Overwatch: Talon Zombies


Play With Up to 4 Players Against an Endless Horde of Zombies!

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  • Endless waves
  • Classic perks such as: Juggernog, Quick Revive & more!
  • New perks such as: Stayin' Alive, Ammo-Matic, Life Drinker & more!
  • Zombies health scaling
  • Mid-Match joining compatible
  • While you wait compatible
  • Teleporting system
  • Easy to understand AI
  • Mystery Box & full weapon system
  • Ammo system!
  • Revive mechanic
  • Super weapons
  • Dog rounds
  • Boss rounds
  • Classic Drops such as: Max Ammo, Insta-Kill & more!
  • New Drops such as: Ult-Frenzy!
  • Infinite Pack-a-Punching
  • Custom HUD
  • Custom start screen
  • Regular updates!

Available Maps:

  • Eichenwalde (Halloween) (TDM)
  • Kings Row (Winter) (TDM)

Planned Maps:

  • Paris (TDM)
  • Blizzard World (Winter) (TDM)


  • Juggernog - Increase your HP by 100.
    (Price: 2500 Points - Cooldown: N/A)

  • Mule Kick - Unlock a third weapon slot.
    (Price: 4000 Points - Cooldown: N/A)

  • Quick Revive - Revive players 50% faster & increase your self heal rate by 100%.
    (Price: 1500 Points - Cooldown: N/A)

  • Frosty Cherry - Freeze zombies around you when you reload, a bigger reload equals a longer freeze time.
    (Price: 1750 Points - Cooldown: 2 secs)

  • PHD Punch - Punching zombies creates an explosion & removes self damage.
    (Price: 2150 Points - Cooldown: N/A)

  • Stamin-Up - Increase your movement speed by 15%.
    (Price: 3000 Points - Cooldown: N/A)

  • Life Drinker - Heal yourself when doing damage to zombies. (Max of 10 health per use).
    (Price: 3500 Points - Cooldown: N/A)

  • Ammo-matic - Increase your reserve ammo by 1.5x & refill all ammo.
    (Price: 3250 Points - Cooldown: N/A)

  • Stayin' Alive - Revive yourself when downed. (Perk is removed when used).
    (Price: 3750 Points - Cooldown: N/A)

  • Shockwave Soda - Dropping below 50% HP will knock zombies around you to the floor.
    (Price: 3250 Points - Cooldown: 45 secs)

  • Venomous Vodka - Do 100% of your damage again in 25% chunks.
    (Price: 3550 Points - Cooldown: N/A)

  • Cooldown Cola - Lower your cooldowns by 25% when getting a kill.
    (Price: 2750 Points - Cooldown: N/A)

There is a limit of 5 perks per person. Going down will remove all your owned perks.

Zombie Drops:

  • Max Ammo - Replenishes all reserve ammo for all weapons.
    (Colour: Purple)

  • Double Points - Doubles the points you gain from damaging and killing zombies.
    (Colour: Yellow)

  • Insta-Kill - All zombies will die by 1 damage.
    (Colour: Red)

  • Nuke - Kills all zombies alive on the map.
    (Colour: Green)

  • Ult-Frenzy - Enables ultimates & doing damage will give high ultimate charge. (Disabled for some heroes).
    (Colour: Blue)

All drops last a maximum of 15 seconds once picked up.



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Update Log (7)

C1GJW | V5.1.5 RELEASE | 21/02/2021

  • Added Cooldown Cola

C1GJW | V5.1 RELEASE | 11/11/2020

  • Added Brigitte

C1GJW | V5 RELEASE | 08/11/2020

  • Big code changes have been made to try to stop crashing at later rounds (Expect bugs)
  • Removed Zen slow on right click
  • Lowered zombie health gain per round
  • Increased Mei's tick damage
  • Increased the delay between Mei's tick damage (Bigger damage but a bigger delay)
  • Increased zombie melee delay
  • Zombies per round still scales but now caps at 50 zombies
  • Lucio can now crossfade (healing is still disabled for all heroes)
  • Genji's dash now has a cooldown
  • Added Kings Row Winter (TDM)
  • Added ShockWave Soda
  • Added Moira
  • Headshots & Headshot kills now give extra points
  • Normal kills now only give 60 points
  • Juggernog now gives HP instead of DMG reduction
  • Zombies now do 100 DMG per swing
  • Zombies swing per second has been reduced (BIG)
  • Zombies now swing at longer ranges
  • Zombies now have a much lower starting HP
  • Zombies now gain a lot more HP per round
  • Zombies will now spawn better (Line of sight of the spawn point must be achieved)
  • Dogs & Boss's no longer spawn on pre-selected rounds, it is now randomised after a certain round
  • Removed zombie nameplate and health bar
  • Increased Baptiste's damage
  • Increased Bastion's damage
  • Increased Mccree's damage
  • Torbjorn's turret no longer has a cooldown
  • Soldier's sprint is now enabled
  • Reduced Mystery Box effects
  • Lowered Soldier's base movement speed
  • Made teleporting doors feel less clunky
  • You should no longer accidentally switch weapons when trying to buy something
  • Added PHD Punch
  • Increased the time the Mystery Box will hold your weapon to 12 seconds
  • Increased game stability
  • Added a 5 Perk limit
  • Perks will now disappear when you go down
  • Fixed Symmetra & Mccree health after update
  • Frosty Cherry's freeze time now increases with less ammo
  • Fixed bug where PHD self damage protection would stay when you lost PHD
  • Added Venomous Vodka
  • Quick Revive now also increases self healing by 100%
  • Added Doomfist (As requested by Neovo903)
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