Lucio HORSE: Competitive Wallriding


The classic playground game of HORSE, in terms of Lucio wallriding. Take turns laying out courses and attempting to follow the leader's. Followers lose a point for every checkpoint they miss. Highest score wins!

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Update Log (5)

  • Enable more maps.
  • Adjust checkpoint-hitting effect.
  • Add minimum course length setting.
  • Add Workshop Settings for some values.
  • Various minor fixes and enhancements.
  • Fix various race conditions.
  • Reimplement time limits on turns. Should be suitable for public games now.
  • Inverted scoring: rather than the leader scoring points when followers miss checkpoints, followers lose points for missing checkpoints. This is more like the classic HORSE game and more intuitive. It also puts more emphasis on following courses, which is much more difficult than laying out a course that not even the leader could follow well.
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