some experience and minor gold. While inside, you take 10% healing.
The Tower A capturable objective, which only one player can control. PVP is bound to happen here. The owner gets experience every 30 seconds, and gains bonus PVP modifiers in combat.
Forbidden Altar Sacrifice your gold here for randomized stats and experience. This is a gold dumping ground.
Treasure Chests Although random, they spawn at spawn points, and contain a large sum of gold and a good quality item. They respawn every 2-5 minutes.

What about items & player kills (PKs)?

Items can be obtained from treasure chests and from inside of town. The price of items is dependent on the player's reputation which increases as they complete quests or slay outlaws. It will decrease as a player kills other players, or uses the Forbidden Altar.
Reputation below 0 is Outlaw status, and will slowly recover back. A player also receives bounties as they kill, which will give participating players a portion of their gold as payment.
Each kill adds to a player's existing bounty, with increasing reputation loss as they kill more players without taking a break. Massacres are noted...

Upon obtaining an item it will be randomized from a wide assortment of items, with a randomized item level. Item levels scale exponentially ranging anywhere from 0.1-4.0 of the players current level. The power of items are based on the player's level verses its item level. As a player levels up their existing items become weaker and will likely need to be replaced. (The cosmetic tag i.e. "rare", "epic", "legendary", etc. does not update after the player's initial level upon obtaining the item - judging an item by the color of the frame is more accurate.)

Item Tiers

Why am I hacked???

All classes use a corresponding resource. Rage, energy, or mana. The resource is consumed by (most) abilities, and recharges depending on the resource.
Rage: Only dealing or taking damage builds rage.
Energy & Mana: Regenerating passively.

Upon going negative, you become hacked, until you aren't anymore.

Some heroes have their abilities revoked in favor of using their resource to use it more than vanilla.

Depending on your current resource percentage, your cooldowns will be reduced up to a maximum of 50%.


If you're looking to host the mode, you can use the Workshop Settings panel to modify a variety of settings, albeit minor changes. Just import the code BXVE1 and open to everyone!

Other Codes part of Quality Gamemodes - By Scourge

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Update Log (5)

[Changelog - 1.1.2 | January 31, 2021]
--- GENERAL ---
Added a teleporter to Lijiang Tower: Night Market.
Added a teleporter to Oasis: Gardens.
The amount of rage generated from all actions increased by 60%.
Fixed a bug causing A.I. to not spawn on Havana.

--- CLASSES ---
Fixed some bugs affecting [Monk].

[Changelog - 1.1.1 | January 24, 2021 ]
--- GENERAL ---

Added a new class [Sentry], with minor abilities, but more sustain and some bonuses.
Added a new class [Titan], with a focus between two different yet powerful forms.
Added a new class [Monk], with a focus on expending a large sum of rage on a powerful ability.
Updated the shapeshifting framework to support adding shapeshift forms as playable yet seperate characters.
Increased the health of the Boss and gold it spawns with.
Updated point of interest locations on Blizzard World and Eichenwalde.
Various other minor tweaks.

--- CLASSES ---
[Assault (Baptiste)] Level 30 ability now increases damage by 30%, was 20.
[Thief] now does 95% damage, was 105%.

Fixed other glaring issues with his punch.

[Changelog - 1.1.0 | January 21, 2021 ]
--- GENERAL ---
Removed the [Defeat the Boss] event, being superseeded by a new event.
Added a new mechanic attached to the Forbidden Altar. Players can now contribute 100g to a pot, after which meeting the requirements, a boss will be summoned after about 18 seconds. The boss will then be summoned at the altar location. This monster will grant an immense amount of experience, as compared with the past.
Increased experience gains from A.I., but lowered gold gains from A.I. slightly.
A.I. will no longer path towards corpses or other A.I, although it was funny when they would fight each other.
Added a new way to loot treasure chests without claiming the item inside. Hold [Reload] to skip the item loot, and loot only gold. The quest also specifies this now.
Added a new configurable setting [Treasure Chest Claim Despawn Timer], defaults to 3 seconds.

This configures how long other players have a chance to loot the treasure chest after the first player claims it. Letting this value be higher than 0, lets others have a chance to loot it. It also doubles as a cooldown for how long until the player can loot another chest. It supports up to 30 seconds.

Minor improvements to item upgrading.
Added a new teleporter system. This is compatiable with the old teleporters.
Moved several Points of Interest on some of the larger maps. (More to come.)
Slightly reduced item upgrade costs.

--- CLASSES ---
[Necromancer (Mercy)] can now slightly increase A.I. bounties by healing them. This will not increase their physical gold amount they carry. Just the experience they reward.
Revamped [Archer (Hanzo)], has brand new level 6 and 12 abilities. He should feel a bit better to play now.

Increased Storm Arrow quantity from 6 -> 8.
Ultimate charges slightly more from damage.

Improved [Death Knight (Reaper)] ultimate charge from damage to 50%, was 25.
Improved [Chronomancer (Tracer)] passive ultimate charge to 150%, was 120.
Improved [Bard (Lucio)] ultimate charge from damage to 145%, was 125.

Now does 165% damage, was 100.

[Sniper (Widowmaker)] now has 80% cooldown on Grappling Hook, was 100%.
[Wizard (Symmetra)] now has an internal cooldown of 2.5 seconds on her melee stun.
[Necromancer (Mercy)] Blaster DOT now does more damage.
[Soldier] inflicts 33% healing, was 100%.

--- ITEMS ---
[Burning Attacks] now lasts twice as long, and does 3 DPS per 1ilvl to level ratio (up to 12dps at perfect).
Fixed [Leeching Attacks] scaling incorrectly. It will now heal what it should have been doing.

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