"If everyone is overpowered, no one will be" - Syndrome, probably.

Play as beyblade Reaper, AC-130 Bastion, Aimbot Tracer, and more in this mystery heroes gamemode where every hero is super powered! Inspired by Ult Gun Game, Tiny OW, and DVA Egg, this game is a casual FFA take in which the functionality of many heroes has been changed for the crazier.

This is a pretty wacky and unbalanced gamemode, but great fun with lots of people.

All heroes have these modifications, as well as the specific ones below:

  • Ammunition clip size: 500%
  • Damage dealt: 200%
  • Healing dealt: 200%
  • Max health: 300%
  • Ultimate generation: 125%
Hero Info
Ult: Always charged, movement speed greatly increased
Primary fire: Auto locks on to nearest target to crosshair
Recall: Takes you to a random location
Ult: Projectile speed greatly increased
You are on fire, damage someone to transfer it to them!
Ult: Gives a burst of healing
Movement: Speed increased
All: Projectile speed increased
Sonic arrow: Knocks players down on direct hit
Storm arrows: Gives invisibility while using
Lunge: Cooldown reduced, distance increased
Hammer only, one hit kill
Movement: Speed greatly increased
Charge: Sucks in nearby players in front of you, cooldown reduced
Ult: Sends players flying, damage increased, stun duration increased
All: Projectile speed greatly increased
Concussive blast: Knockback greatly increased, cooldown reduced
Hover jets: Recharge rate increased, fuel increased
Primary fire: Freezes enemies
Melee: Increased damage to frozen players
Jump pack: Can travel through walls
Primary fire: Scoped damage increased while airborne
Grappling hook: Cooldown reduced
You are an AC-130 gunship!
Ult: Always active
Primary fire: Pulls enemies toward you
Secondary fire: Projectile speed greatly reduced, damage greatly increased
All: Projectile speed increased
Ult: Damages enemies
Movement: Hold jump to fly
Melee: Can attack players at a long range
Swift strike: Cooldown reduced
Deflect: Damaging enemies sets them on fire
Ult: Teleport behind enemies
Primary fire: Replaced with ult
Secondary fire: Removed
Ult: Knockback greatly reduced
Movement: Speed increased
All: Abilities and ammo refreshed after eliminations
Combat roll: Distance greatly increased
Ult: Launches you into the air
All: Projectile gravity removed, damage induces gravity reduction
Steel trap: Instant kill
Secondary fire: Projectile speed increased, projectile gravity removed
Particle barrier: Cooldown reduced, gives jump boost
Helix rockets: Cooldown removed
Sprint: Movement speed greatly increased
Ult: Duration increased
Soundwave: Spins enemies around
Amp it up: Cooldown reduced
Ult: Fly into the air and slam into the ground, damaging and stunning enemies
Wall ride: Increased damage and jump momentum
Boosters: Movement speed greatly increased, cooldown reduced, knockback greatly increased
Micro missiles: Cooldown greatly reduced
Ult: Pulls enemies toward you on activation
Primary fire: Movement speed increased while firing at feet, damage increased
Cryo-Freeze: Damages enemies if you land on them
Ice wall: Launches you upward when placed below you
Ult: Damage increased
Hack: Messes with target's aim momentarily
Stealth: Invulnerable, movement speed increased, teleport forward on activation
Ult: Damages and stuns players
Rocket punch: Distance and speed greatly increased
Rising Uppercut: Knocks target's viewpoint to the side
Seismic slam: Get more air when used from ground
All: Projectile speed greatly increased
Sleep dart: Targets hit are teleported to your feet
Biotic grenade: Cooldown greatly reduced
Halt!: Cooldown greatly reduced
Fortify: Damages enemies who deal damage to you, cooldown reduced, gravity increased
Ult: While active, damaging enemies pulls them toward you
Shield bash: Cooldown greatly decreased
Whip shot: Knockback greatly increased
Ult: Movement speed increased
Primary fire: Deals damage
Fade: Cooldown reduced
Ult: Fly into the air on activation, damage increased, duration increased, charge rate increased
Grappling claw: Cooldown removed
Roll: Damaging enemies gives them a random effect, movement speed increased
Piledriver: Cooldown reduced
Primary fire: Scoped headshots stun
Coach gun: Self knockback increased, cooldown reduced
Dynamite: Cooldown greatly reduced, fuse time reduced
You are a tiny bug, hold space to fly
Primary fire: Changed from burst fire to automatic
Regenerative burst: Cooldown greatly reduced
Ult: Starts charged
Kinetic grasp: Pulls players toward you, damages and knocks back on completion
Accretion: Damage scales up over distance, projectile speed greatly increased
Movement: Hold jump to hover

A few notes:

  • Some heroes have other tweaks not mentioned for simplicity. For example, for balancing reasons Reaper has greatly reduced healing, torb has a lowered max health, and Ana has an increased ult charge rate.
  • Ult charge rate is quite high across the board. Don't let the "125%" ult charge fool you, because on top of that everyone is also dealing 200% damage which doubles active ult charge.
Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Tags: mystery heroes op
Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.3


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