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Prisoners of a dark map, you must find and charge 5 generators to spawn the door with which you can escape as team. However, take care of the hunter, the bloodthirsty, who just wants to eat your brain.


  • 8 playable maps
  • Fog on
  • Each hunter/survivor has his own ability
  • Abilities explained in game
  • 7 hunters and 10 survivors
  • Generator’s radius adapts to the percentage of the charge
  • Bonus that increases generator charging power
  • Skill check during the generator’s charging phase
  • Self healing (costs heal credits)
  • Resurrect your allies (costs heal credits)
  • 7 generators (only 5 charged required)
  • Third person view as survivor
  • HUD text
  • Visual effects
  • … And much more

Some examples of skills :

Hold [ABILITY 1] with Reaper (hunter) to load your ultimate bar, and release it to teleport in front of you as far as you have loaded your ultimate.
Press [ABILITY 1] with Moira (hunter) to create a clone that runs before you. Press [ABILITY 1] again to teleport to him or [ABILITY 2] to make him explode.
Press [ABILITY 2] with Echo (survivor) to grab an ally in a 3m radius area and escort him during 5 seconds.
Press [ABILITY 2] with Symettra (survivor) to launch a projectile that will allow you to levitate the hunter with your telekinetic powers.
Press [ABILITY 2] with Widowmaker (survivor) to place a camera, then use [ABILITY 1] to look through.
Press [ABILITY 1] with Ana (survivor) to place a zone that heals allies and charge your ultimate. When it’s ready, your next zone can revive your allies inside. However, press [ABILITY 2] to grab the body of a dead ally from a distance and escort him in safe zone.

More characters, abilities and map to come…

Here is the code to play Dead By Daylight on Overwatch (use it instead of your own saves, because I keep updating it with this code) : D0QNQ

Categories: Survival
Heroes: Orisa, Roadhog, Sigma, Zarya, Bastion, and 16 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 7.0.3

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