Among Us


Among Us made by zaggyzombie on Xbox one - 5-10 players


There are two teams, Crewmates and Imposters. The crewmates job is to complete tasks to fill the task bar and win. The Imposters job is to kill all the crewmates without the crewmates finding out who they are. Your team will be determined in the top left corner, if its false then your a crewmate and if its true your an imposter. Game statistics and such can be changed in the "Workshop Settings" tab. Unless your voting and discussing things there is NO TALKING. The game must be played silent and i suggest getting your friends to turn General Volume to 30.


Your job is to complete tasks while trying not to die. Find out who is the imposter with detective skills. Use the cameras to keep tabs on everyone but always remember to watch your back. Your team wins by either voting out all the imposters or completeing the task bar.


You cant complete tasks but you can do something better, you can kill. Use the trigger to kill your fellow crewmates till the number of crewmates is equal to the number of imposters to win. Use the vents to sneak around and take out anyone. Use your ultimate to force movement out of enemy players by looking at a symbol on the map and using your ultimate.


Use interact to use tasks, enter vents, and use cameras. Flip between vents and cameras with ability 1 and 2. Exit vents and cameras with Reload.


Expect lower update frequencys from me as school is starting up once again.

Things to Come

This game probably has alot of bugs so please report them to me.
Currently there is no way for imposters to automaticly win, the spectaters just kinda have to point it out.
More maps :D

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Current version | 1.1


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love it


I really like this code! A thing I picked up on was that you could move while using the cameras. I also wonder if you could code letting the imposters sabotage certain tasks like you could in the game to make more movement happen. Another request that I know is probably too hard is assigning certain players a certain number of different tasks so people move more. And the last request would be to be able to interact with a dead body to start a voting process like in Among us. (Maybe use like a 1 by 1 sphere effect at the position where the crew ate died. But overall really well coded!

zaggyzombie creator

Thank you for the feedback. A lot of these features are in the works as we speak. Thank you for the camera movement bug, as i have not discovered that yet. This is the first release of the gamemode and i will be updating as time goes on. Expect a few bug fixes and possibly new content within a week.


wait there are vents that's so cool


i know

zaggyzombie creator

Yep, they could use a little polish but there fully functional

Update Log (3)

Changed the way sabotage works. You now look at a symbol on the map and press interact.

You can no longer move while using the cameras.


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