Monster Hunter in Overwatch!! ver1.0

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Monster Hunter in Overwatch !! I'll fight against a Hunter and a monster separately!

[Player Rule]

Team 1, the Hunter side and team 2 are the monster side.

[Game Rule]

The win which is the monster side when the Hunter side dies 3 times.

The win which is the Hunter side when the monster side dies once.

[Hunter Rule]

When a [Interact] is pressed during skill use, a viewpoint is fixed.

[Monster Rule]

3 rings which are in the field are collected.

When 3 rings are collected, ULT moves. When a [Interact] is pressed, a wave motion gun is struck.

[Common rule]

When you crouch, HP of 25 per second is recovered.




 チーム1 がハンター側、チーム2がモンスター側です。











 しゃがむと毎秒 25 回復します。

Categories: Survival
Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Maps: Junkertown
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0

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