"ALEPH-NULL" God Program Boss Fight [Archives-Style PvE Co-op] (updated!)


A once-defunct God Program A.I. known as "ALEPH-NULL" has been awakened by Null Sector. It now operates an Omnium, manufacturing an infinite supply of omnic soldiers to fight for the Omnic Uprising. You, in a team of four players, will attempt to defy a God today. Destroy ALEPH-NULL and shut down the Omnium for good.

EDIT (31 MAY 2020): The code 3AMCX has been updated, the crashing issues in phase 3 should now be more or less fixed! Do let me know if crashing issues still arise!

Categories | Boss Mode, PvE
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Current version | 1.4.2


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This is TONS of fun. Couldn't make it past the 3rd phase, but had a blast anyway. Difficult, but didn't feel unfair. I thought I'd find the dialogue annoying, but it was quite enjoyable. Bravo!


When me and my friends reach phase 3 it says workshop script overload. We changed max players to 5 and that might be the reason but the other phases work completely fine. Please reply!

Therister#1251 creator

dont change the max players lol, it breaks things


I like ur jojo stuff more :3


Really fun game mode I had fun playing with my friends


This is such an interesting gamemode! I can tell that you put a lot of effort into this! Plus, everything looks really good!


Its i really awesome ws game mode to play but almost every go we would sooner or later run into an unexpected server error and it would reset the game.

Therister#1251 creator

the crashing issues should be fixed now, try 3AMCX again!

Update Log


Fixed the crashing issues in phase 3 (probably)

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